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1. Bung definition is - the stopper especially in the Bunghole of a cask; also : Bunghole

Bung, Bunghole

2. Stopper, top, cap, seal, cork, plug, spigot, stopple Pump the air out, then remove the Bung. 2


3. Bung definition, a stopper for the opening of a cask


4. (2) A slang abbreviation for " Bunghole ", meaning the anus--synonamous with asshole


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Bung, Bungs

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8. Definition of 'Bung' in British slang

Bung, British

9. What does 'Bung' expression mean? How to use 'Bung' slang? Example sentences with 'Bung'.


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12. Synonyms for Bung in Free Thesaurus


13. 18 synonyms for Bung: stopper, top, cap, seal, cork, plug, spigot, stopple, place, put, stick, position, lay


14. A Bung is a round piece of wood, cork, or rubber which you use to close the hole in a container such as a barrel or flask

Bung, Barrel

15. Verb If you Bung something somewhere, you put it there in a quick and careless way.


16. Thankfully, "This American Life" didn't uncover any anecdotes of Bung-based bait-and-switch practices in America's restaurants

Bung, Based, Bait

17. Bung (n.) mid-15c., "large stopper for a cask," of uncertain origin, perhaps from Middle Dutch bonge "stopper;" or perhaps from French bonde "Bung, Bunghole" (15c.), which may be of Germanic origin (or the Germanic words may be borrowed from Romanic), or it may be from Gaulish *bunda (compare Old Irish bonn, Gaelic bonn, Welsh bon "base, sole of the foot").

Bung, Bonge, Bonde, Bunghole, Be, Borrowed, Bunda, Bonn, Bon, Base

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20. Definition and synonyms of Bung from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.


21. This is the British English definition of Bung.View American English definition of Bung.

British, Bung

22. Bunghole definition is - a hole for emptying or filling a cask


23. Recent Examples on the Web Coover snaps on a latex glove and reaches up into literature’s Bunghole, as if to turn the whole project inside out


24. 2018 Meanwhile, the gasket attached around the Bunghole to


25. Bung fritz is an iconic South Australian smallgood delicacy, but how accurate is the common theory that it's really just full of "bum, lips and rubbish offcuts"?

Bung, But, Bum

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28. What does Bung mean? A stopper, especially for the hole through which a cask, keg, or barrel is filled or emptied

Bung, Barrel

29. A Bunghole is a hole bored in a liquid-tight barrel to remove contents

Bunghole, Bored, Barrel

30. The hole is capped with a large cork-like object called a Bung.Acceptable usage include other access points that may be capped with alternate materials providing an air- or water-tight access to other vessels.

Bung, Be

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Best, Bungs

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33. As nouns the difference between cork and Bung is that cork is (uncountable) the bark of the cork oak, which is very light and porous and used for making bottle stoppers, flotation devices, and insulation material or cork can be (snowboarding) a snowboarding aerialist maneuver involving a rotation where the rider goes heels over head, with the board overhead while Bung is

Between, Bung, Bark, Bottle, Be, Board

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bung used for?

A bung, stopper or cork is a cylindrical or conical closure used to seal a container, such as a bottle, tube or barrel. Unlike a lid, which encloses a container from the outside without displacing the inner volume, a bung is partially or wholly inserted inside the container to act as a seal.

Is bung a word?

Bung(noun) the large stopper of the orifice in the bilge of a cask. Bung(noun) the orifice in the bilge of a cask through which it is filled; bunghole.

What does the name bungs mean?

1. A stopper, especially for the hole through which a cask, keg, or barrel is filled or emptied. 2. A bunghole. tr.v. bunged, bung·ing, bungs. 1. To close with a cork or stopper. 2. Informal To injure or damage: fell on skis and bunged up my leg.

What is a bung starter?

Definition of bung starter. : a wooden mallet used for loosening the bung of a cask.

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