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1. The Bristlenose Pleco is one of the smallest catfish, growing to only 3 to 5 inches. They are brown, green, or gray with white or yellow spots; some have uneven coloring, with lighter and darker splotches on various parts of their bodies.

Bristlenose, Brown, Bodies

2. Bristlenose Pleco The Bristlenose Catfish is one of the smallest aquarium catfish and will grow up to an average of 3-5 inches


3. Bristlenose Plecos (sometimes called the Bushy Nose Pleco or Bristlenose Catfish) are incredibly unique and fun creatures that are quite popular in freshwater tanks

Brist, Bushy, Bristlenose

4. Bristlenose catfish are hardy and tolerate a wide range of temperatures. They prefer water from 60 to 80°F, so you may not need a heater for your tank, and a pH range from 6.5 to 7.5


5. While not a brightly colored or fast moving aquarium fish, the Bristlenose Pleco has fascinating physical characteristics and mannerisms

Brightly, Bristlenose

6. There are several color variations in Bristlenose Plecos, but most are a darkish grey-green with lighter spots.

Bristlenose, But

7. The Calico Bristlenose Pleco has a unique, textural appearance


8. Longfin Bristlenose Pleco is known for being somewhat bigger than the average Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose, Being, Bigger

9. This Bristlenose Pleco has long, free-flowing fins.


10. The Bushy Nose Plecostomus, also known as the Bristlenose Plecostomus, comes from the rivers and tributaries of South America. It is mainly brown, with a mottling of lighter areas

Bushy, Bristlenose, Brown

11. The Albino Bristlenose Pleco is a fascinating freshwater fish in the family Loricariidae of the fish order Siluriformes


12. This fish is an albino variant of the renowned Plecostomus species Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus cirrhosus) which is also known by the …

Bristlenose, By

13. Fish of this genus are common in the aquarium trade where they are known as bushynose or Bristlenose catfish.

Bushynose, Bristlenose

14. The Bristlenose pleco, also known as the bushynose pleco, is a peaceful addition to your community

Bristlenose, Bushynose

15. Bristlenose plecos are part of the Ancistrus gensus, which currently holds over 76 different species of Bristlenose plecos.


16. Bristlenose Pleco is a well-known representative of the Pleco Fish Family


17. Ancistrus also known as Bristlenose pleco is a genus of nocturnal freshwater fish in order Siluriformes family Loricariidae, native to South America and Panama freshwater habitats


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Blue, Bristlenose, Brazilian, Butterfly

19. Bristlenose Plecostomus (Ancistrus sp.) is also common because they keep the tank clean by eating the algae

Bristlenose, Because, By

20. There are many other names of Bristlenose Pleco


21. Some of them are Bushynose Catfish, Bristlenose Catfish, Brushmouth Pleco, and the Common Bristlenose Catfish

Bushynose, Bristlenose, Brushmouth

22. No one can beat Bristlenose plecos in hiding or tank cleaning.

Beat, Bristlenose

23. Bristlenose Pleco is a bottom-feeding fish and herbivorous, as mentioned at the beginning

Bristlenose, Bottom, Beginning

24. Bristlenose catfish Ecology Albino Bristlenose catfish are frequent within the aquarium commerce and shouldn’t be confused with the superficially comparable cave-dwelling species within the genus The weight-reduction plan of this genus is typical for a Loricariid – algae, and aufwuchs.

Bristlenose, Be

25. Bristlenose Plecos are mostly harmless and get along well with many other species


26. Bristlenose Plecos diet mainly consists of algae and other debris, so giving them spirulina or algae wafers as the staple of their diet is ideal


27. The Bristlenose pleco is commonly chosen for aquariums because it is small in size and incredibly easy to take care of

Bristlenose, Because

28. The Bristlenose Pleco or also known as the bushynose catfish is one of the most interesting and most popular aquarium Pelco pet

Bristlenose, Bushynose

29. 6 Albino Bristlenose Plecostomus Live Fish Aquarium Fresh Water Albino Pleco


30. 3 Albino Shortfin Bristlenose Pleco Juvenile unsexed 1.5 …


31. The common Bristlenose pleco – Ancistrus cirrhosus – grows to between 4 and 5 inches, but there are cases where a well-kept specimen has reached almost 6 inches

