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1. The theological system of John Calvin and his followers, characterized by emphasis on the doctrines of predestination, the irresistibility of grace, and justification by faith Derived forms of Calvinism Calvinist, noun, adjective Calvinistic or Calvinistical, adjective

Calvin, Characterized, Calvinism, Calvinist, Calvinistic, Calvinistical

2. A Word from the Romans 9 Grenade about Calvinistic Cartoons: Corky Velveeta said It seems to me a contradiction in terms to say, as some have, that satire need have no moral lesson or didactic purpose, for the essence of satire is aggression or criticism, and criticism has always implied a systematic measure of good and bad.

Calvinistic, Cartoons, Corky, Contradiction, Criticism

3. In addition to being Calvinistic, covenantal, and confessional, two other significant things to point out about reformed theology are an understanding, first of all, of the ordinary means of grace

Calvinistic, Covenantal, Confessional

4. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Calvinistic


5. Princeton's WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Calvinist, Calvinistic, Calvinistical (adj) of or relating to or characteristic of Calvinism or its adherents

Calvinist, Calvinistic, Calvinistical, Characteristic, Calvinism

6. Calvinistic preachers are our modern-day Pharisees who put Jesus on the cross

Calvinistic, Cross

7. The Crossword Solver found 10 answers to the Calvinistic crossword clue

Crossword, Calvinistic, Clue

8. This search did not include checking out connections with other Calvinistic organizations like Acts 29, 9Marks, Sojourners, etc, checking all of the church plant websites, or calling the churches.

Checking, Connections, Calvinistic, Church, Calling, Churches

9. Calvinistic doctrine expressed in God-exalting words of praise leads to a distinctive Christian experience

Calvinistic, Christian

10. The melody that is composed intellectually in Calvinistic theology and sung enthusiastically in Reformed worship also can be heard in the …

Composed, Calvinistic, Can

11. 172 Naturally, his Calvinistic sermons have been extracted from the thousands he preached and published seperately


12. Calvinistic Methodists were born out of the 18th-century Welsh Methodist revival and survive as a body of Christians now forming the Presbyterian Church of Wales

Calvinistic, Century, Christians, Church

13. Calvinistic Methodism became a major denomination in Wales, growing rapidly in the 19th century, and taking a leadership role in the Welsh Religious Revival of 1904-5.

Calvinistic, Century

14. If by "Calvinistic" you mean, "the five points," that's a very truncated definition of "Calvinist." The confessional Lutherans (who hold the Book of Concord) reject limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints

Calvinistic, Calvinist, Confessional, Concord

15. Calvinism is the theological system associated with the Reformer John Calvin that emphasizes the rule of God over all things as reflected in its understanding of Scripture, God, humanity, salvation, and the church.In popular vernacular, Calvinism often refers to the Five Points of Calvinistic doctrine regarding salvation, which make up the acrostic TULIP.

Calvinism, Calvin, Church, Calvinistic

16. The Calvinistic Reformation in England is not limited to the span of Calvin’s life; by no means

Calvinistic, Calvin

17. Other great “Calvinistic”, or Reformed, theologians have impacted England for hundreds of years; the Romans Catholic counteract had impelled them to do so since the formal Reformation of the church.

Calvinistic, Catholic, Counteract, Church

18. The Calvinistic crusader tends to favor Calvinistic watchblogs and watchdogs, online “discernment ministries” of the Reformed persuasion, and other pugilistic types who picture themselves as walking in the steps of Martin Luther

Calvinistic, Crusader

19. They bear evident tokens of their Calvinistic origin, but are designedly ambiguous in terms and meaning


20. The purpose of this book is to trace the story of the English Calvinistic Baptists from the death of John Gill in 1771 to that of Charles Haddon Spurgeon in 1892

Calvinistic, Charles

21. What does Calvinistic mean? Alternative form of Calvinist

Calvinistic, Calvinist

22. Calvinistic Baptist definition is - particular baptist


23. Throughout there was a strange bitterness; an absence of consolatory gentleness; stern allusions to Calvinistic doctrines—election, predestination, reprobation—were frequent; and each reference to these points sounded like a sentence pronounced for doom

Consolatory, Calvinistic

24. Whitefieldian Calvinistic Methodism predated the emergence of Wesleyan Arminian Methodism in England and ultimately became the dominant expression of Methodism in Wales and the strongest denomination in that region in the nineteenth century, eventually metamorphosing into the Presbyterian Church in Wales in 1928.

Calvinistic, Century, Church

25. The first important modification of the Calvinistic system which has retained a position within its limits was made in the middle of the seventeenth century by the professors of the French school at Saumur, and is hence called Salmurianism; otherwise Amyraldism, or hypothetical universalism (Cameron, d

Calvinistic, Century, Called, Cameron

26. Historically a Welsh Calvinistic Methodist denomination existed in the United States as a distinct denomination


27. If memory serves me aright the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Churches were found in the mining regions of Pennsylvania & West Virginia as early as 1828

Calvinistic, Churches

28. In 1920 the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists merged with the old United Presbyterian


29. Calvinistic Methodist Church, Protestant Christian denomination, closely allied to Presbyterianism Presbyterianism, form of Christian church organization based on administration by a hierarchy of courts composed of clerical and lay presbyters.

Calvinistic, Church, Christian, Closely, Courts, Composed, Clerical

30. The author happen to be Cornelius Van Til's nephew, and the work explores the implication of Calvinistic theology on culture

Cornelius, Calvinistic, Culture

31. (7) Thus, if Calvinistic exegesis of Ephesians 1:4 is true [re: That God chooses individuals based upon His love for them; to be saved before the foundation of the world] then Universalism is true (8) Since God cannot choose [some] X (as this entails God did not choose X because He did ~ P X) then the Calvinistic understanding of Ephesians 1:4

Calvinistic, Chooses, Cannot, Choose

32. This is a review of the portion of the book dealing with “Calvinistic Belief,” a current hot topic among Southern Baptists.

Calvinistic, Current

33. Presbyterian Church of Wales, also called Calvinistic Methodist Church, church that developed out of the Methodist revivals in Wales in the 18th century

Church, Called, Calvinistic, Century

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CALVINISTIC [kalv(ə)ˈnistik]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Bible say about Calvinism?

Calvinism emphasizes the sovereignty of God and his eternal decrees by which he has ordained whatsoever shall come to pass. Calvinists take the Bible very seriously and try to harmonize all its concepts. It teaches monergism, that salvation is accomplished in God's work alone (John 6:28-29; Phil.

What do we believe about the five points of Calvinism?

What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism

  • Preface Christians love God. He is our great Treasure, and nothing can compare with him. ...
  • Historical Roots John Calvin, the famous theologian and pastor of Geneva, died in 1564. ...
  • Total Depravity
  • What is Calvinism and is it biblical?

    Calvinism - What is it? Is Calvinism biblical? Many people think that Calvinism, also known as Reformed theology, was invented by French theologian John Calvin, and that Calvin came up with the acronym TULIP . The truth is that the theological system that bears Calvin's name came about to oppose the teachings of Dutch theologian Jacob Arminius whose "five Remonstrances" were presented by his followers at the Synod of Dort in 1610, the year after Jacob Arminius died and 46 years after Calvin ...

    What are the major beliefs of Calvinism?

    Calvinism believes that once people have been saved by God, those people cannot lose their salvation through any act of their own. This belief is based on a belief in the complete sovereignty of God. If God has chosen something or someone, no mere mortal has the power to thwart that choice.

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