Use Cages in a sentence


CAGES [kāj]


  • a structure of bars or wires in which birds or other animals are confined:
  • a prison cell or camp:
Synonyms: enclosure . pen . pound . coop . hutch . crate . birdcage . aviary . mew . corral . snare . net . prison . encumbrance . burden . problem .


  • confine in or as in a cage:
  • put in prison:
Synonyms: confine . pen . lock up . immure . incarcerate . imprison . impound . mew . corral .

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41. 1 day ago · Shocking Photos at Biden's Migrant Facilities Show Kids in Cages—Only They're Calling Them 'Pods' Now

42. 1 day ago · Want to see what the Biden administration has kept hidden from the public in the border crisis? Give House Democrat Henry Cuellar some thanks for this leak to Axios, which published pictures of the “pods” in which children are being warehoused.These look suspiciously like the “kids in Cages” photos used to slam the Trump administration, right up until their 2014 provenance became

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What does a cage represent?

A cage is a powerful symbol of control. In your waking life, you may not feel trapped – if this is the case, then the control being exerted over you is emotional and possibly abusive.

What does "to Cage" mean?

Bonus Question Answer: CAGE is short for "Commercial And Government Entity" everyone who does business with the Federal Government is assigned a 5 digit alphanumeric code. Think of it as your vendor number. Now you know the meaning of another Government acronym!

What is the antonym of Cage?


What is the plural for Cage?

The plural form of cage is cages.

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