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1. Buttress definition is - a projecting structure of masonry or wood for supporting or giving stability to a wall or building

Buttress, Building

2. How to use Buttress in a sentence


3. Buttress synonyms, Buttress pronunciation, Buttress translation, English dictionary definition of Buttress


4. Something resembling a Buttress, as: a


5. Buttress definition, any external prop or support built to steady a structure by opposing its outward thrusts, especially a projecting support built into or against the outside of a masonry wall

Buttress, Built, By

6. 35 synonyms of Buttress from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 45 related words, definitions, and antonyms


7. Buttress: something or someone to …


8. Find 28 ways to say Buttress, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


9. Buttress: Notes: Lateral Maxillary (yellow) Includes the lateral walls of orbit, maxillary sinus: Medial Maxillary (purple) Includes medial orbital, lateral nasal walls


10. The Crossword Solver found 52 answers to the Buttress crossword clue


11. The Buttress Pillow is a marshmallowy soft pillow in the shape of a magnificent Booty

Buttress, Booty

12. Buttress, in architecture, exterior support, usually of masonry, projecting from the face of a wall and serving either to strengthen it or to resist the side thrust created by the load on an arch or a roof

Buttress, By

13. In addition to their practical functions, Buttresses can be decorative, both in their own

Buttresses, Be, Both

14. In machinery, the Buttress thread form is designed to handle extremely high axial thrust in one direction


15. Definitions: Gages for Buttress Screw Threads: Recommended gages and gauging practice for external and internal Buttress thread are defined in ASME B1.9 standard.Gage maker's tolerances, gages for Buttress threaded rods and nuts including GO/NOT GO plain ring gages, threaded rings, setting plug gages and necessary information related with gauging is given in this standard.


16. IBC Tote Drain Adapter: 2in Buttress to 3/4in Female NPT Pipe Thread - Food Grade - Easily Connect Your Tote to Any 3/4 in Spigot - Great for IBC Totes W/Broken Values

Buttress, Broken

17. Buttress: 1 n a support usually of stone or brick; supports the wall of a building Synonyms: Buttressing Types: arc-boutant , flying Buttress a Buttress that stands apart from the main structure and connected to it by an arch Type of: support supporting structure that holds up or provides a foundation v reinforce with a ButtressButtress the

Buttress, Brick, Building, Buttressing, Boutant, By

18. The term ‘Buttress’ is an architectural~engineering~construction term used to describe a large structural support mass — usually a masonry or concrete structure — which holds up another high or towering masonry or concrete structure by taking some

Buttress, By

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20. The Buttress thread form, also known as the breech-lock thread form, refers to two different thread profiles.One is a type of leadscrew and the other is a type of hydraulic sealing thread form

Buttress, Breech

21. A Buttress unconformity occurs when younger bedding is deposited against older strata thus influencing its bedding structure.: Sika stags have stout, upright antlers with an extra Buttress up from the brow tine and a very thick wall.: Tokhta of the Golden Horde, also seeking a general peace, sent 20,000 men to Buttress the Yuan frontier.: Supporters and foes commend Pearson's deftness at

Buttress, Bedding, Brow

22. 1 day ago · An acquisition of Discord, a chat app for gamers, would Buttress Microsoft’s gaming business

Buttress, Business

23. Paris Black and White Art - notre dame flying Buttress 11x14 paris photography architecture paris 8x10 photo 5x7 gothic art "Parisian Gothic LynnLangmade

Black, Buttress

24. Lochforge Industrial Marine, seeing an opportunity to undercut their competition's success with the Telemachus and Parapet, created a cut-down version of the Bastion called the Buttress.It's unknown how the Buttress got its name, but rumours about the primary engineer constantly adding 'just one more thing' before its completion seem to be common.

