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1. Buzzwords are terms regularly used in business to gain attention, boost morale and describe cultural and social situations. Buzzwords often change over time to reflect trends in how people talk to one another and what attributes are most desirable in any given business.

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2. December 29, 2020 Many of us can summon over-used resume Buzzwords in our sleep


3. In fact, a hiring manager might have nightmares about drowning in an ocean of “experience”, “strategy”, and “fluency.” While not all Buzzwords are created equal, …


4. A "Buzzwords warning" for bosses who value sincerity and trust

Buzzwords, Bosses

5. You can fall prey to corporate Buzzwords


6. Buzzwords typically mix catchy lingo with significant ideas


7. But some ideas are too big to be characterized merely as Buzzwords, even if they come with their own convenient jargon

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8. Recent Buzzwords from Macmillan Dictionary: Free English Dictionary Online with Thesaurus.


9. Resume Buzzwords are terms commonly used to capture the attention of individuals reviewing resumes for potential candidates


10. When hiring managers have to scour through dozens of resumes, Buzzwords are designed to help you stand out from the rest of the pile


11. What Is a Buzzword? Buzzwords are popular or trendy words or phrases

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12. Better Buzzwords: Use action words, such as “published” or “delivered,” to demonstrate your professional clout

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13. Find 11 ways to say Buzzwords, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


14. Approximately half disdain Buzzwords of any kind while the other half think some Buzzwords are effective (for instance, bottom line, globalize, incentivize, leverage, paradigm shift, proactive, robust, synergy and value-added)

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15. As a general rule, use Buzzwords judiciously, always keeping the readers in mind.


16. Industry Buzzwords and jargon: Each industry has certain keywords that are important


17. Resume Buzzwords: You can decode the Buzzwords that employers use in job postings , and use them to highlight your relevant skills in your resume.


18. These Buzzwords are huge for the retail industry, but many businesses have taken advantage of them during COVID-19 and will continue to utilize them throughout 2021

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19. Buzzwords That Will Redefine the Future for Advisors


20. Marketing Buzzwords are everywhere, and there are a lot of them


21. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive 100+ list of marketing Buzzwords, and a brief definition

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22. Then I wrap myself in the relevant Buzzwords and try to achieve importance without adding value."


23. President Biden's penchant for using the same phrases gave rise to the term "Biden-isms." And his aides have a similar habit of relying on the same Buzzwords

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24. In Buzzwords, there is a 60-second countdown clock accompanying each turn


25. Mike Harrington: Ralph Krueger's Buzzwords made no impact on his players Mar 17, 2021 Mar 17, 2021 Updated Mar 18, 2021; 0; Support this work for $1 a …


26. Marketing is a field rife with Buzzwords – some are valuable and have merit, while others make us LMAO


27. We’re covering the A-Z list and scoring the marketing Buzzwords on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the most bearable and 10 being words that desperately need to be sent out to pasture.

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28. Buzzwords are popular words that can become overused and cliche

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29. Certain Buzzwords should be avoided when talking to prospects and leads because they make you sound less human and more like an unapproachable salesperson.

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30. ‘The terms have become Buzzwords for coffee drinkers around the world.’ ‘We hear all the Buzzwords and terms, such as ‘bright future’, but what do they actually mean?’ ‘Globalisation is an international buzzword, guiding government policies and attracting world wide protest.’

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31. 10 most misused Buzzwords in IT The tech industry is rife with overhyped jargon


32. Some "Buzzwords" retain their true technical meaning when used in the correct contexts, for example artificial intelligence


33. Buzzwords often originate in jargon, acronyms, or neologisms


34. Examples of overworked business Buzzwords include synergy, vertical, dynamic, cyber and strategy

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35. Buzzwords, like them or not, are a part of business and personal life

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36. Here is a list of sales Buzzwords that are focused on external conversations


37. Based on research and customer interviews, these are some of the many sales Buzzwords to use or lose.

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38. Christie's first digital art auction leans on blockchain and other Buzzwords NFT uses blockchain tech to verify ownership of digital collectibles, and Christie's will auction this one off next week.

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39. Certain commonly used Buzzwords in resumes and personal profiles are hackneyed cliches that can be an immediate turn-off to the reader

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40. According to an analysis by career networking site LinkedIn, here are the 10 most overused Buzzwords and cliched phrases appearing in LinkedIn profiles, listed in order, which should be avoided:

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BUZZWORDS [ˈbəzˌwərd]


  • a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context.
Synonyms: slogan . motto . maxim . axiom . mantra . truism . catchword . catchphrase . catchline . sound bite . byword . formula . refrain . saying .

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Dictionary define buzzwords?

Definition of buzzword. 1 : an important-sounding usually technical word or phrase often of little meaning used chiefly to impress laymen. 2 : a voguish word or phrase.

What does buzzwords mean?

When speaking of public speakers or politicians, we often accuse them of using “buzzwords” rather than digging deeper into an issue. A buzzword is a word or phrase that has little meaning but becomes popular during a specific time. I would ignore his comment on the political candidate.

Is buzz word a new word?

We'll keep you at the heart of language change. The BuzzWord may not be a word you'll find in any dictionary, and it's not always a brand-new term either: it may be a new way of using an existing word (e.g. troll ), or a new way of putting words together (e.g. drug driving, chillax ).

Are buzzwords valuable?

Buzzwords can either be cringe-worthy, overused, or irrelevant, or they can be valuable and have merit. Ultimately, there are a lot of buzzwords in the business world – especially in marketing, sales, and service. Why Is Understanding Buzzwords Important?

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