Bristlenose, Between, But

32. Description: The Bristlenose pleco, Ancistrus temminckii and related species, is a wonderful fish to have


33. Live Fish - 6 Assorted Bristlenose Pleco Fish Package - Freshwater Live Fish - Easy Care Level Live Fish - Ten Assorted Florida Bristlenose Pleco Fish Package 1" - 2" Each - Freshwater Easy Care Level


34. Overall, Bristlenose plecos kept in home aquariums grow to between 3 and 6 inches, with even the biggest fish maxing out at 6'5 inches

Bristlenose, Between, Biggest

35. The zebra pleco and the Bristlenose pleco for sale get along well with other tropical fish because they are non-aggressive plant eaters

Bristlenose, Because

36. Breeding Bristlenose plecos and African cichlids

Breeding, Bristlenose

37. Our experience is that the Bristlenose plecos generally leave Java Fern, Java Moss and bolbitis fern alone, so using small groups of plants for security and natural look works well

Bristlenose, Bolbitis

38. The longfin Bristlenose pleco comes in all color variations, but what sets it apart is the tail and fins, which are comparatively longer than on the common Bristlenose pleco

Bristlenose, But

39. As you may already know, the most common variety of the longfin Bristlenose is the albino-longfin, which is priced both for the somewhat superior color and fin configuration.

Bristlenose, Both

40. Catfish are one of the most diverse groups of fishes on Earth, and the new discovery puts the total number of Loricariidae (the family which includes Bristlenose


41. Albino Bristlenose pleco belonging to the Loricariidae family is a small-sized freshwater fish

Bristlenose, Belonging

42. Bristlenose pleco’s are a fairly easy species to breed, add caves or PVC piping to the tank, the Bristle nose will use these as spawning sites

Bristlenose, Breed, Bristle

43. Bristlenose Catfish are extremely hardy and disease is not usually a problem in a well maintained aquarium


44. Bristlenose pleco Aggression problems Hi I’m currently having problems with an overly territorial Bristlenose pleco the tank is 40G and the tankmates are two of his fry which are most likely male as he is rather mean to them.


45. We have a few different color varieties of Bristlenose for your aquariums.


46. The albino form of the Common Bristlenose or Bushynose Pleco (Ancistrus sp.) stands out well against dark or dimly light aquariums

Bristlenose, Bushynose

47. As with all Common Bristlenose Plecos, these fish are ideal aquarium inhabitants, grazing on diatom algae while still being safe with …

Bristlenose, Being

48. Bristlenose Plecos Are Usually Locally Bred By Fellow Aquarium Hobbyists

Bristlenose, Bred, By

49. Because Bristlenose plecos are so incredibly easy to breed, as we’ve mentioned several times, your local fish store is probably stocked with locally bred fish

Because, Bristlenose, Breed, Bred

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bristlenose pleco?

Bristlenose Pleco. Updated August 5, 2019. Author: Mike - FishLore Admin. Social Media: The Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus spp) is a much better option over the common pleco for hobbyists because they only get to about 6 inches in size, sometimes smaller depending on the species (there are lots of species in the Ancistrus genus).

How do bristlenose plecos defend themselves?

The male Pleco will find his territory, and will make it his won, defending it from the other male Plecos in the tank, if you have any. Male Bristlenose Plecos are very territorial, and when they are looking after their eggs, they will be constantly having to defend themselves from other fish in the tank.

Is the bristlenose a hybrid?

The common Bristlenose is commonly captive bred appears impossible to identify to species primarily due to a lack of original locality information but also because tens of undescribed congeners exist. It is not assigned to species here for that reason. It is sometimes thought to be a hybrid, however it is not easy to determine if it is so or not.

Why do bristlenose have soft tentacles?

Mature males and sometimes females have soft tentacles (bushy fleshy growths) on the snout - this is unique to the genus Ancistrus. The common Bristlenose is commonly captive bred appears impossible to identify to species primarily due to a lack of original locality information but also because tens of undescribed congeners exist.

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