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1. Such a hardened area often leaves one less sensitive to the touch, so it's no surprise that the adjective Callous,


2. Callous definition, made hard; hardened


3. Callous adjective heartless, cold, harsh, hardened, indifferent, insensitive, hard-boiled (informal), unsympathetic, uncaring, soulless, hard-bitten, unfeeling, obdurate, case-hardened, hardhearted a Callous and brutal attack on an old man understanding, caring, soft, sensitive, gentle, tender, sympathetic, compassionate, considerate

Callous, Cold, Case, Caring, Compassionate, Considerate

4. The singer’s Callous responses to autistic people’s concerns on Twitter did nothing to increase my trust in her ability to treat us like full-fledged human beings onscreen

Callous, Concerns

5. Callused means having many calluses. Callous is closely related to callus, but it’s figurative —that is, it doesn’t describe actual skin—and it is never a noun

Callused, Calluses, Callous, Closely, Callus

6. Callous: having or showing a lack of sympathy or tender feelings


7. A Callous person is insensitive or emotionally hardened


8. If you laugh at your little sister while she's trying to show you her poetry, you're being Callous


9. Callous comes from the Latin root callum for hard skin

Callous, Comes, Callum

10. If you walk barefoot a lot, your feet will become Calloused.


11. Unkind, cruel, and without sympathy or feeling for other people: It might sound Callous, but I don't care if he's homeless

Cruel, Callous, Care

12. Callous and unemotional traits (CU) are distinguished by a persistent pattern of behavior that reflects a disregard for others, and also a lack of empathy and generally deficient affect.The interplay between genetic and environmental risk factors may play a role in the expression of these traits as a conduct disorder (CD).

Callous, Cu, Conduct, Cd

13. The Callous king sentenced the jester to death because he wasn't funny.El cruel rey condenó al bufón a la muerte por no ser cómico

Callous, Cruel, Conden

14. The president promised to capture the perpetrators of this Callous and senseless act.El presidente prometió capturar a los perpetradores de este acto cruel y sin sentido.

Capture, Callous, Capturar, Cruel

15. Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit, ELMCHEE Rechargeable Callous removers 3 Grinding Heads Portable Waterproof foot file, Professional Pedicure Tools Feet Care for Dead, Hard Cracked Dry Skin

Callus, Callous, Care, Cracked

16. Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File, Callous Remover for Feet, Hard and Dead Skin - Rechargeable & Waterproof (Packaging May Vary) 4.6 out of 5 stars 5,415 $39.16 $ 39


17. Adjective A Callous person or action is very cruel and shows no concern for other people or their feelings.his Callous disregard for human life

Callous, Cruel, Concern

18. Synonyms: heartless, cold, harsh, hardened More Synonyms of Callous

Cold, Callous

19. Add an o for “offensive” and you get Callous, an adjective meaning “insensitive to the feelings of others.”


20. After all, the adjective “Callous” means “being hardened and thickened,” as Merriam-Webster says


21. Callous Clear is the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with no mess! Just apply the Callous Clear Callous softening cream to the special Callous removal patch, place the self-sticking patch on the Calloused area and RELAX as it softens and moisturizes your feet.

Callous, Clear, Cream, Calloused

22. The Callous palms of the laborer are conversant with finer tissues of self-respect and heroism, whose touch thrills the heart, than the languid fingers of idleness

Callous, Conversant

23. It seemed to him, accustomed to the Callous and hopeless appearance of a less happy tribe, that the faces of these people were all aflame with the joy of the springtime.


24. Callous is defined as cruel or insensitive

Callous, Cruel

25. Callous Hide is a rare leather that you can skin from any skinnable mob in the new Shadowlands zones

Callous, Can

26. This muti-award winning film is Based on true events, Callous is an unpredictable and violent ride on the shoulders of Garrett Blackfoot.


27. Callous Total Number of words made out of Callous = 52 Callous is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 9 points.Callous is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 13 points


28. Callous is a 7 letter medium Word starting with C and ending with S


29. 6 letter Words made out of Callous


30. Related: Callously; Callousness.

Callously, Callousness

31. A seed corn is a tiny, discrete Callous that can be very tender if it's on a weight-bearing part of the foot

Corn, Callous, Can

32. Callous is an adjective that means hardened, having calluses, insensitive, or showing no emotions.; Callous can also be a verb that means to harden, to make Callous.; A callus is a thickening of the skin

Callous, Calluses, Can, Callus

33. Definition of Callous adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


34. Synonyms for Callous include unfeeling, heartless, unsympathetic, ruthless, merciless, hard, pitiless, insensitive, cruel and inhuman

Callous, Cruel

35. Having calluses; toughened: Callous skin on the elbow

Calluses, Callous

36. Emotionally hardened; unfeeling: a Callous indifference to the suffering of others


37. Cal·loused, cal·lous·ing, cal·lous·es To make or become Callous

Cal, Callous

38. Synonyms for Callous in Free Thesaurus


39. 32 synonyms for Callous: heartless, cold, harsh, hardened, indifferent, insensitive, hard-boiled

Callous, Cold

40. • A slightly Callous, but very practical attitude


41. • The press, in its Callous, cynical way, was suspicious of the pro-gram at first and called it pure symbolism

Callous, Cynical, Called

42. • The company showed Callous disregard for the safety of their employees

Company, Callous

43. • Five days afterwards, Callous Paul used the same bat to play baseball.


44. The treatment of conduct problems among children and adolescents with Callous-unemotional (CU) traits has been subject to much speculation; however, treatment outcome research has been surprisingly limited and findings have been mixed

Conduct, Children, Callous, Cu

45. Callous Row is a roleplay group and world created and lead by Arcadum

Callous, Created

46. Streams Website: Game Mechanics: World Anvil Callous Row Characters: Season 2 Characters Callous Row takes place in a separate canon from the main VRChat RP Metaverse

Callousrow, Com, Callous, Characters, Canon

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