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1. A : the state of having or being involved in many activities the Busyness of her schedule What with the Busyness of the holidays and that conviction, I didn't pay much attention to my bird feeder for the next …

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2. Busyness synonyms, Busyness pronunciation, Busyness translation, English dictionary definition of Busyness


3. Occupied with meaningless activity; the quality of being busy: Sometimes I get tired of all this Busyness.

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4. Some of us can handle more Busyness and activity than others


5. I’m exhausted from the intense Busyness of work over the past couple of months


6. The state of a place that is full of activity or people: Some people like the Busyness


7. Find 23 ways to say Busyness, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


8. Synonyms for Busyness include bustle, commotion, stir, activity, fuss, to-do, tumult, excitement, flurry and hubbub

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9. "Busyness," unlike "workload" or "occupation", does not describe the specific nature of tasks one does, but instead is a deliberately fuzzy, vague consolidation of all the different tasks of one's day into a blur of perpetual motion.

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10. Busyness is a coping mechanism The more you try to keep yourself busy, the harder you are trying to avoid the present

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11. A step you'll need to take is to stop buying into the notion that Busyness equates to importance

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12. Question: "What does the Bible say about Busyness / being too busy?" Answer: In our supersonic postmodern society, known for its Busyness and its increasing ability to deliver instantaneously, we find ourselves hurried more than our ancestors ever could have imagined

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13. The definition of Busyness is a state of having a lot of activity, or of not being idle

Busyness, Being

14. When you have a lot of tasks to do all at once, this is an example of Busyness.


15. Busyness and lack of leisure are also being more celebrated in the media

Busyness, Being

16. Busyness Is Not a Spiritual Gift 'Wait' is a tough word to deal with in today's busy world

Busyness, Busy

17. I easily become overloaded, overburdened, and go overboard with Busyness

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18. We even pride ourselves in our Busyness


19. Do-able Busyness, which is invigorating, manageable and healthy


20. Seasonal Busyness, that comes in spurts at various times of life (e.g., a transition, a crisis), is a temporary state that we get through, knowing that things will slow down later.


21. Busyness and having too much to do


22. In this post, we’re going to talk about the overwhelm created by constant Busyness

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23. This study will help you deal more effectively with Busyness and challenge you to take time out to prioritize and focus on God


24. Built around excerpts from top Discipleship Journal articles, Beating Busyness will help you identify and tackle stressful issues in your life through articles, questions, quotes, Scriptures, and related exercises.

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25. ‘the waitresses seemed unfazed by the Busyness of the cafe’ ‘Young Keith was entranced by the Busyness of the shop and its clientele.’ ‘The book's illustrations include many people in each picture, demonstrating the Busyness of a hospital.’

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26. Granted, there is a healthy kind of Busyness where your life is full with things that matter, not wasted on empty leisure or trivial pursuits


27. Antonyms for Busyness include inactivity, inaction, quiet, quietness, stillness, tranquility, tranquillity, calm, calmness and delay


28. Constant Busyness is dangerous for our souls


29. In this short, honest, and often humorous book, DeYoung rejects the “Busyness as usual” mindset, helping us to make time for the things that really matter

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30. What is the noun form of “busy”? Is it “business” or Busyness”? The noun form of “busy” would be “Busyness” although Busyness wouldn’t be a frequently-used word

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31. Busyness is a byproduct of one of the largest shifts in how we work

Busyness, Byproduct

32. The Bible says that Busyness leads to doubt and a spiritual disconnection from God

Bible, Busyness

33. Business is a related term of Busyness

Business, Busyness

34. As nouns the difference between business and Busyness is that business is (countable) a specific commercial enterprise or establishment while Busyness is (us) the state of being busy

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35. Good afternoon, everyone! My next video is about Busyness and returning back to our first love! 💛Scriptures Used/ Referenced:Luke 10:38-42Revelation 3:2Reve

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36. Busyness: Finding God in the Whirlwind (LifeGuide Bible Studies) [Ryan, Juanita] on

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37. Busyness: Finding God in the Whirlwind (LifeGuide Bible Studies)

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38. When Busyness Becomes Addiction For me, Busyness addiction sneaks right up, disguising itself as joy, the thrill of being sought after for my talents or skills, and the reward for years of hard work in order to get to a place where I am paid to do what I love.

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39. Busyness 301: Post 3 in a 3-part series


40. Yesterday’s post summarized an important piece of Busyness research: “Conspicuous Consumption of Time: When Busyness and Lack of Leisure Time Become a Status Symbol” Today, I’ll distill the research a bit further and also include some additional color commentary from one of the research authors, Silvia Bellezza (Columbia Business School).

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41. Busyness has almost become a badge of honour in the modern world but if your Busyness isn't moving you toward a mission or purpose you are passionate about, it is a futile state

Busyness, Become, Badge, But

42. Popular times: making sense of historical Busyness information


43. To calculate Busyness insights, we analyze aggregated and anonymized Location History data from people who have opted to turn this setting on from their Google Account


44. What does the Bible say about Busyness? Claire Musters 24 February 2016 2:15 PM

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45. Busyness In a world that is shaking in fear, it's natural to be consumed with Busyness coated in anxiety

Busyness, Be

46. Busyness (n.) "state of being actively employed," 1849, first attested in Thoreau, from busy (adj.) + -ness.A modern formation made necessary after business evolved away from busy.Middle English had busyship, busyhede.

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47. Synonyms for Busyness in Free Thesaurus


48. What are synonyms for Busyness?


49. So to get to Americans’ Busyness, what needs to be in place on top of the condition of there being a sophisticated market for human capital is a culture that values work and sees that as an

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50. How we get caught in the trap of Busyness and how we get out


51. Title: The trap of Busyness Text: Luke 10:38-42 Introduction Today we are going to look together at the trap of Busyness


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BUSYNESS [ˈbizēnəs]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your busyness really mean?

1. Engaged in activity, as work; occupied. See Synonyms at active. 2. Characterized by or sustaining much activity: a busy morning; a busy street. 3. Being a busybody; meddlesome; prying.

What does busyness mean?

busyness n 1: the state of being or appearing to be actively engaged in an activity; "they manifested all the busyness of a pack of beavers"; "there is a constant hum of military preparation" [syn: busyness, hum]

What does busyness mean for businesses?

A business is defined as an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Businesses can be for-profit entities or non-profit organizations. There are various forms of a business, such as a limited liability company (LLC), a sole proprietorship, a corporation, and a partnership.

What is the noun for busyness?

The noun form for busy, is business , but business has acquired so many meanings that a new word has appeared (in the last 100 or so years), busyness. "1849 Thoreau Week 380 Behind every man's busy-ness there should be a level of undisturbed serenity." (OED.)

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