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1. Both products are formulated to work in tandem to treat razor irritation, Bumping, redness and itching while slowing hair regrowth after one has shaved, waxed or used depilatories, according to High lime, which has more than four decades of experience in making products capable of providing relief from razor bumps.

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2. Bumping into objects and rubbing against walls lead to a shorter life for garments.


3. Bumping is where you reply to a post for the sole purpose of getting it back to the top of the posts again

Bumping, Back

4. John was Bumping his online post to get it back to the top of the discussion board

Bumping, Back, Board

5. Bumping, also known as “denied boarding,” happens when there are more passengers scheduled to fly on an airplane than available seats

Bumping, Boarding

6. The business practice of Bumping is not illegal

Business, Bumping

7. This system of reassigning jobs is typically based on seniority and is called "Bumping"

Based, Bumping

8. A business can have an established Bumping system that is defined in the company policy, stated in a binding agreement between the employer and the employee, or in a union contract or collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

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9. Bumping is a practice used by many companies to reserve talent pool during downsizing, wherein, a senior level employee, whose position has been selected for elimination, is offered the option of accepting an alternative position of lesser seniority within the organisation.

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10. This means that ‘Bumping’ can occur – where one employee (A) is made redundant so that another employee (B) can be retained in A’s role – and that this is potentially a fair reason for dismissing A

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11. As you can imagine, Bumping is highly likely to be challenged by employee A, so that is one reason why employers usually steer clear.

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12. Booty Bumping involves mixing drugs—usually meth or cocaine­—with water and squirting it into your butt through a syringe without a needle at the end

Booty, Bumping, Butt

13. Bumping definition Employees at risk of redundancy can be given the opportunity to ‘bump’ another employee out of their position, so it’s the second employee that actually gets made redundant

Bumping, Be, Bump

14. Lock Bumping is a lock picking technique for opening a pin tumbler lock using a specially crafted bump key, rapping key or 999 key

Bumping, Bump

15. 14 synonyms of Bumping from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms


16. Bumping: to come into usually forceful contact with something.


17. , "Bumping" or "bump" shall mean the right of an employee, based upon seniority within a series, to displace a less senior employee in a lower Classification within the Series.No employee shall have the right to Bump into a Classification for which the employee does not possess the minimum qualifications such as specialized education, training or experience.

Bumping, Bump, Based

18. Bumping Lake is located southeast of Chinook Pass off Hwy 410 in the Wenatchee National Forest at 3,426 feet elevation


19. This Bumping River impoundment offers good fishing for 6- to 9-inch kokanee starting in mid-May


20. Wafer Bumping is replacing wire bonding as the interconnection of choice for a growing number of components

Bumping, Bonding

21. The broad term “wafer Bumping” will be defined in this article as the process by which solder, in the form of bumps or balls, is applied to the device at the wafer level.

Broad, Bumping, Be, By, Bumps, Balls

22. Bumping Lake is set in a beautiful valley, about 20 miles east of Mt

Bumping, Beautiful

23. While genuine "Bumping" dismissals will be by reason of redundancy, employers must be sure that they can establish that the dismissal was caused by the redundancy situation

Bumping, Be, By

24. The EAT's decision means that employers may need to, at the very least, consider Bumping in order for a dismissal for redundancy to be fair, even if the employee has not raised the issue.

Bumping, Be

25. Bumping Lake is a popular destination for boating, water skiing, fishing and swimming

Bumping, Boating

26. The American Ridge Trail is a popular among hikers and equestrians, meandering through more than 26 miles of towering forests, mountain meadows and past high elevation lakes from the Bumping River


27. Redundancy Bumping is where one employee who is potentially at risk of redundancy (A) is moved into another role currently being carried out by someone else (B)

Bumping, Being, By

28. Bumping: [adjective] full of people


29. Usually pronounced "bumpin." That party was Bumping ! See more …

Bumpin, Bumping

30. Wafer Bumping can be considered as a step in wafer processing where solder spheres are attached to the chip I/O pads before the wafer is diced into individual chips

Bumping, Be, Before

31. The goal of Bumping is to ensure this never happens


32.Bumping” is a lock-picking technique that refers to the repeated striking motion used to dislodge the pins inside a lock


33. Bumping is an occurrence in chemistry where liquids boiled in a test tube superheat before undergoing a sudden release of vapor, expelling the liquid from the container

Bumping, Boiled, Before

34. Bumping is usually not performed intentionally because of the potential loss of substances.

Bumping, Because

35. Bumping occurs where employee A is redeployed into another role as a consequence of his position being made redundant, and employee B (who performs that role) is dismissed in the place of employee A

Bumping, Being

36. The case of Thomas & Betts Manufacturing Ltd v Harding is an early example of where a failure to consider Bumping led to a finding of unfair

Betts, Bumping

37. Bumping and foaming are problems that commonly arise during evaporation and can lead to sample loss and contamination


38. Bumping is a phenomenon in chemistry where homogenous liquids boiled in a test tube or other container will superheat and, upon nucleation, rapid boiling will expel the liquid from the container

Bumping, Boiled, Boiling

39. Turn left onto Bumping River Rd / Forest Road 1800 and go 11.2 miles


40. Server Bumping is like posting an advertisement, you setup the bots with your ad and invite link and you use a command every hour or so and it …

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41. Lock Bumping; What is lock Bumping and how to prevent it 12/08/2018


42. Lock Bumping is a popular technique used by criminals to open cylinder locks and deadbolt locks by using a specially designed key called a bump key or 999/ rapping key

Bumping, By, Bump

43. The lockBumping technique is quite powerful and allows a large variety of locks to be opened in no time.


44. Solder Bumping and Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging


45. Micross AIT provides full in-house state-of-the-art wafer Bumping and WLCSP solutions


46. Lock Bumping is a very easy technique to learn and perform, requiring virtually no special skills


47. Booty-Bumping could be under-utilized as an injection alternative, “if they can’t let go of that stigma.” Even when harm reductionists have well-established lines of communication with meth users, as is the case for Cobine and Humboldt Area Harm Reduction Center, some are hesitant to consider booty-Bumping as an alternative practice.

Booty, Bumping, Be

48. Bumping is where you have chosen the employee who is notionally redundant but then makes to preserve his employment by Bumping out (dismissing) someone else entirely, the surprised and blameless C

Bumping, But, By, Blameless

49. Amkor’s state-of-the-art wafer Bumping capabilities in electroplated Bumping and several types of Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging technologies are offered in strategic locations including: Korea, China, Portugal and Taiwan.These facilities are uniquely situated adjacent to major foundries to provide reduced time-to-market with integrated factory logistics and enables Amkor to provide


50. 6 hours ago · PRUETT: Bumping back on the cards for the 2021 Indy 500 field

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What does the name bumping mean?

The meaning of BUMPING is: Means fun, cool, happening, or hot. Also see Qrackling. Find more definitions for BUMPING on!

What does bumping rights mean?

Bumping Rights. Definition. The term bumping rights refers to a contractual privilege granted to a more senior employee, allowing them to replace a less senior employee. Bumping rights are typically exercised when a reduction in workforce results in the elimination of the more senior employee's job.

What is the meaning of bump?

Definition of bump. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a relatively abrupt convexity or protuberance on a surface: such as. a : a swelling of tissue Her face flawless. Not a bump, a splotch or a freckle.— Katy Kelly. b : a sudden rise or uneven area in a road surface likely to jolt a passing vehicle a bump in the road.

What is bump up?

bump up. 1. To strike and damage something. A noun can be used between "bump" and "up.". That accident bumped up the passenger side door of my car. You can borrow my phone but please try not to bump it up.

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