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1. Answer 2: The Caravans will be very fluid and unstructured


2. Caravans were used mainly in desert areas and throughout the Silk Road, where traveling in groups aided in defense against bandits as well as helping to improve economies of scale in trade.


3. The Original version of The Caravans flagship song "Lord Keep Me Day by Day", feat


4. Region Caravans often travel within the limits of an individual Region since the leaders may have intimate knowledge of that area, or from the region to an International Rally


5. National Caravans that travel throughout the US, Canada and Mexico tend to be extensive and repeated year after year if popularity demands it.

Caravans, Canada

6. Caravans is a 1978 Iranian-American film directed by James Fargo based on the 1962 novel by James A


7. Explore the new 2020 season Caravans from a wide range of well-known brands including Airstream, Lunar, Swift, Elddis, Xplore, Buccaneer and Coachman

Caravans, Coachman

8. Across all three branches, we stock Caravans for all budgets and lifestyles, whether you are looking for your first ever caravan or …

Caravans, Caravan

9. The Caravans were an American gospel music group that was started in 1947 by Robert Anderson.It reached its peak popularity during the 1950s and 1960s, launching the careers of a number of artists, including: Delores Washington, Albertina Walker, Bessie Griffin, Cassietta George, Dorothy Norwood, Inez Andrews, Shirley Caesar, Josephine Howard, Rev

Caravans, Careers, Cassietta, Caesar

10. Gang members from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras have been hiding amongst the migrant Caravans heading to the United States – and have been committing crimes in Mexico along the way

Caravans, Committing, Crimes

11. In the deserts of Asia and northern Africa, the animal most commonly used in Caravans was the camel, because of its catholic appetite, its ability to go

Commonly, Caravans, Camel, Catholic

12. Signs of new Caravans headed to the border as WH faces backlash for not calling it a 'crisis' Most of the individuals were from Central America, but at least 17 were from Romania, CBP says.

Caravans, Calling, Crisis, Central, Cbp

13. López Obrador unleashed an unprecedented militarized crackdown on Central American travelers, blocking their Caravans, rounding up families and …

Crackdown, Central, Caravans

14. May be that is to Michener's advantage in his original "Caravans"


15. View Caravans on the Airstream Club Website (ACI), in calendar format

Caravans, Club, Calendar

16. For future Caravans, select the caravan year from the menu bar at the top of this page

Caravans, Caravan

17. We aim to be "Everything Caravans!Initially we are starting of with classified ads for various types of Caravans but will be expanding in terms of features later based on what you want.

Caravans, Classified

18. Caravans, as they’ve largely become known, have deviated from their original purpose – from a way to highlight the plight of migrants, and in some cases, search for loved ones who never made

Caravans, Cases

19. The Facts Behind ‘Caravans’ of Immigrants President Trump used the occurrence of an annual human rights demonstration as a reason to deploy the military to the United States-Mexico border.


20. Selling pre-owned touring Caravans 2,4,5,6 berth.


21. Curragh Caravans offer a large selection of used Caravans for sale including Elddis, Compass, Swift, Adria, Dethleff, Abbey and Coachman to name just a few!

Curragh, Caravans, Compass, Coachman

22. Caravans Photos View All Photos (9) Movie Info


23. Have you seen all the awesome new Caravans out today? Here is our list of 15 awesome Caravans and innovative campers.*Website* 📱*M

Caravans, Campers, Com

24. Caravans SubCategory Caravan (2971) Expander (105) Off Road Van (704) On Site Van (15) Fifth Wheeler (104) Pop Tops (511) Tents (1) Motorhomes & Campers (1052) Exterior RV Accessories (1) Interior RV Accessories (2) Camping Trailers (1373) Make Make

Caravans, Caravan, Campers, Camping

25. Caravans For Sale North Wales is the #1 website for used static Caravans for sale off site In the Uk


26. Here at Caravans For Sale North Wales we have a vast selection of used Caravans for sale


27. We pride ourselves on our high quality range of used static Caravans, and usually having something for everyone.


28. Naval Caravans (Trade ships) are part of Ashes of Creation naval content

Caravans, Creation, Content

29. Naval Caravans allow the transportation of trading goods.


30. Naval Caravans are capable of transitioning to and from land Caravans at the point of intersection of land and ocean.; These Caravans will come in varying sizes and capacities

Caravans, Capable, Come, Capacities

31. By default naval Caravans have a racial appearance.


32. Delores Washington-Green (center) performing with The Caravans, Pastor Shirley Caesar (left) and Dorothy Norwood at the Dec

Center, Caravans, Caesar

33. San Diego County Tours & Caravans

County, Caravans

34. A timeless tale of love and emotional drama set against the backdrop of one of the most important countries in the world today, Caravans captures the tension of the postwar period, the sweep of Afghanistan’s remarkable history, and the inescapable allure of the past

Countries, Caravans, Captures

35. Praise for Caravans “Brilliant


36. New Age Caravans has spent years designing and perfecting the Manta Ray range of Caravans to bring you the most comfortable travel experience

Caravans, Comfortable

37. The Road Owl shows New Age has innovation utilising newly designed layouts with compact designs whilst still bringing down overall weights of the Caravans.

Compact, Caravans

38. Migrant Caravans are forming in Honduras, where residents were hit with a pair of devastating hurricanes last month, adding to the economic …


39. Explore releases from The Caravans at Discogs


40. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Caravans at the Discogs Marketplace.

Cds, Caravans

41. Caravans The reasons for choosing Adria have never been so compelling

Caravans, Choosing, Compelling

42. Trade Me has 988 listings for Caravans for sale


43. Trump has tweeted about the Caravans four times, as of Tuesday afternoon


44. Built to the same demanding standards as all Concept Caravans, the innovation offers spacious and contemporary interior with layouts and van lengths to suit all families needs

Concept, Caravans, Contemporary

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CARAVANS [ˈkerəˌvan]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does caravan mean in Urban Dictionary?

Caravan definition, a group of travelers, as merchants or pilgrims, journeying together for safety in passing through deserts, hostile territory, etc. See more.

What is the definition of a caravan?

Definition of caravan. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a company of travelers on a journey through desert or hostile regions also : a train of pack animals. b : a group of vehicles traveling together (as in a file)

What is the origin of the word caravan?

Caravan came to English in the late 16th century, from the Italian caravana, which itself came from the Persian kārvān. Unsurprisingly, most of our earliest evidence in English occurs in translations.

What is a caravan house?

A mobile home (also trailer, trailer home, house trailer, static caravan, residential caravan) is a prefabricated structure, built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis before being transported to site (either by being towed or on a trailer).

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