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1. Capitation definition is - a direct uniform tax imposed on each head or person : poll tax


2. How to use Capitation in a sentence.


3. A method of payment for health services in which a physician or hospital are paid a fixed amount is paid per enrollee to cover a defined scope of services for a defined population set–aka covered lives for a defined period of time, regardless of actual number or nature services provided; Capitation may be used by purchasers to pay health plans or by plans to pay providers;.

Cover, Covered, Capitation

4. Capitation is a fixed amount of money per patient per unit of time paid in advance to the physician for the delivery of health care services

Capitation, Care

5. A Capitation is a fixed-amount type of health care payment system

Capitation, Care

6. Capitation: a tax or imposition raised on each person in consideration of his labour, industry, office, rank, etc

Capitation, Consideration

7. Capitation has now developed as an upcoming form of providing healthcare payment by the health plan for medical care

Capitation, Care

8. The Capitation Healthcare Reimbursement Model


9. In contrast to the FFS model, Capitation is a performance-based system in which caregivers who contract with independent practice associations (IPAs) are financially incentivized to provide appropriate care and treatment that is designed to increase health and wellness rather than excessive

Contrast, Capitation, Caregivers, Contract, Care

10. Capitation is a payment arrangement for health care service providers such as physicians

Capitation, Care

11. Under Capitation, a physician or group of physicians receives a rish adjusted set amount for each enrolled


12. Capitation can encourage a doctor or practice to take on too many patients, more than they can ideally care for

Capitation, Can, Care

13. These Capitation payments are issued monthly or yearly and can impact how care is offered to patients

Capitation, Can, Care

14. The advantages and disadvantages of Capitation stem from the differences in how doctors are paid and the financial risks they incur when prescribing complex testing and treatment to patients.

Capitation, Complex

15. Capitation is a payment model that focuses on paying healthcare providers and organizations based on quality care and improving patient outcomes

Capitation, Care

16. There are two types of Capitation that may be used.


17. Capitation is a prospective unit of payment per patient, per month or year, in which a payer makes a fixed payment for a defined set of services, regardless of the quantity of …


18. Primary care Capitation is a reimbursement model that refers solely to primary care clinical services

Care, Capitation, Clinical

19. When a primary care provider (PCP) signs a Capitation agreement, she agrees to provide a predetermined set of services

Care, Capitation

20. While the number and kind of services vary from plan to plan, most Capitation models for primary care services include:

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21. Capitation definition, a numbering or assessing by the head


22. Capitation is a system of health insurance payments in which health professionals are paid fixed amounts per month based on the number of insured people they have as patients


23. Capitation by another name? Is the term “global payment” simply a euphemism for Capitation that is used to avoid that word’s negative associations? The answer, apparently, is “sometimes.” Jaan Sidorov, MD, a member of Managed Care’s editorial board, wrote in his Disease Management Care blog that Capitation had been “rebranded with

Capitation, Care

24. The neediest patients cost the current system the most and, therefore, come with the largest Capitation — potentially thousands of dollars, per patient, per month

Cost, Current, Come, Capitation

25. Put simply, Capitation is a system that incentivizes the best care for those who need it most

Capitation, Care

26. Capitation, their practices must become more cost efficient

Capitation, Cost

27. The purpose of this research was to analyze the effects of Capitation on the overall reduction of healthcare cost

Capitation, Cost

28. Key Words: Capitation, healthcare cost, fee-for-service, physician reimbursement, effectiveness

Capitation, Cost

29. Capitation was meant to be a step up in terms of creating better incentives for efficiency, cost control, and preventive care in health care

Capitation, Creating, Cost, Control, Care

30. Under Capitation, a doctor, medical group, hospital or


31. Capitation, salary, fee-for-service and mixed systems of payment: effects on the behaviour of primary care physicians Cochrane Database Syst Rev

Capitation, Care, Cochrane

32. What does Capitation mean? A poll tax


33. (noun) The personal and habitation tax consists in fact of two different taxes, one imposing a fixed Capitation charge on all citizens alike of every department, the charge, however, varying according to the department from I fc

Consists, Capitation, Charge, Citizens

34. Medicare is pushing further toward Capitation with the introduction of Primary Care First (PCF) and Direct Contracting (DC) models

Capitation, Care, Contracting

35. It requires partial Capitation for all practices in the model and expands the scope of services covered.

Capitation, Covered

36. Malcolm Tatum Date: February 08, 2021 Capitation payments are advance payments made to healthcare providers by a health insurance company.

