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Looking for sentences with "Burthen"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Burden
1. Knowledge is no burden [burthen]
2. My tongue cannot unload my heart's great burthen
3. Grading sequence burthen structures and the Bouma Sequence are developed in the turbidites sliding structures which demonstrate obvious features of both the rhythmicity and the cyclicity
4. Ever to burthen thine
5. Along with the increment of burthen the fuel consumption rate of burning mixed fuel was lower than that of burning diesel in diesel engine the economy was some enhanced
6. The packings serve the turn of big burthen operation and often plugging operation and they especially serve the turn of heat exchange operation in tower
7. The ground bore evidence of some heavy burthen having been dragged along it
8. After vacant burthen movement is normalsentencedictcom/burthenhtml it can make the load trial running
9. Our products have characteristic of structure compact little radial dimension and high burthen capability
10. The cardiotachometer can incarnate the function of one's heart reflect the burthen in the training and resume after training
11. And the capacities of compressor could be selected by on-off switch along with the change of burthen of evaporator which is a main characteristic of the central refrigeration system model
12. burthen is an archaic variant of burden.It was common in English as recently as the late 19th century, but it is mostly absent from the language today. It was often used as a nautical term denoting the tonnage of a ship, as in phrases like “a schooner of 200 tons burthen.”
13. If the burthen of defence is to be borne in common, it can hardly be left to the mother country to declare war, and to exact the necessary taxation, without the consent of the colonies. 0 The total burthen of foreign steamers which entered and cleared at Shanghai during 1884 was 3,145,242 tons, while in 1908 it was over 15,000,000 tons.
14. Synonyms: 1.Burden: 1. Knowledge is no burden [burthen] 2. My tongue cannot unload my heart's great burthen: 3. Grading sequence burthen structures and the Bouma Sequence are developed in the turbidites sliding structures which demonstrate obvious features of both the rhythmicity and the cyclicity: 4. Ever to burthen thine: 5. Along with the increment of burthen the fuel consumption rate of
15. burthen in a sentence - Use "burthen" in a sentence 1. She was of 300 tons burthen and had a flush deck. 2. He never felt life a sore and a weary burthen. click for more sentences of burthen
16. Example sentences for burthen. The fraudulent possessor of the notes felt their burthen more than ever insupportable. A quibble is intended between as the conditional particle, and ass the beast of burthen. The burthen of proof lies upon the affirmant: and the proof produced must be open to the scrutiny of every dissentient.
17. burthen definition, burden1. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986
18. BURDEN or burthen. Old songs and ballads frequently had a chorus or motto to each verse, which in the language of the time was called a Burden or Bob. One of the most ancient and most popular was 'Hey troly loly lo,' quoted in 'Piers Plowman,' 1362, and other early songs.
19. Builder's Old Measurement (BOM, bm, OM, and o.m.) is the method used in England from approximately 1650 to 1849 for calculating the cargo capacity of a ship.It is a volumetric measurement of cubic capacity. It estimated the tonnage of a ship based on length and maximum beam.It is expressed in "tons burden" (Early Modern English: burthen, Middle English: byrthen), and abbreviated "tons bm".
20. Definition, Synonyms, Translations of unburthen by The Free Dictionary
21. Burden (or burthen), a refrain in English hymns and songs; Burdens, a 2006 album by Ava Inferi; Other uses. Burden, an old accounting term for overhead (O/H) costs; Burden, in electrical engineering is the impedance presented to the secondary winding of a Current transformer
22. ‘As a committee of Philadelphia officials noted with admiration, Baltimore was able to ‘derive an income from that class who are always the greatest burthen.’’ More example sentences ‘Maggie is conscious of her uniqueness in this regard: she thinks it is ‘part of the hardship of her life that there was laid upon her the burthen of
23. Most people chose this as the best definition of burthen: A burden. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
24. Burthen: 1 v weight down with a load Synonyms: burden , weight , weight down Antonyms: disburden , unburden take the burden off; remove the burden from Types: overburden load with excessive weight plumb weight with lead saddle load or burden; encumber Type of: charge fill or load to capacity n a variant of `burden' Type of: burden , load ,
25. Definition of burthen in the D dictionary. Meaning of burthen. What does burthen mean? Information and translations of burthen in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
26. “First, because I have been made to learn that the doom and burthen of our life is bound forever on man’s shoulders, and when the attempt is made to cast it off, it but returns upon us with more unfamiliar and more awful pressure.” He doesn’t want other to suffer the same fate because once you do it once it will keep going back with greater force each time until it consumes you 75.
27. burthen (plural burthens) (obsolete, nautical) The tonnage of a ship based on the number of tuns of wine that it could carry in its holds. Archaic spelling of burden. 1798, William Wordsworth, Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey, lines 36-43: Nor less, I trust, To them I may have owed another gift, Of aspect more sublime; that blessed
28. Unburthen in a sentence - Use "unburthen" in a sentence 1. Everyone knows the basic story of how Lear decides to divide up his kingdom among his three daughters so that he can " shake all cares and business from our age . . . while we unburthen'd crawl toward death ." click for more sentences of unburthen
29. burthen — Bur then, n. & v. t. See {Burden}. [Archaic] [1913 Webster] … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. burthen — [bʉr′thən] n., vt. Archaic BURDEN1 … English World dictionary. burthen — archaic var. of BURDEN n. 4. * * * burthen etc.: see burden n … Useful english dictionary. burthen — archaic variant

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