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Looking for sentences with "Burden"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Load 2. Cargo 3. Freight 4. Weight 5. Charge 6. Pack 7. Bundle 8. Parcel 9. Responsibility 10. Onus 11. Charge 12. Duty 13. Obligation 14. Liability 15. Trouble 16. Care 17. Problem 18. Worry 19. Anxiety 20. Tribulation ...21. Affliction 22. Trial 23. Difficulty 24. Misfortune 25. Strain 26. Stress 27. Encumbrance 28. Millstone 29. Albatross 30. Cumber 31. Job 32. Duty 33. Chore 34. Charge 35. Labor 36. Assignment 37. Function 38. Commission 39. Mission 40. Engagement 41. Occupation 42. Undertaking 43. Exercise 44. Business 45. Responsibility 46. Errand 47. Detail 48. Endeavor 49. Enterprise 50. Venture 51. Quest 52. Problem 53. Gist 54. Substance 55. Drift 56. Implication 57. Intention 58. Thrust 59. Meaning 60. Significance 61. Signification 62. Sense 63. Essence 64. Thesis 65. Import 66. Purport 67. Tenor 68. Message 69. Spirit 70. Refrain 71. Strain 72. Hook 73. Load 74. Weight 75. Charge 76. Encumber 77. Hamper 78. Overload 79. Overburden 80. Trammel 81. Oppress 82. Trouble 83. Worry 84. Beset 85. Bother 86. Harass 87. Disturb 88. Upset 89. Depress 90. Distress 91. Grieve 92. Haunt 93. Nag 94. Torment 95. Harrow 96. Afflict 97. Strain 98. Stress 99. Tax 100. Overwhelm 101. Perturb 102. Plague 103. Bedevil 104. Legal See more »
1. The burden on likes is cheerfully borne 
2. None knows the weight of another's burden 
3. Many hands make a burden lighter 
4. Knowledge is no burden [burthen]
5. An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden 
6. Skill is no burden
7. Sometimes words cannot express the burden of our heart
8. Why do you burden yourself with your sister's dog?
9. The manager carries the greatest burden of responsibility
10. He could not shoulder the burden alone
11. Her father carried a heavy burden of responsibility
12. His invalid father is becoming a burden
13. A donkey can carry a heavy burden
14. The little donkey struggled under its heavy burden
15. The burden of taxation has risen considerably
16. The burden fell on the eldest son
17. Such a high increase will impose an undue burden on the local tax payer
18. The measures will lighten the tax burden on small businesses
19. No man is useless in this world who lightens the burden of someone else 
20. Poverty on an old man’s back is a heavy burden 
21. he sands in your way beg for your song and your movement dancingwater Will you carry the burden of their lameness?
22. Too much spending on rearmament would place an insupportable burden on the nation'sproductive capacity
23. I can't afford to bear the deep feeling is the burden sweet prattle
24. he sands in your way beg for your song and your movement dancingwater will you carry the burden of their lameness?
25. I can't afford to bear the deep feeling is the burden sweet prattle just happened to cash lies
26. I praise the nurse can use weak shoulders strong enough to carry a daughter mother[sentencedictcom] wife's burden
27. It applied only to those occupations, mines and factories, in which the use of machinery was common; it threw the whole burden of compensation on to the masters; but, on the other hand, for the first thirteen weeks after an accident the injured workman received compensation from the sick fund, so that the cost only fell on the masters in the
28. The ancient Incas of Peru used llamas to carry burdens, as food, and for sacrifice in religious ceremonies. The tax burden in France is one of the highest in Europe. Turkmenistan's burden of foreign debt continues to limit economic growth in the country.
29. Synonyms & Antonyms of burden (Entry 1 of 3) 1 a mass or quantity of something taken up and carried, conveyed, or transported the early settlers often used horses to carry their burdens
30. Examples of burden in a sentence Finding he had cancer, he tried to shoulder the burden alone and keep the news from his friends. 🔊 Lying can be a heavy burden to carry, often making it difficult to keep stories straight. 🔊 Making a tough decision on who to fire is just another burden of leadership. 🔊
31. burden definition is - something that is carried : load. How to use burden in a sentence.
32. burden is defined as making heavy with a load or with emotion. To pack a mule for a trip is an example of burden. An example of burden is to tell someone about your terrible week at work.
33. A domesticated animal used by humans to carry or pull heavy loads. Camels have been used by people as beasts of burden for thousands of years because of their size, strength, and ability to travel long distances with minimal need for food and water. See also: beast, burden, of burden (someone) with (something)
34. burden of proof in a sentence - Use "burden of proof" in a sentence 1. New York state narrowed the test and shifted the burden of proof. 2. Tried to seek advice at WP : AN # burden of Proof. click for more sentences of burden of proof
35. burden costs are the hidden costs (either labor or inventory) that can drive up the cost of manufacturing a product. Overhead costs are not directly related to the manufacturing of a product.
36. burden (someone) with (something) To share something distressing or troublesome with another person. I'm sorry to burden you with my problems, but I could really use some advice here. Don't burden her with that information now—wait until she's done with her exams.
37. The plural form of burden is burdens.
38. Examples of financial burden in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: Besides saving, some had considered taking up various insurances, most often…
39. Definition and synonyms of burden from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of burden.View American English definition of burden.. Change your default dictionary to American English.
40. Background: Alcohol use is a leading risk factor for death and disability, but its overall association with health remains complex given the possible protective effects of moderate alcohol consumption on some conditions. With our comprehensive approach to health accounting within the Global burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2016, we generated improved estimates of alcohol
41. The burden rate is the allocation rate at which indirect costs are applied to the direct costs of either labor or inventory. You should add burden to the direct cost of either labor or inventory in order to present the total absorbed cost of these items. The two situations in which the burden rate is used are:
42. Background. We used data from the Global burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study 2010 (GBD 2010) to estimate the burden of disease attributable to mental and substance use disorders in terms of disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), years of life lost to premature mortality (YLLs), and years lived with disability (YLDs).
43. If you describe a problem or a responsibility as a burden, you mean that it causes someone a lot of difficulty, worry, or hard work. The developing countries bear the burden of an enormous external debt. Her death will be an impossible burden on Paul. Synonyms: trouble, care, worry, trial More Synonyms of burden
44. Background and aims: Alcohol use is a major contributor to injuries, mortality and the burden of disease. This review updates knowledge on risk relations between dimensions of alcohol use and health outcomes to be used in global and national Comparative Risk Assessments (CRAs).

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