Capitation, Company

37. Capitation payments are advance payments made to healthcare providers by a health insurance company

Capitation, Company

38. Global Capitation is a payment model specifically for integrated health care delivery

Capitation, Care

39. In this model, Capitation payment for services delivered by different providers or at different levels of care is combined into a single prospective payment to an integrated care organization or a large physician group.

Capitation, Care, Combined

40. One common recommendation has been to use Capitation, as opposed to fee …

Common, Capitation

41. Even though Capitation’s penetration and at-risk revenue has stagnated, many health systems and providers seeking to move into value-based care have believed that “if we build the infrastructure and capabilities, they, the payers, will come.” 17 This may result in building systems that reduce utilization and reduce compensation, without

Capitation, Care, Capabilities, Come, Compensation

42. ‘An increase in Capitation grants to schools of only €50 per pupil would meet the annual insurance costs.’ ‘By combining several regional groups of physicians, they were able to negotiate Capitation payments for large patient populations.’

Capitation, Costs, Combining

43. A Monthly Capitation Payment (MCP) is a payment made to physicians for most dialysis-related physician services furnished to Medicare End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients on a monthly basis


44. Under a Capitation, an HMO or managed care organization pays …

Capitation, Care

45. Actuarial and consulting services related to the development of actuarially sound medical Capitation rates for the Nevada TANF, Check-up and Expansion populations

Consulting, Capitation, Check

46. This report provides the supporting documentation for Capitation rates which will be paid to managed care organizations (MCOs) during the calendar year (CY) 2019 contract period.

Capitation, Care, Calendar, Cy, Contract

47. The monthly Capitation payment for each Enrollee is due to the Contractor from the Effective Date of Enrollment until the Effective Date of Disenrollment of the Enrollee or termination of this Contract, whichever occurs first

Capitation, Contractor, Contract

48. The Contractor shall receive a full month´s Capitation payment for the month in which disenrollment occurs.

Contractor, Capitation

49. Synonyms for Capitation in Free Thesaurus


50. 4 words related to Capitation: revenue enhancement, tax, taxation, poll tax


51. What are synonyms for Capitation?


52. Capitation payments and full risk sharing were more common in southern California, with 23 percent of the commercial population obtaining care from a provider with full financial risk in 2017

Capitation, Common, California, Commercial, Care

53. Medi-Cal Managed Care Capitation Rates Two-Plan Model This dataset displays reimbursement rates paid to Medi-Cal Managed Care health plans in Two-Plan model counties by State Fiscal Year

Cal, Care, Capitation, Counties

54. Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) 2020/2021 MMA Capitation Rates (October 2020 - September 2021) [414KB PDF] 2019/2020 MMA Capitation Rates (October 2019 - September 2020) [450KB PDF] 2018/2019 MMA Capitation Rates (SMMC Implementation - September 2019) [396KB PDF]


55. A Capitation-based primary care payment system in Hawaii improved quality of care, new research shows

Capitation, Care

56. The Affordable Act 2010 has helped to direct healthcare towards the Capitation reimbursement method, rather than a fee for service and overcoming the financial risk in the healthcare sector


57. Because of different factors, Capitation reimbursement methods are developing as the model of choice for the value-based care movement.

Capitation, Choice, Care

58. Of the 100 Capitation payments in our stratified random sample, 66 Capitation payments were associated with beneficiaries who were residing and eligible for Medicaid benefits in Illinois


59. However, for the remaining 34 Capitation payments, totaling $11,867 ($6,562 Federal share), Illinois made Capitation payments on behalf of beneficiaries who


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CAPITATION [ˌkapəˈtāSH(ə)n]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does capitation stand for?

The amount of remuneration is based on the average expected health care utilization of each patient in the group, with higher utilization costs assigned to groups with greater expected medical needs. The term capitation comes from the Latin word for caput, meaning head, and is used to describe the headcount within an HMO or similar group.

What does capitation mean?

Capitation is a type of a health care payment system in which a doctor or hospital is paid a fixed amount per patient for a prescribed period of time by an insurer or physician association. It pays the doctor, known as the primary care physician...

What are some pros and cons of capitation system?

There are advantages and disadvantages of capitation, just like in any health care payment system. Some of the advantages are intended to reduce costs and increase quality of care: Managing a capitation system can be easier and more cost effective because the only thing to keep track of are the number of enrolled members.

What are the different types of capitation?

There are three types of capitation: Primary: Primary care physicians receive payment for their patient members from their HMO. Secondary: HMOs broker a relationship between PCPs and secondary providers in which those secondary providers receive capitation payments based on the physician’s number of patients.

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