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"Carolus" in Example Sentences

1. The name of the ruler alluded to is not indeed introduced into the actual text, but "carolus Inlperator" form the initial letters of the passage dealing with this subject. 0 According to the Frankish custom he proclaimed a king in Austrasia in the person of the young Clotaire IV., but in reality Charles was the sole master - the entry in the
2. Use "carolean" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Unfortunately, we have no example sentences for carolean.Synonyms for carolean. caroline.:2. 2. carolean definition: adjectiveOf or relating to Charles I or Charles II of England.Origin of carolean From Medieval Latin carolus Charles
3. Example sentences for: carolus How can you use “carolus” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The confusion can be avoided by using the moth's Latin name which was established two hundred years ago by a natural scientist named carolus Linnaeus, and by the two-name namers who followed after him.
4. 1. Use caroluses in a sentence, caroluses meaning?, caroluses definition, how to use caroluses in a sentence, use caroluses in a sentence with examples. Acellular, calculous, callouses, caracoles, caroluses, carousals, carousels. 10-letter words. You will use both extensively in manipulations and identities and functions.
5. carolus definition: Noun (plural Caroluses) 1. An old English gold coin.Origin Latin Charles.
6. How can you use “linnaeus” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Although orca can mean a `dice box' (or a `little barrel'), it also means a `kind of whale, the great killer,' perhaps derived from Orcus . or else the creative labeling system of 18 th -century Swedish naturalist carolus
7. Can you use taxonomy in a sentence all living things into three its land,air and water organisms. since it's not that convincing people became curious and carolus linnaeus "the father of
8. 6. Give him a brilliant virtuoso theme and he could handle it with some of the sweep and splendour of the early carolus Duran or the brutal elegance of the later Boldini. 🔊 7. Only two old and very feeble women were to be found, who, after being preached to, were baptized by the Reverend Father Fray Narciso Duran. 🔊 8.
9. carolus Linnaeus Quotes 1707 - 1778 Swedish botanist and taxonomist, the founder of modern scientific classification of plants and animals.
10. 12. Bavarian carolus or 3-gold gulden piece = 9 fl. 12 kr. 🔊 13. Three-gulden piece or Bavarian carolus, 357, 375. 🔊 14. A Bavarian Colonel has only eight thousand marks a year. 🔊 15. His father was a Tyrolese, and his mother a Bavarian. 🔊 16. Beginning of the War of the Bavarian Succession. 🔊 17. Bavarian, Louis the, 7. Bayreuth
11. (Answer either in a word or in a sentence) (1) Write the name of books written by carolus linneaus.. In which organism mosaic Vision is found? In which organism Pseudopodia is called lococmotary organ? (iv) Which is the causative factor of malarial fever. (v) Name the protozoa responsible for sleeping sickness in humans? (11) (111)
12. Use "carolus" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. carolus in a sentence. Carolus; At last, the curtain rose slowly and carolus Fonta stepped to the. carolus Fonta wondered if she was ill, if she could keep the stage until the end of the Garden Act.
13. Nature does not make jumps. - quote by carolus Linnaeus on YourDictionary.
14. Use “hull” in a sentence | “hull” sentence examples a French whaler, called it Ile de Richelieu; and in 1614 Joris carolus named one of its promontories Jan Meys Hoek after the captain of one of his ships. HULL (officially Kingston-upon-Hull), a city and county of a city, municipal, county and parliamentary borough,
15. Definition of Charlemagne in the D dictionary. Meaning of Charlemagne. What does Charlemagne mean? Etymology: Charlemagne, from carolus Magnus, literally "Charles/Carl the strong". Freebase (4.67 / 3 votes) Rate this definition: Examples of Charlemagne in a Sentence.
16. Linne' latinized his name to carolus Linnaeus. Linnaeus, sometimes abbreviated L., is given as describing author with many of the most common species of plants and animals, including ours, Homo sapiens Linnaeus. Notice that the describing author's name is capitalized but not italicized.

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