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1. One of the Byproducts of expanding the categories is that listeners might be introduced to songs and artists and albums that they might not have previously checked out, we've seen that in the past with the Grammys, where you have a kind of out of nowhere album of the year nomination.

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2. Another way to say Byproducts? Synonyms for Byproducts (other words and phrases for Byproducts).


3. Cereal Byproducts Company-- Town and Country , MO: FOB Lafayette, IN - bulk or totes: $80.00: 1/7/2021: Corn Cobs, ground: Company Name/Location: Notes: Price/ton: Date * There are no listings for this product at this time: Corn Cobs, whole: Company Name/Location: Notes: Price/ton: Date: Cereal Byproducts Company-- Town and Country , MO: FOB

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4. Byproducts, or by-products, are products with relatively little value that emerge from a common process along with the main products. The main products have significant value and are referred to as joint products

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5. The point at which the Byproducts and joint products emerge from the common process is known as the split-off point.


6. According to the American Meat Science Association [AMSA], animal Byproducts, sometimes called offal, are the parts of an animal that are leftover after a butcher or slaughterhouse has harvested meat

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7. Because the definitions of animal products and animal Byproducts are similar, manufacturers often use the terms synonymously or in the same breath.

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8. Byproducts Sentence Examples There are many factories or packing houses where the Byproducts are prepared for market.


9. Pitch from Byproducts of the petroleum and coal-tar–based chemical industry is a thermoplastic material

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10. Synonyms for Byproducts include consequences, results, derivatives, offshoots, side effects, spin-offs, knock-on effects, corollaries, sidebars and aftermaths


11. Mammalian Byproducts are in an untold number of foods, personal care and household products, as well as tens of thousands of pharmaceutical and other medical products


12. Disinfection Byproducts are a class of contaminants that have been detected in drinking water throughout the country

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13. Unlike things like arsenic and lead, most people are not familiar with disinfection Byproducts


14. Byproducts--edible offal, inedible offal, blood, hides, and rendered products--include virtually all parts of the live animal that are not part of the dressed carcass

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15. Cotton Byproducts are secondary products derived from cotton production or what remains after the cotton fiber, cottonseed oil, or other primary products have been harvested or extracted

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16. Common cotton Byproducts include cottonseed meal (CSM), cottonseed hulls, …


17. Byproducts makeup a large poultry ration and about one-seventh of the ration for growing and fattening swine in the United States


18. Almost every food industry furnishes some Byproducts for animal feed, but the most important sources are the milling of grain, the processing of oilseeds

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19. NR 538 requires each generator of industrial Byproducts that have been beneficially used under NR 538, operator of a non-exempt storage facility for industrial Byproducts, or the designee of the generator or operator, to submit recertification information used to determine the eligible use of each industrial byproduct every four years or after a process change in accordance

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20. Byproducts (summarized in James et al


21. The tests results indicate that S 2 F 10 is more than 43 times more toxic to cell cultures than the other SF 6 Byproducts tested (SOF 2, SF 4, SOF 4, SiF , SO 2 F , SO , HF)


22. Additionally, whole animal toxicity studies have further characterized the toxicity of S 2 F 10 and other SF 6 Byproducts


23. Disinfection Byproducts are chemical, organic and inorganic substances that can form during a reaction of a disinfectant with naturally present organic matter in the water


24. How are disinfection Byproducts formed? Disinfection Byproducts can form when disinfectants, such as chlorine, react with naturally present compounds in the water.


25. Complex Byproducts can be identified as chemical substances of Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products and Biological materials (UVCB)

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26. The Wide Range of Byproducts Produced by the Cotton Plant

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27. Microbes deep beneath seafloor survive on Byproducts of radioactive process

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28. The major Byproducts from sugarcane are molasses and bagasse

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29. Beet pulp and molasses are the primary Byproducts of sugar beet processing

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30. Byproducts as Feed for Livestock iV


31. Bird Byproducts make Theup about one- third of the poultry ration and about one-seventh of the ration for growing and fattening swine in the United States

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32. Coal Combustion Byproducts (CCBs) are the residuals created when coal is burned for energy

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33. During poultry slaughtering, fatty Byproducts are generated, mainly comprising abdominal and gizzard fat, which are mostly discarded and result in consequent environmental problems


34. The objective of this work was to use these fatty Byproducts as fatty raw material in the production of chicken sausag …


35. Microbes deep beneath seafloor survive on Byproducts of radioactive process by University of Rhode Island Marine sediment samples used in the irradiation experiments.

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36. Beef Byproducts are the products that we get from beef cattle that might not be quite so obvious

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37. Design, development, and testing of alternative separation technologies to recover mixed REEs from coal and coal Byproducts for downstream processing and purification of individual elements by REE refineries.

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38. At our Northside Generating Station, we take these dry ash Byproducts and mix them with water to create slurry


39. We also follow a rigorous, well established process of stirring, drying, processing, milling, and more to turn this ash and water mixture into the value-added Byproducts EZBase and EZBasePlus.


40. Managing the Byproducts from the nuclear development has always been one of the biggest concerns that could impact the environment and people's lives

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41. Byproducts, including the four primary trihalomethanes: • Chloroform - CHCl 3, • Bromodichloromethane (BDCM) - CHCl 2Br, • Dibromochloromethane (DBCM) - CHClBr 2, and • Bromoform - CHBr 3

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42. Various Byproducts from feed processing industries are available for dairy farmers to incorporate into diets fed to dairy cows and replacement heifers


43. Using these feeds offers at least two benefits: • may decrease the feed costs depending on prices of Byproducts and grains

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44. • helps dispose of these Byproducts in an ecologically sound manner.


45. Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) are produced when disinfectants, such as chlorine, chloramines, chlorine dioxide, and ozone, react with inorganic or organic matter


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BYPRODUCTS [ˈbīˌprädəkt]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it "byproduct" or "by-product"?

A by-product or byproduct is a secondary product derived from a production process, manufacturing process or chemical reaction; it is not the primary product or service being produced. A by-product can be useful and marketable or it can be considered waste: for example, bran, which is a byproduct of the milling...

What does byproducts mean?

byproduct - a product made during the manufacture of something else. spin-off, by-product. product, production - an artifact that has been created by someone or some process; "they improve their product every year"; "they export most of their agricultural production".

How to define by-product?

Definition of by-product. 1 : something produced in a usually industrial or biological process in addition to the principal product a chemical by-product of the oil-refining process 2 : a secondary and sometimes unexpected or unintended result...

What is the difference between by-product and co-product and?

A co-product is produced along with with the main product and carries equal importance as the main product. Whereas a by-product is not a planned product and is produced after carrying out the process eg. ethanol is a byproduct of a sugar industry. U need to define both in BOM.

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