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1. Burglaries accounted for 16.1 percent of the estimated number of property crimes


2. (Based on Table 1 .) By subcategory, 55.7 percent of Burglaries involved forcible entry, 37.8 percent were unlawful entries, and 6.5 percent were attempted forcible entry.

Based, By, Burglaries

3. That means that more than 3,000 Burglaries are carried out each day.


4. In 2017, there were an estimated 1,401,840 Burglaries, a decrease of 7.6% when compared with 2016 data


5. The number of Burglaries decreased 27.4% when compared with 2013 data and was down 37.1% when compared with the 2008 estimate.


6. Crimestoppers has warned homeowners to prepare for a potential surge in Burglaries once lockdown ends


7. There was a 20 per cent drop in house Burglaries last year compared to 2019, analysis of


8. Number and percent distribution of household Burglaries, 2003–2007 • An estimated 3.7 million Burglaries occurred each year on average from 2003 to 2007


9. • A household member was present in roughly 1 million burglar-ies and became victims of violent crimes in 266,560 Burglaries

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10. Burglaries by Amy Buckholtz, Joy Jackson, Justin Cunningham, Tonya Lee Today at 5:08 a.m

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11. The following Burglaries are from reports collected from the Little Rock and North Little Rock


12. Burglaries are usually committed in clusters and go unsolved for a period of time


13. When a burglar is arrested for one burglary, unusual activities may tie him or her to other Burglaries

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14. Noting unusual behaviors may clear several Burglaries.

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15. Burglaries definition: → burglary Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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16. Simpson, aged 19, was convicted on two charges of burglary. The latest crime figures show a sharp rise in Burglaries

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17. 24 minutes ago · SFPD Arrests 4 Teens In Multiple Auto Burglaries Near Fisherman's WharfTwo 18-year-olds and two juveniles were arrested near Fisherman's Wharf in connection with nearly a dozen auto Burglaries


18. White is accused of nine daytime residential Burglaries and three attempted Burglaries in Cheltenham, Haverford, Springfield Township, Upper Dublin, Jenkintown, Lansdowne, and Philadelphia


19. Communities On High Alert After Spate Of Brazen Burglaries Caught On CameraA rash of home Burglaries in the San Fernando Valley has two neighborhoods on the lookout after a …

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20. 1 day ago · Police are looking for two suspects in Burglaries at Aunt Betty's Storage In Greenwood during February, 2021

Burglaries, Betty

21. 4 hours ago · Maui police responded to 10 Burglaries, four vehicle thefts and 10 vehicle break-ins in Maui County over a seven day period from March 14 – 20, …

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22. 5 Early Morning Burglaries In Reston Under Investigation - Reston, VA - Fairfax County Police are investigating a series of early morning commercial Burglaries that …


23. Definition of Burglaries in the dictionary


24. What does Burglaries mean? Information and translations of Burglaries in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


25. 66% of Burglaries affect residential properties


26. 34% of the Burglaries that happen each year affect small businesses

Burglaries, Businesses

27. Over half (65%) of Burglaries occur during daylight hours since that is when most people aren’t home


28. Burglaries In 10 Cities Now Believed To Be ConnectedThe West Hennepin Public Safety Department says almost a dozen different cities are investigating Burglaries police think are connected.

Burglaries, Believed, Be

29. According to FBI statistics, Chatham Township reported two Burglaries in 2018, the latest data available


30. Anyone with information related to the Burglaries should contact the Chatham Township


31. Chicago Police detectives late Thursday were looking into whether a rash of Burglaries in the South Loop and elsewhere a day earlier are connected to a series of ATM thefts, Burglaries, or


32. 23 hours ago · A young Stafford man who is already serving more than 14 years in prison for a series of Burglaries in the county in 2019 was convicted of another Monday.


33. Burglaries and other property crimes in which a gun was the only type of item stolen, the total loss was about $27 million per year


34. TaBle 3 Loss attributed to Burglaries or other property crimes involving the theft of at least one firearm, 2005–2010: Stolen item Burglary: Other property crimes

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35. San Francisco experiences 40% jump in residential Burglaries With the pandemic driving tourists away, police say thieves are turning to residential burglary as their new crime of opportunity in

Burglaries, Burglary

36. Here are the reported Burglaries, thefts and vandalisms (criminal mischiefs) released Monday and Tuesday, Feb


37. Two men have been charged in a string of Burglaries in the South Loop, amid an investigation into whether the break-ins were connected to a series of ATM thefts, Burglaries, or carjackings across

Been, Burglaries, Break

38. Months after skipping out on a court appearance where he was to be arraigned on dozens of charges related to a string of Westchester Burglaries, a man has been extradited back and charged in a 47-count indictment

Be, Burglaries, Been, Back

39. Total number of reported Burglaries since Jan


40. The Burglaries were reported in the city's Oakmont community and detectives used surveillance video and other leads to identify Russell Blystone as a person of interest, police said.

Burglaries, Blystone

41. 21 hours ago · Deputies from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office will soon begin responding in person to all reports of Burglaries, even if the crime has already occurred

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42. 20 hours ago · Blotter: Burglaries reported in Highland Park

Blotter, Burglaries

43. In San Francisco, Burglaries are up 42% in the first 9 months of this year, compared to the same time period in 2019


44. Maui police responded to seven Burglaries, nine vehicle thefts and six vehicle break-ins in Maui County over a seven day period from Feb

Burglaries, Break

45. The city of Park Ridge saw an increase in Burglaries and thefts last year, though overall crime declined slightly, data shared by the police department shows

Burglaries, By

46. Citywide, Burglaries — including residential and commercial break-ins — are up 58% so far this year, compared to the same period a year ago, according to …

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47. – A teen was arrested for multiple car Burglaries on Marco Island early Friday morning


48. Burglaries of popular regulated drugs, such as OxyContin or Dalaudid, as well as those drugs with restricted sales, such as pseudoephedrine


49. Burglaries are not random phenomena, with both business size and the surrounding area’s crime rate playing some role in the probability of being burglarized

Burglaries, Both, Business, Being, Burglarized

50. 1 day ago · Burglaries slumped 20 per cent last year compared to 2019 as Britain went into national lockdowns

Burglaries, Britain

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BURGLARIES [ˈbərɡlərē]


  • entry into a building illegally with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.
Synonyms: housebreaking . theft . thieving . stealing . robbery . robbing . larceny . thievery . pilfering . pilferage . looting . trespassing . break-in . raid . holdup .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal definition of burglary?

Burglary Law and Legal Definition. Burglary is the criminal offense of breaking and entering any dwelling or building illegally with the intent to commit a felony or crime. Under common law in order to constitute the offense the illegal entry should be into the dwelling of another at night.

Are all burglaries felonies?

Burglaries are almost always felony crimes, and are punished more severely if the crime involves a home, if someone is injured, or if the intruder uses a weapon. In most states, the vast majorities of burglaries are felonies.

What constitutes breaking and entering?

Breaking and entering is defined as the act of entering property without authorization by implementing some kind of force like pushing open a door.

What is a residential burglary?

Residential burglary. (1) A person is guilty of residential burglary if, with intent to commit a crime against a person or property therein, the person enters or remains unlawfully in a dwelling other than a vehicle. (2) Residential burglary is a class B felony. In establishing sentencing guidelines and disposition standards,...

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