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CELIBATE [ˈseləbət]

celibate (adjective)

celibate (noun) · celibates (plural noun)

  • a person who abstains from marriage and sexual relations.
Synonyms: abstainer . recluse . hermit . solitary . anchorite . anchoress . puritan . nun . monk . fakir . sufi . dervish . yogi . rishi . sannyasi . sadhu . muni . hikikomori . gymnosophist . marabout . santon . eremite . stylite . aerialist . cenobite . sybarite .

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1. Celibate definition is - of, relating to, or characterized by celibacy:

2. How to use Celibate in a sentence.

3. Celibate To go without sex, either willingly or not

4. Only cure for a Celibate individual is a slut or large amounts of alcohol to make the Celibate person …

5. Now, you might think you're Celibate because you're not married or doing the deed, but true celibacy is actually a decision made voluntarily by an individual. Celibacy has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and used to be extremely common.

6. Decide what living a Celibate life means to you. Celibacy generally means abstaining from sexual activity, but you might interpret this differently from others

7. Think about what you consider to be part of your Celibate lifestyle and why you’re doing it

8. Going Celibate has given him the opportunity to address these emotions and improve the other relationships in his life

9. Celibate adjective chaste, single, pure, virgin, continent He found it hard to adapt to the Celibate life of a monk

10. First, we have to understand what being Celibate really means

11. Incels, or “involuntary Celibates," are a hate group

12. They both refer to a strict avoidance of all forms of sexual activity aka sexual intercourse and the main difference lies in the reasons behind one’s choice to be Celibate or abstinent .

13. After turbulent splits from fellow musicians like 50 Cent and Future, Ciara made a commitment with then-boyfriend Russell Wilson to remain Celibate until they were married

14. A person who practices celibacy is said to be “Celibate.” Abstinence is also called “continence” and is the often-temporary strict avoidance of all forms of sexual activity for any reason.; Chastity, from the Latin word castitas, meaning “purity

15. A person who does not have sex (Definition of Celibate from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

16. The term "involuntary Celibate" (shortened to "incel") refers to self-identifying members of an online subculture based around the inability to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one, a state they describe as "inceldom" or "incelibacy".

17. Célibe These monks are all Celibate and have devoted their lives to God

18. But before we dive into why they’re choosing to be Celibate, I want to pause for a second and point out that celibacy — for whatever reason — is a totally valid choice

19. We have been Celibate within the marriage for over 5 years now, and largely asexual for years before that

20. Even if you werent Celibate, you would have to wait a few years for a pregnancy, then 9 more months since you cant die before birth, and even then its a 50% faliure rate since you want only a son

21. Celibate Sex is a great resource and encouragement for those who are single (and for even those who are not)

22. Celibate and male are two words that never go together in the same sentence

23. Not that many people assume that an ordinary guy on the street would be Celibate but that assumption would be wrong.

24. You may be an involuntary Celibate

25. ‘The origins of this Celibate American religious movement can be traced to Sayville, Long Island, New York, where Father Divine came to public attention in the 1920s.’ ‘This may stem from the Roman Catholic view, where intimacy, even within the context of marriage, is considered a concession to base instincts, while sacred priests and

26. When I was 19, I became a Celibate monk or Brahmachari, and I remained Celibate for the next 14 years.Looking back, I am proud and astonished that I managed to maintain that vow considering all the challenges and temptations I had back then.

27. Maria Giura's Celibate is an impassioned portrait of a self in utter struggle over, and ambivalence about God, family, sex, and love

28. According to the Bible, there is no such thing as a Celibate homosexual

29. You can't have a Celibate homosexual, just like you can't have a robber who never robbed, a murderer who never murdered and so on All sin originates in the heart.

30. Someone who is Celibate does not marry or have sex, because of their religious beliefs

31. The Pope bluntly told the world's priests yesterday to stay Celibate

32. A Celibate is someone who is Celibate

33. Find 8 ways to say Celibate, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

34. Celibate: 1 adj abstaining from sexual intercourse “ Celibate priests” Synonyms: continent chaste morally pure n an unmarried person who has taken a religious vow of chastity Type of: religious person a person who manifests devotion to a deity

35. Allie is hardly the only person choosing to be Celibate ― after all, we’re in a so-called millennial “sex recession.” And even couples who’ve gotten physical are starting to practice a kind of reverse celibacy, said Tammy Nelson, a sex therapist and the author of “Getting the Sex You Want.”

36. "As a rule", remarks Bishop Wordsworth from his anti-Celibate standpoint, "the great writers of the fourth and fifth century pressed celibacy as the more excellent way with an unfair and misleading emphasis which led to the gravest and moral mischief and loss of power in …

37. The Celibate is a web series based on the dating essays of Mike Randleman

38. The Celibate is a Bohemian Catfish Production

39. The Celibate is, sadly, based on true stories

40. A Celibate religion ever suspects the serpent in the neighbourhood of the woman

41. This particular specimen of the genus was both a vegetarian and a Celibate

42. The clergy were to abstain from red meat and wine and were to be Celibate

43. For if so, then would a Celibate clergy have grant of immunity.

44. Involuntary Celibate A label self-applied by members of the online subculture of men (mostly young, white, and heterosexual) who claim to be unable to find or attract women as romantic or sexual partners and blame it on women or other men (especially those who are sexually active)

45. What does Celibate mean? The definition of Celibate is refraining from sexual relations, usually for religious reasons

46. Synonyms for Celibate in Free Thesaurus

47. 6 synonyms for Celibate: chaste, single, pure, virgin, continent, continent

48. What are synonyms for Celibate?

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