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Looking for sentences with "Burgeon"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Expand 2. Swell 3. Explode 4. Boom 5. Mushroom 6. Proliferate 7. Snowball 8. Multiply 9. Escalate 10. Rocket 11. Skyrocket 12. Flourish 13. Thrive 14. Prosper 15. Shrink
1. She burgeoned into a fine actress
2. The city has burgeoned out into the surrounding suburbs
3. Our company's business is burgeoning now
4. The wheat has burgeoned forth
5. My confidence began to burgeon later in life
6. Love burgeoned between them
7. Willows have burgeoned out
8. Willows have burgeoned forth
9. The result has been a burgeoning budget surplus
10. But with a burgeoning economy and accompanying growth the state expects to use its entire allotment by
11. The main beneficiaries of those expanded horizons and burgeoning creative confidence were just those younger composers who are now busy writing operas
12. For a start there's his burgeoning empire in designer clothes
13. Amused by her burgeoning vanity she dawdled over the unpacking to give Mrs Wallington plenty of unencumbered time with her son
14. The stunned pair made a bid for the burgeoning television market
15. Illegal counterfeit manufacturers have taken advantage of a burgeoning circular trade between E C countries in pharmaceuticals
16. But as the burgeoning health food stores testify there is a lot more to the dietary supplements market than this
17. Easy Rider had not yet burgeoned when he cast Nicholson to co-star alongside Barbra Streisand
18. The hedgerows had begun to burgeon with violets primroses wild garlic and early pink campion
19. Plants burgeon from every available space
20. Seeds begin to burgeon at the commencement of spring
21. In the spring the plants that burgeon are a promise of beauty that is to come
22. We hope that the festival will burgeon out slowly but steadily
23. Here Nicholson extended the range of pharmaceuticals and added fine chemicals for use in the burgeoning dyeing and photographic industries
24. The Cupertino computer maker is not alone in the burgeoning field however
25. Creativity is like a journey we are experiencing sown burgeon and land on wonderful destination
26. burgeon comes from the Middle English word burjonen, which is from Anglo-French burjuner; both mean "to bud or sprout." "Burgeon" is often used figuratively, as when P.G. Wodehouse used it in Joy in the Morning: "I weighed this.
27. 31 synonyms of burgeon from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 33 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for burgeon. Burgeon: to become greater in extent, volume, amount, or number.
28. burgeon meaning: 1. to develop or grow quickly: 2. to develop or grow quickly: 3. to develop or grow quickly: . Learn more.
29. 1. She burgeoned into a fine actress. 2. The city has burgeoned out into the surrounding suburbs.
30. Unless a writer feels free, things will not come to him, he cannot burgeon on any subject whatsoever. Then the tree began to bud and burgeon with gifts, and the rare glories of colour crept in upon the snows of winter. Her heart expanded, her soul seemed to burgeon and to bloom. As I drained the glass now, new life seemed to burgeon within me.
31. Usage note for burgeon The two senses of burgeon, “to bud” (The maples are burgeoning) and “to grow or flourish” (The suburbs around the city have been burgeoning under the impact of commercial growth), date from the 14th century. Today the sense “to grow or flourish” is the more common.
32. Another word for burgeon. Find more ways to say burgeon, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
33. As London and other great population centers burgeoned in the fourteenth century, forests began to vanish, and coal became the fuel of choice.: As the plant expanded and changed over to the more dangerous production of pesticides, bustees burgeoned around its periphery.: In contrast, he explains, the executive branch has burgeoned, and continues to grow stronger.
34. burgeon offers a transversal prespective for enviroment solutions and its corresponding integral data management Services for the new decade. Allready worked with us _> Hello If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.
35. burgeon is our adventure to create a more prosperous tomorrow for the people and places we love by designing, testing, and manufacturing outdoor apparel in the individual mountain regions that inspire their use.
36. Definition of burgeon. to grow and expand rapidly. Examples of burgeon in a sentence. As car prices go down, car dealers are expecting sales to burgeon. 🔊 Because Janice is pregnant with triplets, everyone is expecting her stomach to burgeon quickly. 🔊 Left untreated, the weeds in the front yard will burgeon and take over the entire
37. burgeon definition: 1. to develop or grow quickly: 2. to develop or grow quickly: 3. to develop or grow quickly: . Learn more.
38. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "burgeon "Many predicted the sect's political power and membership would burgeon after the march.
39. burgeon Use the verb burgeon to describe something that is growing, expanding, and flourishing. If you have a green thumb, in the spring your flower gardens may burgeon. If you don't have a green thumb, your collection of plastic plants may burgeon.
40. Usage: The two senses of burgeon, “to bud” and “to grow or flourish,” date from the 14th century. Today the sense “to grow or flourish” is the more common. Occasionally, objections are raised to this use, perhaps because of its popularity in journalistic writing.
41. Medical expenses too will burgeon as people get older. As a result, clouds will thicken and showers and thunderstorms will burgeon. Though the markup is meager, sheer sales volume makes those numbers burgeon. And as Internet use burgeons, so will fears.
42. Define burgeon. burgeon synonyms, burgeon pronunciation, burgeon translation, English dictionary definition of burgeon. also bour·geon intr.v. bur·geoned , bur·geon·ing , bur·geons also bour·geoned or bour·geon·ing or bour·geons 1.
43. Verb Forms to begin to grow or develop rapidly A new wave of running clubs have burgeoned over the past decade. Manufacturers are keen to cash in on this burgeoning demand.

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