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  • an implement with a handle, consisting of bristles, hair, or wire set into a block, used for cleaning or scrubbing, applying a liquid or powder to a surface, arranging the hair, or other purposes.
  • an act of sweeping, applying, or arranging with a brush or with one's hand.
Synonyms: broom . sweeper . besom . whisk . hairbrush . scrubbing brush . toothbrush . paintbrush . clean . sweep . wipe . dust . mop .
  • a slight and fleeting touch.
  • a brief encounter with someone or something unpleasant or notable.
Synonyms: touch . stroke . skim . graze . glance . rub . shave . pat . nudge . contact . kiss . swipe . encounter . clash . confrontation . collision . conflict . altercation . skirmish . wrangle . scuffle . tussle . fight . battle . engagement . feud . quarrel . incident . to-do . run-in . scrap . set-to . argy-bargy . afters .
  • the bushy tail of a fox.
Synonyms: tail . tailpiece . scut . dock .
  • a thin stick set with long wire bristles, used to make a soft hissing sound on drums or cymbals.
  • a piece of carbon or metal serving as an electrical contact with a moving part in a motor or alternator.


  • remove (dust or dirt) by sweeping or scrubbing.
  • use a brush or one's hand to remove dust or dirt from (something).
Synonyms: sweep . clean . buff . scrub . sweep . clean . buff . scrub .
  • touch something lightly and gently.
  • push (something) away with a quick movement of the hand.
Synonyms: touch . stroke . caress . skim . sweep . graze . shave . glance . contact . flick . scrape . kiss . push . move . sweep . clear . clean . remove .

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39. Examples include paint Brushes, artist Brushes

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What is it about brushes?

A brush is a common tool with bristles, wire or other filaments. It generally consists of a handle or block to which filaments are affixed in either a parallel or perpendicular orientation, depending on the way the brush is to be gripped during use.

What is the difference between "brush aside" and "brush off"?

I would suggest the following differences: brush off is generally the stronger of the two phrases: you'll note that several of the definitions refer to abruptness, rudeness, bluntness. In a similar vein: brush aside has more implication of disregarding, ignoring; whereas brush off implies rebuffing someone, actually sending them away.

What is the definition of brush?

Definition of brush (Entry 2 of 5) 1 : a device composed of bristles typically set into a handle and used especially for sweeping, smoothing, scrubbing, or painting. 2 : something resembling a brush: such as. a : a bushy tail.

What word means to brush?

to move or proceed smoothly and readily. a pop star brushing past a crowd of autograph seekers. Synonyms for brush. bowl, breeze, coast, cruise,

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