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Synonyms: 1. Slogan 2. Motto 3. Maxim 4. Axiom 5. Dictum 6. Mantra 7. Catchword 8. Watchword 9. Formula 10. Cry 11. Nickname 12. Apothegm 13. Legal
1. From Middle English byworde (“proverb”), from Old English bīword, bīwyrde (“proverb, household word", also "adverb”), from bī- (“by-”) + word (“word”); probably a translation of Latin proverbium.
2. And now people use this proverb against me; they come and spit in my face. GOD'S WORD® Translation "Now he has made me a laughingstock for many people. Now they spit in my face. He hath made me a byworde of the people, where as afore I was their ioy. Coverdale Bible of 1535 He hath made me as it were a byworde of the comon people, I am his
3. From Middle English byworde (“proverb”), from Old English bīword, bīwyrde (“proverb, household word", also "adverb”), from Proto-Germanic *bīwurdiją, equivalent to by- +‎ word. Compare Latin proverbium, which byword may possibly be a translation of. Cognate with Old High German pīwurti (“proverb”).
4. 18:3 As truly as I lyue, saieth ye LORDE God, ye shal vse this byworde nomore in Israel. The biblical version of the expression doesn't match the meaning as the Aesop's Fables version does and, although it may well be an older citation of the two words 'sour' and 'grapes', it appears that the latter is the source of the phrase.
5. Tell them therfore, thus saieth the LORDE God: I wil make that byworde to ceasse, so that it shall nomore be comonly vsed in Israel. But saye this vnto them: The daies are at honde, that euery thinge which hath bene prophecied, shalbe fulfilled.
6. 9 And will make them to be a reprofe, a comon byworde, a laughinge stocke & shame, in all the places, where I shal scatre them. 10 I will sende the swearde, honger & pestilence amonge them, vntill I haue clene consumed them out of the londe, that I gane vnto them & their fathers.

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