Bastion, Buttress, But, Before, Be

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26. Product Series: American Buttress


27. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Construction Buttress but‧tress 1 / ˈbʌtrəs / noun [countable] TBC a brick or stone structure built to support a wall Examples from the Corpus Buttress • For centuries it has been a Buttress against the …

Buttress, But, Brick, Built, Been

28. Buttress (third-person singular simple present Buttresses, present participle Buttressing, simple past and past participle Buttressed) To support something physically with, or as if with, a prop or Buttress

Buttress, Buttresses, Buttressing, Buttressed

29. Pier-like projection of brick, masonry, or other material, built either in close connection with a wall needing extra stability, or standing isolated, to counter the outward thrust of an arch, vault, or other elements.Types of Buttress are:angle-Buttress (3): one of a pair of Buttresses at the corner of a building set at an angle of 90° to each other and to the walls to which they

Brick, Built, Buttress, Buttresses, Building

30. The official Buttress Pillow complete collection


31. The flying Buttress (arc-boutant, arch Buttress) is a specific form of Buttress composed of an arch that extends from the upper portion of a wall to a pier of great mass, in order to convey to the ground the lateral forces that push a wall outwards, which are forces that arise from vaulted ceilings of stone and from wind-loading on roofs.

Buttress, Boutant

32. ‘The ‘truth’ becomes another Buttress in the society's ideological infrastructure.’ ‘They were a more effective Buttress of the Crown than its own bureaucracy or civil service.’ ‘The main Buttress of state security is the national defense capability and only after it comes the economic might.’

Becomes, Buttress, Bureaucracy

33. Buttress - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


34. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Buttress n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


35. 2 inch polypropylene Buttress thread adapter Buttress Thread Adapter for plastic drums with Buttress thread for 2" openings


36. 2" NPT (F) inlet, 2" Buttress (M) outlet


37. Buttress is an indispensable tech for sea-faring civilizations, since it leads to Cartography and Mass Production, both representing the next level of exploration and sea military tech

Buttress, Both

38. Buttress Energy Outfitters help energy based service, product and technology companies in their efforts to access and expand to Australia.

Buttress, Based

39. The Buttress free style is as safe and sturdy as the Buttress A-Brace style pools

Buttress, Brace

40. Music is an important device in Buttress’s practice and a key facet in Blossom’s soundscape

Buttress, Blossom

41. Buttress collaborated with musicians in the United Kingdom such as Kev Bales and Tony Foster (BE) and musicians in Kentucky to create a library of sounds harmonious to the key of “C” (the resonant frequency of the mother tree).

Buttress, Bales, Be

42. ‘The ‘truth’ becomes another Buttress in the society's ideological infrastructure.’ ‘They were a more effective Buttress of the Crown than its own bureaucracy or civil service.’ ‘The main Buttress of state security is the national defense capability and only after it comes the economic might.’

Becomes, Buttress, Bureaucracy

43. The Buttress thread can be found in household items like pill bottles with springy child-safety tops

Buttress, Be, Bottles

44. The Buttress family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1851 and 1920

Buttress, Between

45. The most Buttress families were found in the UK in 1891


46. In 1880 there were 3 Buttress families living in Maine


47. This was about 60% of all the recorded Buttress's in the USA


48. Maine had the highest population of Buttress families in 1880.


49. We found 7 answers for “Buttress


50. This page shows answers to the clue Buttress, followed by ten definitions like “A bony or horny protuberance, esp”, “A special threaded connection” and “In architecture, exterior support”.A synonym for Buttress is supporting beam.

Buttress, By, Bony, Beam

51. Buttressing: a phenomenon of osteoarthritis in which osteophytes at the hip joint extend across the femoral neck inferior to the femoral head and combine, with …


52. The Buttress, Baguio, Philippines

Buttress, Baguio

53. Listen to The Buttress SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.


54. Stream Tracks and Playlists from The Buttress on your desktop or mobile device.


55. The purpose of this study was to compare anterior-to-posterior (AP) lag screws with posterior Buttress plating for fixation of posterior malleolus fractures in a human cadaveric model.


56. Buttress, mass of masonry built against a wall to strengthen it

Buttress, Built

57. In the case of a wall carrying the uniform load of a floor or roof, it is more economical to Buttress it at certain intervals than to …


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