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CARNIVOROUS [ˌkärˈniv(ə)rəs]

carnivorous (adjective)

  • (of an animal) feeding on other animals.
  • (of a plant) able to trap and digest small animals, especially insects.
Synonyms: meat-eating . flesh-eating . predatory . hunting . raptorial . creophagous . zoophagous . herbivorous . vegetarian .

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1. Flesh-eating or predatory: a Carnivorous bird.

2. The definition of Carnivorous is an animal that eats the meat of other animals, or a plant that traps and digests insects or other small animals

3. A person who eats meat is an example of someone who would be described as Carnivorous

4. A Venus Fly Trap is an example of a Carnivorous plant.

5. For something distributed by Shoreline Entertainment, unfortunately, Carnivorous is one of the best

6. Though there is debate among archeobotanists, the oldest Carnivorous plant fossil may well be Archaeamphora longicervia, found in 2005 near Jinzhou, China.

7. Carnivorous plants shipped to your home in perfect condition! Grown by Sarracenia Northwest with your success in mind

8. Cats are just about the most Carnivorous animals on the planet

9. She was horrified to discover cattle, which are not Carnivorous, were being fed the ground-up remains of other animals

10. The USA's premier Carnivorous plant nursery

11. ‘The Carnivorous species eat small vertebrates: fish, frogs, lizards, birds, mice, or other bats.’ ‘Birds evolved from reptiles, probably small Carnivorous dinosaurs, around 150 million years ago.’ ‘All cephalopods are Carnivorous, feeding primarily on fish, other mollusks, Crustacea, and worms.’

12. Carnivorous plants are plants that derive some or most of their nutrients from trapping and consuming animals or protozoans, typically insects and other arthropods.However, Carnivorous plants generate energy from photosynthesis.Carnivorous plants have adapted to grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen, such as acidic bogs.

13. ‘The Venus fly trap is an endemic Carnivorous plant growing on sandy soils in the central south-eastern coastal plain of North America.’ ‘One of the most common pairings for a terrarium are Carnivorous

14. Carnivorous plants for sale by Carnivore Culture, a Carnivorous plants grower located in California and serving the USA

15. Choose from a wide variety of unique and beautiful Carnivorous plants and seeds

16. Then there's Carnivorous, a low budget CGI-infested monster movie with a dull story, a lousy script and some horrendous acting

17. Carnivorous plant, sometimes called insectivorous plant, any plant especially adapted for capturing and digesting insects and other animals by means of ingenious pitfalls and traps

18. Carnivorous Plant Resource is your one-stop-shop for Carnivorous plant knowledge, shopping, educational events, and more! You’ll learn about the beautiful and deadly traps of different species, discover beginner and advanced cultivation techniques, and explore our extensive database of Carnivorous plant species and hybrids.We continuously add plants and seeds to the Carnivorous

19. A Man-Eating Tree or Carnivorous Tree can refer to any of the many legendary or cryptozoological Carnivorous plants that are large enough to kill and consume a person or other large animal.

20. Carnivorous plants are plants that have the ability to 'eat' animal organisms

21. The Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is the most well known of the Carnivorous plants

22. A protoCarnivorous plant (sometimes also paraCarnivorous, subCarnivorous, or borderline carnivore), according to some definitions, traps and kills insects or other animals but lacks the ability to either directly digest or absorb nutrients from its prey like a Carnivorous plant.The morphological adaptations such as sticky trichomes or pitfall traps of protoCarnivorous plants parallel the trap

23. A Carnivorous plant that catches no insects at all will rarely die, although its growth may be impaired

24. Ironically, Carnivorous plants are themselves susceptible to infestation by parasites such as aphids or mealybugs

25. Diazinon is an excellent systemic insecticide that is tolerated by most Carnivorous plants.

26. Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix, 1 Quart Re-Pot 1-2 Small Plants Size Bag, All Natural Ingredients, Great Soil for Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, and Pitcher Plants (1qt)

27. Carnivorous chinchompas are level 63 Hunter creatures that may be caught using box traps, which can be baited with spicy minced meat

28. Carnivorous definition: Carnivorous animals eat meat

29. Carnivorous Plants are fun to watch and fascinating to learn about

30. Carnivorous Plant types include the Carnivorous pitcher plant and the venus fly trap plant

31. When you are ready to buy Carnivorous plants, check out our

32. The Carnivorous plants have different trapping mechanisms including pitfall traps in pitcher plants, flypaper that uses sticky mucilage, snap traps using leaf movements, bladder traps sucking in prey, and lobster traps forces prey towards a digestive organ

33. Below is an analysis of some Carnivorous plants.

34. Carnivorous Meaning: "eating or feeding on flesh," 1640s, from Latin carnivorus "flesh-eating, feeding on flesh," from caro… See definitions of Carnivorous.

35. Carnivorous (comparative more Carnivorous, superlative most Carnivorous) Of, or relating to carnivores, or the taxonomic order Carnivora

36. The sheer beauty of their shining traps and the attractiveness of its Carnivorous nature have endeared this species to many as ornamental plants

37. However, growers must bear in mind that cultivating these plants domestically is a Herculean task, as a result of which, obtaining many of these Carnivorous plants commercially is a difficult proposition.

38. Carnivorous - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

39. Carnivorous plants are meat eating plants that need the nutrients from their natural growing conditions, like air, water and soil, to live as well as the nutrients from the insects and other bugs and arachnids that they consume

40. Carnivorous plants grow naturally in swampy areas around the world where the water that is constantly running over

41. Carnivorous predators also tend to have front-facing eyes and binocular vision for better depth perception during a chase

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44. Synonyms for Carnivorous include flesh-eating, hunting, meat-eating, predatory, cannibal, creophagous, fish-eating, hungry, insectivorous and omnivorous

45. Carnivorous plants are plants which get nutrients from trapping and eating animals.They are often called insectivorous plants, because they usually trap insects.Since they get some of their food from animals, Carnivorous plants can grow in places where the soil is thin, or poor in nutrients.

46. Carnivorous plant habitats vary widely, from acid bogs to alkaline pine barrens, from frigid streams of melting snow to steamy tropical rain forests

47. All Carnivorous plants have one thing in common, though: extremely poor, almost sterile soil, where many plants would never survive, let alone thrive.

48. Even though we know the deep sea is weird, 'Carnivorous sea sponges' still sound like something from a sci-fi movie

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