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Looking for sentences with "Bristles"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Hair 2. Whisker 3. Stubble 4. Seta 5. Prickle 6. Spine 7. Quill 8. Thorn 9. Barb 10. Rise 11. Horripilate 12. Bridle 13. Abound 14. Swarm 15. Teem 16. Crawl 17. Overflow 18. Hum
1. Use Toothbrush bristles To Create Fake Nails Duration: 01:09 9/23/2020 Using toothbrush bristles as nail extensions is an inexpensive, DIY way to get the look of acrylic nails.
2. Synthetic materials such as nylon are also used to make bristles in items such as brooms and sweepers. bristles are often used to make brushes for cleaning purposes, as they are strongly abrasive; common examples include the toothbrush and toilet brush.The bristle brush and the scrub brush are common household cleaning tools, often used to remove dirt or grease from pots and pans.
3. Use a brush with soft, natural bristles and gently brush it. 2. 1. high, the surface divided into numerous furrows like the ribs of a melon, with projecting angles, which are set with a regular series of stellated spines - each bundle consisting of about five larger spines,
4. The bristles on these brushes have been cut at a slant, which makes it significantly easier to make sure that you have nice, clean lines when you are painting. They are great for use on anything that has grooves that you need to get into, such as doors with panels, furniture, and cabinet fronts.
5. And how much damage can bristles really do? There are four categories of toothbrush: extra soft, soft, medium, and hard. You'll be hard-pressed to find the first and last types on the shelf.
6. Boar bristles are natural, soft, flexible bristles that gently brush the hair and are suitable for use on children. Manufacturers often combine boar with nylon bristles to create a stronger styling ability. Nylon. This name represents a catchall category for all types of bristles made of plastic, nylon, rubber, or similar materials.
7. bristles Gift Certificates are beautifully designed and come in custom gift bags – along with any of our professional products. Perfect for anyone in your life who could use some extra pampering. Good for any of our salon or spa services for up to a year after purchase.
8. Using toothbrush bristles as nail extensions is an inexpensive, DIY way to get the look of acrylic nails. The technique utilizes gel polish to bring structure and shine to the nylon bristles. It
9. Flexible, thicker, widely-spaced nylon, metal, or wooden bristles are great for detangling, but stylist Clariss Rubenstein says, "Boar-bristle brushes have tons of benefits. Top of the list for me
10. Recovery strength refers to a bristle's ability to retain its original shape and rigidity, even after consistent use. bristles with good recovery strength will have a longer useful life and not break or splay out from the center of the brush. Bristle softness is a measure of how coarse bristles are to the touch.
11. After a year of consistent use, the bristles are still intact and my brush is in great overall condition," one happy shopper says. 3. The Best Brush For Wet Hair .
12. The bristles are made of natural or synthetic fibers. Natural brushes, made of hog bristle, are not as common as synthetic brushes made of nylon or polyester fibers. Foam brushes are made of a foam, sponge-like material. The handles of both types of brushes are usually made of wood, but brushes with plastic handles are also available.
13. Using hard bristles can hurt your gums and cause them to erode, especially if you use too much pressure when brushing. Hard bristles can also damage tooth enamel, especially when paired with an abrasive toothpaste. What About Medium Bristles? Medium-bristled toothbrushes fall somewhere between soft and hard bristles.
14. Dentists generally recommend using a toothbrush with soft bristles. There is no reason to use a brush with hard bristles. Even a brush with medium bristles can be too harsh for many people. If you have weakened enamel or receding gums, you may even want to use a brush with extra soft bristles.
15. Finally, in the 1930s, DuPont de Nemours introduced toothbrushes made with nylon bristles, which people still use today. Nowadays, though, there are plenty of additional choices when it comes to your toothbrush. You can use a hard toothbrush, a soft toothbrush, an electric-powered brush or a battery-powered brush.
16. A brush is a common tool with bristles, wire or other filaments.It generally consists of a handle or block to which filaments are affixed in either a parallel or perpendicular orientation, depending on the way the brush is to be gripped during use.

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