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BUSHIER [ˈbo͝oSHē]


  • growing thickly into or so as to resemble a bush.
Synonyms: thick . shaggy . unruly . fuzzy . rough . bristling . bristly . fluffy . wooly . luxuriant . exuberant . spreading . jungly . wispy . straggly .

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1. It may become Bushier on its own

2. How To Produce Bushier Flower Plants With More Blossums If you want to grow Bushier flower plants with more flowers, then remove the first flower bud or couple of buds and spent blooms

3. Coyotes also have shorter, Bushier tails that are carried low, almost dragging the ground, and longer, narrower muzzles than their dog cousins

4. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Bushier was not present

5. Weird things about the name Bushier: The name spelled backwards is Reihsub.

6. This will force the geranium to grow two new stems off the original and this is what creates the Bushier, fuller plant.

7. This trimming will allow the axillary buds (lateral buds) to grow and form more stems–making your plant basil plant Bushier. You can keep pinching the top growth with your fingernails regularly! 2.

8. Pyramidalis are somewhat bigger, Bushier, and wilder looking

9. Some growers insist that FIMing actually makes plants Bushier than topping, allowing for dramatic plant growth and more room for dense colas

10. Not just longer, but Bushier, thicker, glossier, more luxuriant- downrightbiblicalmany of them

11. Times, Sunday Times(2010) Like all hair during this decade, the Bushier, the better

12. Either way you’ll end up with a much Bushier plant than if you just flipped right to 12/12 from jump street

13. How Can I Make My Arrowhead Plant Grow Bushier? If you want your Arrowhead Plant to grow Bushier with a robust appearance and not produce such long stems, you can solve the problem through corrective pruning

14. Bushier - find the meaning and all words formed with Bushier, anagrams with Bushier and much more

15. The word Bushier uses 7 letters: b, e, h, i, r, s, u

16. Bushier is playable in: Words With Friends 13

17. It also facilitates Bushier plant growth and their resistance against diseases and pests

18. The ‘Variegata’ type has a streaky green and white appearance and is a much Bushier variety than other types of jade

19. Pruning the Devil's ivy will promote Bushier

20. Whereas lollipopping, on the other hand, is a more deliberate form of defoliation, removing the lower Bushier growth of a plant so that it is shaped like a lollipop.

21. What does Bushier mean? Comparative form of bushy: more bushy

22. Prune branches often if you’d like a Bushier plant

23. Synonyms for Bushier in Free Thesaurus

24. Pruning basil is what every gardener does to increase yield, make the plant Bushier, and promote even the plant health

25. When you top cannabis plants once, the shape of the overall plant will become much rounder and Bushier in nature

26. 8 Pinch and Remove Tips for Bushier Growth

27. If you’re growing vine varieties, it’s time to decide if you want tall, thin vines, or Bushier plants with more flowers

28. In plants like tomatoes, stems often form more side shoots and get Bushier than we want

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What does busied mean?

2. full of traffic, people, activity etc. The roads are busy; a busy time of year. 3. ( especially American) (of a telephone line) engaged. All the lines to New York are busy. ( sometimes with with) to occupy (oneself) with. She busied herself preparing the meal.

What does busker mean?

Definition of busker. chiefly British. : a person who entertains in a public place for donations.

What does bushy mean?

Bushy definition is - full of or overgrown with bushes. How to use bushy in a sentence.

What does busiest mean?

adj, busier or busiest 1. actively or fully engaged; occupied 2. crowded with or characterized by activity: a busy day. 3. chiefly US and Canadian (of a room, telephone line, etc) in use; engaged

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