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"Caresse" in Example Sentences

1. Relieved that he had finally left, she went over to the baby and caressed his downy cheek.: As he passed her, he caressed her cheek with the palm of his hand and gently gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek.: The warmth of the sun caressed Alicia's skin as she briefly turned her face skywards.: She slid her left hand behind his neck and gently caressed his cheek with her right hand.
2. The subtle pervasive sheen, which caresses similar unshowy utensils, differs little in the two pictures.: The reason behind Julia's fluster was the numerous killer smiles, accidental caresses she got from Jeff.: And so, he simply guarded Grace, offering gentle caresses against her cheek or hand as the night slowly turned to morning.: The batsman beautifully caresses the ball through extra
3. Definition of caresse in the D dictionary. Meaning of caresse. What does caresse mean? Information and translations of caresse in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
4. Definition of caresses in the D dictionary. Meaning of caresses. What does caresses mean? Information and translations of caresses in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
5. (Pierre se car esse et Marie se caresse) et l’interprétation réciproque (Pierr e caresse. verb, adjective, and adverb) to every word in a sentence. In this paper, we present a simple part
6. Psychic TV – Just Drifting (For Caresse) – YouTube "Force the Hand of Chance" was the debut album of English group Psychic TV. The initial 5,000 pressings included Themes and a poster. Psychic TV is a video art and music group that primarily performs psychedelic, punk, electronic and experimental music.
7. Define touches. touches synonyms, touches pronunciation, touches translation, English dictionary definition of touches. v. touched , touch·ing , touch·es v. tr. 1. a gentle touch on the hand → une petite caresse sur la main. at the touch of a button → sur simple pression d'un bouton (= style of doing sth) → touche f
8. As a usual thing Caresse, with her wonderful Irish coloring, did not use much make-up. Now she spread it on thickly. Cheeks were rouged pink, lips raspberry red be neath her Celtic black eyebrows
9. Referring first to de Latouche's novel and to the Louvre statue which he instructs his reader to visit, Gautier then indicates his own interest in a sentence which opens: |Nous qui avons, dans un roman que vous ne connaissez probablement pas, caresse avec un amour de statuaire cette gracieuse chimere '.(5)

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