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1. Campaigner synonyms, Campaigner pronunciation, Campaigner translation, English dictionary definition of Campaigner


2. The Campaigner personality is a true free spirit


3. They are often the life of the party, but unlike types in the Explorer Role group, Campaigners are less interested in the sheer excitement and pleasure of the moment than they are in enjoying the social and …


4. Campaigner is a full-featured email marketing solution that offers a competitive price, a wide range of automation options, a good number of third-party integrations, and 24/7 live chat support

Campaigner, Competitive, Chat

5. Campaigner is a powerful email marketing automation solution that enables mid-market and enterprise businesses to drive higher ROI, convert more leads, and generate more sales

Campaigner, Convert

6. With industry-leading inbox delivery rates, advanced personalization and real time reporting, Campaigner is the preferred choice of over 100,000 businesses worldwide.

Campaigner, Choice

7. Full-time Customer Support is the CampaignerCRM Difference

Customer, Campaignercrm

8. When you become a CampaignerCRM customer, we're there to support you.You get personalized, individual attention from our entire support and implementation team.

Campaignercrm, Customer

9. Campaigner is a good choice for email marketers who need eCommerce integration, but not custom workflow automation

Campaigner, Choice, Custom

10. Campaigner Lyrics: I am a lonely visitor / I came too late to cause a stir / Though I campaigned all my life / Towards that goal / I hardly slept the night you wept / Our secret's safe and still well

Campaigner, Came, Cause, Campaigned

11. Song You Need to Know: Neil Young and Crazy Horse,Campaigner’ Live in 1991 Days after ripping into Donald Trump in an open letter, Neil Young posted a rare live performance of his 1976 Nixon

Crazy, Campaigner

12. Player Description: Advocating their cause to the general public, the Campaigner is always accompanied by some of their most reliable supporters

Cause, Campaigner

13. Unlocked with: Choose Campaigner as your Profession or Choose Campaigner as your Profession 2 Unique Item: Feckless Supporters Weekly Payment: The Campaigner's reward See Category:Campaigner for pages which require this profession, or click …

Choose, Campaigner, Category, Click

14. People with the Campaigner personality type need to feel like they’re pushing boundaries and exploring ideas, and should focus on interests and careers that encourage that

Campaigner, Careers

15. Many more career options satisfy these needs, and not just the scientific ones – writing, journalism, acting and TV reporting all give Campaigners a chance to explore

Career, Campaigners, Chance

16. Other online names include “The Campaigner”, “The Creative Idealist”, “Advocate”, “The Inspirer” and “The Hero”

Campaigner, Creative

17. Campaigner is an email marketing software aimed at helping companies of all sizes grow their business and increase revenues through email marketing.

Campaigner, Companies

18. Campaigner was founded by Zohar Loshitzer and Hemi Zucker back in 1999.It’s part of the j2 Global family of cloud-based services, partnering with industry leaders and well-known brands including The Washington Post Company, …

Campaigner, Cloud, Company

19. A Campaigner has applied for a public footpath to be opened through Sarah Beeny's former dairy farm in Somerset in a bid to convince the TV presenter to join her fight against 'nightmare' ramblers

Campaigner, Convince

20. Overview of the Campaigner, or the ENFP Personality Type


21. This is the Campaigner personality


22. Campaigner is a full-featured email marketing solution that combines a competitive price (starting at $19.95 for up to 1,000 contacts), a wide range of automation options, a …

Campaigner, Combines, Competitive, Contacts

23. Campaigner - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


24. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Campaigner n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


25. 9 synonyms of Campaigner from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 15 related words, definitions, and antonyms


26. Find another word for Campaigner


27. Campaigner definition: A Campaigner is a person who campaigns for social or political change

Campaigner, Campaigns, Change

28. Find 28 ways to say Campaigner, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Campaigner, Com

29. Campaigner is a flexible and powerful tool for running campaigns for tabletop games such as Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Mechwarrior, De Bellis Multitudinis and …

Campaigner, Campaigns

30. "Campaigner" I am a lonely visitor


31. The appropriate way to call someone a "Campaigner" or "Campaigners".

Call, Campaigner, Campaigners

32. About Campaigner: Campaigner empowers businesses of any size to execute powerful email marketing campaigns and marketing automation with industry-leading technology, powerful and intuitive tools, and a robust suite of resources

Campaigner, Campaigns

33. Campaigner is trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide


34. "Campaigner hits all our major requirements" -- PC Mag


35. "The Campaigner once ruled the Lost Land with an iron fist


36. He's back now for revenge, part man and part machine." Turok: Rage Wars website1 The Campaigner — An evil cybernetic tyrant, the Campaigner once ruled over the Lost Land with an

