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CALIBER [ˈkaləbər]

calibre (noun) · caliber (noun) · calibres (plural noun) · calibers (plural noun)

  • the quality of someone's character or the level of their ability.
  • the standard reached by something.
Synonyms: quality . merit . distinction . character . worth . stature . excellence . superiority . eminence . preeminence . ability . expertise . talent . capability . capacity . proficiency . competence . gifts . endowments . strengths . qualifications . standard . level . grade . quality .
  • the internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel.
  • the diameter of a bullet, shell, or rocket.
Synonyms: bore . diameter . gage . size . measure .

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1. Caliber definition is - degree of mental capacity or moral quality

2. How to use Caliber in a sentence.

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4. 26 rows · In guns, particularly firearms, Caliber (or calibre in British English; sometimes …

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43. Find 49 ways to say Caliber, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

44. Instant free online tool for Caliber to millimeter conversion or vice versa

45. The Caliber [cl] to millimeter [mm] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed

46. Also, explore tools to convert Caliber or millimeter to other length units or learn more about length conversions.

47. Calibre - a degree or grade of excellence or worth; "the quality of students has risen"; "an executive of low Caliber" Caliber , quality high quality , superiority - the quality of being superior

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What is the meaning of caliber of a gun?

Common calibers in inch and their metric equivalents Caliber Metric caliber Typical bullet diameter Common cartridges Notes 172 4 mm 0.172 in .17 HMR, .17 Hornet, .17 Ackley Hornet, ... 20, .204 5 mm 0.204 in .204 Ruger, 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum 221 5.45 mm 0.221 in 5.45×39mm Russian family Russian Mil Std 22 5.6 mm 0.223 in .22 Short, .22 Long, .22 Long Rifle, .22 ... 19 more rows ... Jan 11 2021

How is caliber defined and how big is a 50 cal bullet?

As a 660 grain (43g) 50 caliber bullet has a muzzle velocity of around 3000 fps a 50 caliber round is 4 to 5 times the weight of a 9mm and has 3 times the muzzle velocity. The.50 BMG vs. 7.62mm Round Comparatively, 50 cal is more powerful than a 7.62 bullet.

What is the difference between caliber and mm in guns?

Millimeters is a measure of caliber in a gun. You can measure caliber in inches or millimeters. Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet in firearms, nothing more. So you can say a gun's caliber is 9mm or your can say it is a .38 caliber, implying .38 inches. Same application in both cases.

What is another word for caliber?

quality, caliber, calibre(noun) a degree or grade of excellence or worth. "the quality of students has risen"; "an executive of low caliber". Synonyms: lineament, character, tone, quality, timbre, bore, calibre, timber, gauge. bore, gauge, caliber, calibre(noun) diameter of a tube or gun barrel.

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