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1. Involuntary Celibates, or incels, are a self-identified community of people who desire sexual activity but are unable to find partners who will engage in sexual intercourse.

Celibates, Community

2. Involuntary Celibates) and they are expressing their frustrations online


3. Other users call themselves "incels," meaning "involuntary Celibates," or "ForeverAlone," which requires no explanation

Call, Celibates

4. Incels (/ ˈ ɪ n s ɛ l z / IN-selz), a portmanteau of "involuntary Celibates", are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one


5. Celibates List From Crisis to Peace: How vegetarianism can save the world

Celibates, Crisis, Can

6. Celibates synonyms, Celibates pronunciation, Celibates translation, English dictionary definition of Celibates


7. Incels, or “involuntary Celibates,” are young, heterosexual men who blame women and society for their own inability to form romantic or sexual attachments


8. These were two Celibates that have been apart of the Archbishop’s Celibate Brotherhood since its inception in 2019.

Celibates, Celibate

9. The tragic death of 10 innocent lives in Toronto is a reminder of the vitriol and hate stemming from a minority viewpoint within a fringe group known as “involuntary Celibates,” or incels for


10. Incels, or “involuntary Celibates”, are a hate group


11. Find more ways to say Celibates, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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12. Virgins were Celibates, and successful monasticism monasticism , form of religious life, usually conducted in a community under a common rule

Celibates, Conducted, Community, Common

13. ‘While Celibates, particularly females, were equally fearful, personal and religious morality were their main reasons for this lifestyle choice; HIV / AIDS concern was secondary.’ ‘Among the Milanese aristocracy in the years 1600-49, for instance, the percentage of Celibates, men and women, is stunning: 49 per cent of the men, 75 per cent

Celibates, Choice, Concern, Cent

14. Last fall, The Washington Post reported that gay Celibates were “emerging from the shadows.” Gay Christians, it seemed, had found a new way to …

Celibates, Christians

15. Such Celibates have received a special gift from God


16. Brahmacharya has been given great importance in Hinduism.Lord Hanuman and Lord Kartikeya who are important deities of Hindus are Celibates and are believed to possess tremendous spiritual powers


17. Most of the Hindu sages are Celibates


18. It is ironic that Abbott, who is keen to point out that the Western world "has lost its balance about the nature and value of eroticism," seems to focus her book primarily on the physical and sexual aspects of celibacy and not on how Christian Celibates transformed …

Celibacy, Christian, Celibates

19. You may be part of a growing group of adults known as involuntary Celibates -- otherwise healthy folks who want to have sex but for one reason or another can't make it happen in their lives.

Celibates, Can

20. Celibates Pose Contraindications

Celibates, Contraindications

21. Celibates Pose is a intermediate level yoga pose that is performed in sitting position


22. Celibates Pose additionally involves strength, Balance.Need Celibates Pose contraindications? Please sign-up to request contraindications of Celibates Pose and we will notify you as soon as your request has been completed.

Celibates, Contraindications, Completed

23. Celibates forego a great good, and that entails sacrifice


24. Since 2014, men who call themselves “involuntary Celibates” and blame women for their own lack of sexual and social status have carried out mass killings in California, Florida, and Toronto.

Call, Celibates, Carried, California

25. Celibates and Other Lovers is a novel written like a series of intertwined short stories, never quite coming together as a true novel should

Celibates, Coming

26. Lonely and frustrated, the self-described late bloomer started an online support group for people like her, whom she termed “involuntary Celibates


27. Inside the terrifying, twisted online world of involuntary Celibates Elliott Rodger was part of a sprawling community of men who fantasize about rape and mind control

Celibates, Community, Control

28. Involuntary Celibates are human and as such feel emotions (negative as well as positive) just like everyone else


29. Many involuntary Celibates become used to their situation and as such are content being involuntarily celibate, which may even turn them into volcels.

Celibates, Content, Celibate

30. “Although not a new movement, Involuntary Celibates (Incels) are an emerging domestic terrorism threat as current …

Celibates, Current

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CELIBATES [ˈseləbət]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does celibate actually mean?

Celibacy is a voluntary vow of sexual abstinence. In some cases, it can also be a promise to remain unmarried. Celibacy looks different to each person, so there's no single way to practice it. Some people abstain from all sexual activity (including penetrative and non-penetrative sex), while others engage in things like outercourse.

What does the name celibate mean?

Celibate (noun) one who is unmarried, esp. a bachelor, or one bound by vows not to marry. Etymology: [L. aelibatus, fr. caelebs unmarried, single.] Celibate (adj) unmarried; single; as, a celibate state. Etymology: [L. aelibatus, fr. caelebs unmarried, single.]

Can a person be celibate even though they've had sex before?

A person can choose to be celibate or abstinent even if they have had sex before.

What is the true meaning of celibacy?

Celibacy (from Latin cælibatus) is the state of voluntarily being unmarried, sexually abstinent, or both, usually for religious reasons. It is often in association with the role of a religious official or devotee.

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