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  - acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

  - perform (a religious ceremony) publicly and duly, in particular officiate at (the Eucharist).

  - honor or praise publicly.


commemorate, observe, honor, mark, salute, recognize, acknowledge, remember, memorialize, keep,

"Celebrates" in Example Sentences

1. 1. 1. Strata in a sentence - Use "strata" in a sentence 1. The shopping center itself celebrates the opulence of the upper strata. 2. Its deep strata reach back to almost any date of interest. click for more sentences of strata: 10.
2. celebrates in a sentence 🔊 Definition of celebrates . Third-person singular simple present indicative form of celebrate. Short Example Sentences for celebrates . 1. An annual festival celebrates the joyful issue. 🔊 2. The first of these Poems celebrates the Lyric Muse. 🔊 3.
3. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "celebrates "Lapham Lewis once suggested that a society that presumes a norm of violence and celebrates aggression, whether in the subway, on the football field, or in the conduct of its business, cannot help making celebrities of the people who would destroy it.
4. How can you use “celebrates” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: … An article celebrates the Battle in Seattle: Protests against such minor matters as genetically modified food demonstrate that the world has conquered more critical problems.
5. How do you put a word celebrates in a sentence? Unanswered Questions. What did The Beatles think of Grateful Dead? What purpose does the Eiffel Tower serve? What is the time zone of Paris?
6. The project represents an important milestone in the use of data journalism software tools and mobile collaboration. A further milestone was reached with the formation of an official opposition for the fifth term, following the May 2016 election. This year celebrates a milestone in Puerto Rico, marking the birth of Puerto Rican coffee 275 years
7. Translations of the phrase WHICH THIS YEAR celebrates from english to spanish: Which this year celebrates the"Year of vincentian Collaboration".
8. celebrates definition: Verb 1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of celebrate See also: célébrâtes
9. Amusable in a sentence - Use "amusable" in a sentence 1. Bubble Gang celebrates their 20th anniversary on November 27, 2015 with a documentary titled " I M Bubble Gang : The Bubble Gang 20th Anniversary Special " and produced by GMA News and Public Affairs, The past and present casts including former " Kababol " Ogie Alcasid in which he returns to the set will be interviewed by the network's
10. Home > Remarkable in a sentence. 8 The book celebrates the hostages' remarkable triumph over appalling adversity. 9 She shows remarkable assurance on stage for one so young. 10 He has shown remarkable consistency in his exam results. 11 The Eiffel Tower is a remarkable feat of engineering.
11. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word celebrates: . See celebrates used in context: 1 poetry verse, 1 Shakespeare work, 5 definitions
12. Definition of celebrates in the D dictionary. Meaning of celebrates. What does celebrates mean? Information and translations of celebrates in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
13. Examples of how to use the word celebrates in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
14. — Cindy Watts, USA TODAY, "Shania Twain album: 'Now' celebrates perseverance, moving on," 27 Sep. 2017 : 9. Use "paralisi" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Paralisi in a sentence (in italian) Sono paralisi di tipo psichico. Ebbi un attimo di paralisi mentale.
15. How can I use the word "epiphany" in a sentence? | Socratic. 17 Jul 2016 Explanation: Epiphany is a feast day within the Christian calendar. It usually falls on January 6th and celebrates the visit of the Magi to Jesus.
16. How to use tyee in a sentence. Tyee pronunciation. More than that, sometimes when a great Tyee celebrates for his daughter, the tribes from far up the coast, from the distant north, from inland, from the island, from the Cariboo country, are gathered as guests to the feast.
17. Learn how to use Independence using many example sentences. Learn collocations of Independence with free vocabulary lessons. " India observes a national holiday that celebrates independence from British rule. " (celebrates) " The United States proclaimed independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776. " (proclaimed, declared) Used with
18. Use “courtship” in a sentence | “courtship” sentence examples It was composed during James’s captivity in England and celebrates his courtship of Lady Jane Beaufort. In the typical newts (Molge) of Europe, the males are adorned during the breeding season with bright colours and crests or other ornamental dermal appendages,
19. The series ends as Tric celebrates its tenth anniversary while the Tree Hill family face new and exciting possibilities for their futures. - One Tree Hill (TV series) The finale of the movie includes an exciting table tennis match involving the Chinese-American son played by Kelvin Han Yee.
20. You can use it in a religious context. Epiphany is a feast day within the Christian calendar. It usually falls on January 6th and celebrates the visit of the Magi to Jesus.

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