Use Busier in a sentence


BUSIER [ˈbizē]


  • having a great deal to do.
  • occupied with or concentrating on a particular activity or object of attention.
Synonyms: hard-pressed . time-poor . lively . industrious . bustling . energetic . tireless . idle . hard-pressed . time-poor . lively . industrious . bustling . energetic . tireless . idle .

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1. Busier synonyms, Busier pronunciation, Busier translation, English dictionary definition of Busier

2. Busier meaning The definition of Busier is being more occupied or having more to do than in the past

3. When your schedule becomes more packed than it ever was before, this is an example of a situation where you are a Busier person.

4. Synonyms for Busier include livelier, more occupied, more active, more bustling, more employed, more industrious, more time-poor, more assiduous, more diligent and more energetic

5. Busier than the scrutinizer of air traffic who is cross-eyes. Busier than a cobra of the desert who is at a convention of the mongoose. Busier than a canine who is scratching fleas. Busier than a hooker worth five dollars.

6. TheseBusier than a” sayings can be overused, or maybe you have never heard of them before

7. There are few contexts where "more busy" is an acceptable alternative to "Busier". I suggest that you always use "Busier" - you will never be wrong in doing so.

8. [Grammar] Busier or More Busy is partnering with Gymglish to give you a free one-month trial of this online English training course

9. The square, with its modern shops and colossal figure of Berolina, was Busier than ever

10. "Busier" is a comparative: more busy than something else

11. You could be Busier than another person, or Busier than you were yesterday, etc

12. If I say that I am "very busy", that says nothing about whether I am Busier than I was yesterday or not.

13. Find 86 ways to say Busier, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

14. Definition of Busier in the dictionary

15. What does Busier mean? Information and translations of Busier in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

16. Generally, I'd use "Busier". We tend to use "more + adjective" for adjectives which don't work with the "-er" suffix

17. As the airport is set to be Busier during the Easter holidays, bosses are asking passengers to allow extra time to complete their airport journey

18. News /Sky is the limit for airport as busy time lands Roads in Braehead are said to be Busier than usual, but still moving, while the Springkerse and Forthside areas have also seen additional vehicles.

19. Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest

20. Busier than a moth in a mitten! Anonymous

21. Synonyms for Busier in Free Thesaurus

22. The Busier we are the more leisure we have.

23. Varnishing is sometimes Busier at one time than at another, but it is not seasonal

24. There was no jollier, dustier, Busier, happier miller in all the land than he

25. The ironic part of it was that, for all that had happened, I was Busier all the time.

26. How to say Busier in English? Pronunciation of Busier with 1 audio pronunciation, 14 translations and more for Busier.

27. 1 hour ago · Restaurants are getting Busier, as more people receive vaccines, lovely spring temperatures allow for outdoor dining again and stimulus checks arrive …

28. Here are some possible explanations for why women who are Busier at work have a greater level of marital satisfaction: A successful career is a solid source for self-confidence.

29. A woman who made it her life mission to help woman orgasm has claimed she's never been Busier since moving classes online due to Covid

30. Why Are We Busier Than Ever Despite Having Nowhere to Go? Staying at home during quarantine is time consuming

31. The Maine waters were far Busier than those of Virginia

32. And every day Bob Lincoln became Busier and quieter

33. He was employed by the month during the Busier seasons of the year

34. Nancy's needle was no Busier than her memory

35. On the other hand, they are far Busier than the older generation

36. The ecclesiastics, though a Busier race, are still more

37. Dr Turner is Busier than ever and the practice needs proper management

38. Holly-Lynn Busier is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education

39. 2 days ago · Sea-Tac Airport gets Busier as travelers credit vaccines and spring break as reasons to fly

40. Veterinarians are Busier than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic Plus, parvo cases in dogs are increasing, neck gaiters aren't helpful, some warnings on that Russian vaccine, the importance of

41. “I’ve never been Busier,” Goins said, noting he is on track for closing on 60 homes this year, compared to the 45 he closed on in 2019

42. A vicious spiral kicks in: your feelings of busyness leave you even Busier than before

43. During Busier periods of the year - like the times when Waodjanga and Kadokan must walk for days to feed their animals - they go to class less frequently

44. Busier than ever: City dwellers fleeing New York, D.C

45. Eva Longoria feels like she's "Busier" now she is in isolation

46. Marjorie Busier passed away at the age of 96 in Essex Junction, Vermont

47. Fostoria - Which Is Busier? Unread post by bnsfben » Sat Mar 13, 2021 7:38 am

48. Many years ago I think it was pretty clear that Fostoria was Busier than Deshler, but since NWO started handling a lot of UP/BNSF trains direct, and running intermodal trains south down the B&O at Deshler, which is Busier? I know there is the Deshler

49. Elijah Busier, San Diego, California

50. 2 days ago · Some of the area’s top athletes say they plan to put together a Busier race schedule after basically having to take a year off due to the pandemic

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What is a synonym for busiest?

busy(a.) Synonyms: diligent, assiduous, industrious, sedulous, notable, active, working, hard-working, at work; diligently employed, engaged, or occupied. busy(a.) Synonyms: brisk, stirring, bustling, nimble, agile, SPRY, constantly in motion.

What does buriest mean?

adj, busier or busiest. 1. actively or fully engaged; occupied. 2. crowded with or characterized by activity: a busy day. 3. chiefly US and Canadian (of a room, telephone line, etc) in use; engaged. 4. overcrowded with detail: a busy painting.

What is the definition of busy?

Definition of busy. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : engaged in action : occupied She's busy studying. has enough work to keep him busy for a while. b : being in use found the telephone busy. 2 : full of activity : bustling a busy seaport.

What is busy with?

busy with. busy with (something) 1. adjective Spending a lot of one's time focused or working on a particular task, goal, or project. I'm so busy with school right now that I haven't seen my friends in weeks.

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