Campaigner, Cybernetic

37. Campaigner is an email marketing solution built by marketers that is designed to help small, medium and large businesses strengthen customer relationships and drive sales

Campaigner, Customer

38. The vendor's value proposition is that Campaigner provides advanced features such as industry-leading A/B split testing, workflows, API integration, segmentation, detailed


39. Campaigner (plural Campaigners) A person who has served in a military campaign

Campaigner, Campaigners, Campaign

40. Synonyms for Campaigner in Free Thesaurus


41. 8 synonyms for Campaigner: demonstrator, champion, advocate, activist, reformer, crusader

Campaigner, Champion, Crusader

42. ‘He was a lawyer and a trade union activist, a Campaigner for human rights and democracy.’ ‘Now the Campaigners will have to gear themselves up for a further battle when the developers appeal.’ ‘Against that, he is a seasoned Campaigner who has fought some tough electoral battles in the past.’

Campaigner, Campaigners

43. Campaigner is an email marketing service


44. Businesses use Campaigner to easily create and send highly personalized one-to-one email communications to subscribers and customers

Campaigner, Create, Communications, Customers

45. Campaigner offers a free trial of their service via their offical website.


46. Campaigner is an email automation platform trusted by over 100,000 businesses


47. With Campaigner, marketers can send newsletters, develop email marketing campaigns, and strengthen customer relationships to drive sales.

Campaigner, Can, Campaigns, Customer

48. An old/veteran/seasoned Campaigner (= a person with a lot of experience of a particular activity) (especially North American English) Clinton Campaigners (= people working for Clinton in a campaign) Extra Examples

Campaigner, Clinton, Campaigners, Campaign

49. She was a veteran Campaigner on behalf of the disabled.


50. On the Campaigner page, click “Add Campaigner” and select the member from the drop-down list

Campaigner, Click

51. If you had a Campaigner page last year, then you must change the date to …

Campaigner, Change

52. The Campaigner personality type enjoys project work because it has a definite beginning and end


53. Campaigner William Bromwich issued an eleventh-hour plea to all Coventry city councillors to reverse last week's cabinet decision to close Foleshill Sports and Leisure Centre - which houses the 1930s Livingstone baths fondly remembered by generations of Coventrians.

Campaigner, Coventry, City, Councillors, Cabinet, Close, Centre, Coventrians

54. Campaigner is a Responsive Email Template , Compatible with major Email Clients

Campaigner, Compatible, Clients

55. When it comes to the most important skills required to be a Campaigner, we found that a lot of resumes listed 56.6% of Campaigners included climate, while 39.3% of resumes included public speaking, and 4.1% of resumes included campaign strategy

Comes, Campaigner, Campaigners, Climate, Campaign

56. Brisk Campaigner is a potential Surgeon crew member

Campaigner, Crew

57. 1 Character description 2 Obtaining 3 Promotions 4 Interactions 4.1 Speak to the Campaigner 4.2 The Brisk Campaigner collapses! 4.3 The Campaigner's health is failing 4.4 The Campaigner's health is desperate 4.5 The Campaigner is dying 5 Videos She's marched with armies and cured generals

Character, Campaigner, Collapses, Cured

58. Avaaz Foundation Campaigner salaries - 5 salaries reported: $58,001 / Campaigner salaries - 3 salaries reported: $59,451 / yrCenter for Biological Diversity Campaigner salaries - 3 salaries reported: $49,040 / yrGreenpeace Campaigner salaries - 2 salaries reported: $64,231 / yrCitizen Engagement Lab Campaigner salaries - 2 salaries


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CAMPAIGNER [kamˈpānər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does campaigner mean?

campaigner(Noun) A person who has served in a military campaign. campaigner(Noun) A military veteran. campaigner(Noun) A person who campaigns for a person running for political office. campaigner(Noun) Someone with experience in a certain field.

Is campaign a verb?

campaign(Noun) A series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal; as, an election campaign, a military campaign, an advertising campaign. The company is targeting children in their latest advertising campaign. campaign(Verb) To take part in a campaign. She campaigned for better social security.

What is the definition of campaign volunteer?

Campaign Volunteer. Initiated phone calls to prospective voters to encourage them to vote, volunteer and support the candidate. Collected voter responses and information and logged them in VAN.

What is the definition of campaign?

Definition of campaign. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a connected series of military operations forming a distinct phase of a war the bombing campaign. 2 : a connected series of operations designed to bring about a particular result election campaign an advertising campaign. campaign.

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