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1. Chairing In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

Chairing, Can

2. This input includes suggesting and approaching appropriate keynote speakers, reviewing abstract submissions, and Chairing


3. Definition of Chairing in the dictionary


4. What does Chairing mean? Information and translations of Chairing in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Chairing, Comprehensive

5. Chairing The act of having someone sit on a chair blindfolded and have one or more persons dick slap the person sitting in the face

Chairing, Chair

6. The girl was blindfolded on her birthday and the football team just started Chairing her.


7. Knowing how to plan, prepare, and lead a meeting that you're Chairing


8. Chairing is an honor, and should be treated as such


9. Chairing is about flexibility, it’s about altering your expectations and objectives depending on the conference you’re Chairing at and who you are Chairing with

Chairing, Conference

10. Synonyms for Chairing include directing, leading, managing, conducting, controlling, moderating, overseeing, running, guiding and presiding over

Chairing, Conducting, Controlling

11. Chairing a Meeting In this section, the Institute offers resources for Chairing a meeting, codes of conduct, preparing for successful meetings and ideas on getting meetings back on track.

Chairing, Codes, Conduct

12. Now the gatherings have been deprived of some of their most characteristic features; and even the Chairing is almost forgotten

Characteristic, Chairing

13. BYGONE CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORLAND DANIEL SCOTT This picture had evidently seen service as "a Chairing" in some English book

Cumberland, Chairing

14. Chairing at a Model United Nations conference breaks down into four main responsibilities, running the software, conducting the debate, choosing the awards and giving feedback

Chairing, Conference, Conducting, Choosing

15. Chairing Meetings One of the most important roles of the Chairperson is steering a Management Committee through its business effectively and efficiently

Chairing, Chairperson, Committee

16. Read more about Chairing Meetings; Before the Meeting


17. Our Chairing Meetings Training Event Will Transform Your Meetings! Your Chairing Meetings Training Programme


18. Seven Tips for Chairing a Meeting



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 · Book Description This short, accessible book on the art of Chairing is an indispensable guide to help Chairs and meetings (of all types) to work more effectively

Class, Clearfix, Cash, Chairing, Chairs

20. Chairing a meeting means that you have to be in charge of keeping the meeting on topic and on schedule so that important information can be given and decisions can be made

Chairing, Charge, Can

21. 4 Chairing skills Why effective Chairing is important Meetings are a traditional and essential component of local government

Chairing, Component

22. Chairing an Academic Depa has been added to your Cart Add a gift receipt for easy returns

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23. Chairing and presenting are two different jobs


24. Many translated example sentences containing "Chairing" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

Containing, Chairing

25. Best Practices for Chairing a Virtual AGM by Francesca Dosayla on April 30, 2020 and last update on July 20, 2020


26. When Chairing a virtual annual general meeting (AGM), the Chair needs to place special care to make the meeting successful

Chairing, Chair, Care

27. The skill of Chairing meetings is a key one that can greatly influence personal and organisational effectiveness

Chairing, Can

28. Sometimes this is justified but often not, and standards of Chairing vary widely


29. In this article the basic skills of Chairing meetings are identified, with emphasis being on the ways in


30. Chairing May 30, 2011 Long awaited (and slightly overdue), here is a short Chairing-"trailer" made as a tribute to the winning photo of our first "Best Chairing Photo Challenge"!

Chairing, Challenge

31. Chairing a meeting effectively is simply a case of making sure that you take account of all of the following responsibilities: Before the Meeting

Chairing, Case

32. India on Friday took a tacit swipe at Pakistan for backing cross-border terrorism as it announced it would be Chairing three key UN sanctions committees, including the Taliban sanctions committee

Cross, Chairing, Committees, Committee

33. Chairing a Hearing on the Right to Vote during the Pandemic On Wednesday, as Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, I presided at a hearing on the right to vote during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Chairing, Chairman, Constitution, Civil, Coronavirus

34. Chairing remote meetings can be stressful and awkward for everyone

Chairing, Can

35. This second edition of Academic Leadership: A Practical Guide to Chairing the Department is an extraordinarily comprehensive treatment of ways to address the variety of challenges facing department chairpersons in institutions from all types and sectors of higher education

Chairing, Comprehensive, Challenges, Chairpersons

36. Meetings can be dreadful and bad Chairing only makes them worse

Can, Chairing

37. In this course we provide practical tips for running meetings effectively based on our many years of Chairing meetings as psychologists around children with complex SEND needs.

Course, Chairing, Children, Complex

38. Jagadesh Kumar, Chairing the Academic Council meeting of …

Chairing, Council

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does chaired mean?

1. (Furniture) a seat with a back on which one person sits, typically having four legs and often having arms. 2. an official position of authority: a chair on the board of directors. 3. the person chairing a debate or meeting: the speaker addressed the chair.

What is the definition of chair?

3. a position of authority, as of a judge or professor. 4. the person occupying a seat of office or authority, esp. the chairperson of a meeting. 5. (in an orchestra) the position of a player, assigned by rank. 6. the chair, Informal. electric chair. 7. chairlift. 8. sedan chair. 9. to place or seat in a chair. 10. to install in office.

What does chairperson mean?

4. the person occupying a seat of office or authority, esp. the chairperson of a meeting. 5. (in an orchestra) the position of a player, assigned by rank. 6. the chair, Informal. electric chair. 7. chairlift. 8. sedan chair. 9. to place or seat in a chair. 10. to install in office. 11. to preside over; act as chairperson of. 12.

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