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1. Burble definition is - to make a bubbling sound

Burble, Bubbling

2. How to use Burble in a sentence.


3. Burble definition, to make a bubbling sound; bubble

Burble, Bubbling, Bubble

4. 15 synonyms of Burble from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms


5. Burble: unintelligible or meaningless talk.


6. Created by a DZO for DZOs, Burble is an all-in-one online booking software and manifest system specifically designed for skydiving operators

By, Burble, Booking

7. Designed and developed by a highly-experienced developer/programmer-turned-DZO, Burble software addresses the unique challenges faced by today's skydiving operator.

By, Burble

8. Burble may, in its sole discretion, change this agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice


9. Burble is a division of Pinetown Printers (Pty) Ltd


10. Burble contact details Support : [email protected] ×


11. Find 7 ways to say Burble, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


12. Burble verb (TALK) [ I or T ] to talk about something continuously and in a way that is not very clear: She was burbling (on) about what she'd do if she won the lottery.

Burble, Burbling

13. Burble may, in its sole discretion, change this agreement or any part thereof at any time without notice


14. Burble is a division of Pinetown Printers (Pty) Ltd


15. Burble contact details Support : [email protected] ×


16. Burble is a polar bear who is a member of the Danger Rangers

Burble, Bear

17. Burble is the Recreational Safety Ranger


18. ‘The wind Burble was - you guessed it - rotor wash.’ ‘Hinting at the soulful surplus of house music, Melchior works with tiny elements: a Burble of a bassline, a snippet of singing, and hi-hat drums that point toward the heavens without lifting their arms.’

Burble, Bassline

19. Burble translate: 發出聲音, (水)發出汩汩聲, 談話, 喋喋不休地説;嘟囔


20. Burble was designed with two things in mind: full functionality and ease of use


21. Auto almanac There's a lovely Burble from the exhaust which at speed turns into a deliciously aggressive snarl and is much more satisfying than the anodyne putter of the existing Bonnie

Burble, Bonnie

22. Burble: 1 v flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise Synonyms: babble , bubble , guggle , gurgle , ripple gurgle make sounds similar to gurgling water Type of: go , sound make a certain noise or sound

Burble, Bubbling, Babble, Bubble

23. Burble Meaning: "make a bubbling sound, bubble, gush," c

Burble, Bubbling, Bubble

24. 1300, imitative (compare unrelated Spanish borbollar, Old… See definitions of Burble.

Borbollar, Burble

25. Network Overview Peering with Burble.dn42 Node Information IPAM Routing Policy BGP Communities Realtime Status Services DN42 Public Services Internal Services DNS Certificate Authority Additional Info Maintenance Log 2020 2019 2018 Things to do in DN42 More

Burble, Bgp

26. Burble is a fast moving word game


27. Burble has lots of levels, extra features and cool game modes to unlock and explore in the free


28. Mrs. Burble is a guest starring character on The CW's Riverdale


29. Mrs. Burble is a guidance counselor at Riverdale High School


30. Hello everyone, I have a 2017 Subaru WRX Premium (CVT) and wanting to get a Burble tune


31. BurbleMe is the Sport Skydivers tool for self manifesting at your local dropzone


32. Check with your local dropzone to see if they are using Burble


33. Burble is no longer a dirty word! Whats new in this version (3.0) ? 1) Log book functionality added.

Burble, Book

34. See authoritative translations of Burble in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.


35. Thane's Burble is short on something: on whom are we looking to get revenge?


36. Model Daisy Lowe is wheeled into the press day – a meter running behind her eyes – to Burble about how profound a concept music and smelling good is to her existence.

Behind, Burble

37. Burble Software, Jackson, Michigan


38. By clicking submit, you agree to share your e-mail address with Rhubarb and Burble via MailChimp to receive marketing, updates, and other e-mails from Rhubarb and Burble

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39. Burble - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


40.BurbleMe is the Sport Skydivers tool for self manifesting at your local Burble dropzone

Burbleme, Burble

41. With it you are able to check in, self manifest, load organize, send your Burble enabled dropzone your location when you land out, view your transaction history and maintain a full electronic logbook


42. Burble definition: If something Burbles , it makes a low continuous bubbling sound

Burble, Burbles, Bubbling

43. Definition of Burble verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


44. Burble cloud based software for photobooks, self publishing, personalised stationery and lots more

Burble, Based

45. Burble occurs over an airfoil operating at an angle of attack greater than the angle of maximum lift (i.e., stalling angle), resulting in a loss of lift and an increase of drag


46. Burble also occurs when a subsonic wing is at or near a compressibility Mach number when the wing first suffers a sudden separation of airflow resulting from a shock


47. What is the definition of Burble? What is the meaning of Burble? How do you use Burble in a sentence? What are synonyms for Burble?


48. Definition of Burble in the dictionary


49. What does Burble mean? Information and translations of Burble in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


50. Lawrence Quote Poster 'Burble of my Exhaust' Lawrence of Arabia The Road Classic Motorcycling Brough Superior SS100 *Instant Download* MotorVationalPosters

Burble, Brough

51. Definition and synonyms of Burble from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


52. This is the British English definition of Burble.View American English definition of Burble.

British, Burble

53. Find 7 ways to say Burble, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


54. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Burble bur‧ble / ˈbɜːb ə l $ ˈbɜːr-/ verb 1 [intransitive, transitive] SPEAK A LANGUAGE to talk about something in a confused way that is difficult to understand Burble on/away I had to listen for an hour while she Burbled away

Burble, Bur, Ble, Burbled

55. #1348 Type Abilities Hidden Abilities Mega Ability Gender ratio Catch rate Breeding Hatch time Height Weight Base experience yield Leveling rate EV yield Body style Footprint Pokédex color Base friendship Burble is a Water/Flying dual type Pokemon

Breeding, Base, Body, Burble

56. What does Burble mean? A gurgling or bubbling sound, as of running water

Burble, Bubbling

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BURBLE [ˈbərbəl]

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does burble mean?

    Define burble. burble synonyms, burble pronunciation, burble translation, English dictionary definition of burble. n. 1. A gurgling or bubbling sound, as of running water. 2. A rapid, excited flow of speech. 3.

    What is another word for burble?

    Synonyms of burble. abracadabra, babble, blabber, double Dutch, double-talk, drivel, gabble, gibber, gibberish, jabber, jabberwocky, mumbo jumbo, nonsense, prattle, slobber.

    What does burbled mean?

    burble ( third-person singular simple present burbles, present participle burbling, simple past and past participle burbled ) To bubble; to gurgle. To babble; to speak in an excited rush. She burbled on, as if I cared to listen.

    What is a burble theme song?

    The music burbles along like a theme song from a 1950s television show, raising its voice along with the family's. If you mumble or burble, give up all thought of advocacy. There was a happy burble of voices which came from a few children discussing some design they were doing.

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