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1. The Brillant was created in 1958 when Brussels hosted the World Fair and architecture reigned supreme

Brillant, Brussels

2. The Philips Pavilion, a remarkable structure designed by Le Corbusier, was the inspiration behind Delvaux’s new handbag, so intricate it was fittingly named ‘le Brillant’.

By, Behind, Brillant

3. The Brillant V6 would grow in size slightly and would also be offered with a focusing version where the taking and viewing lenses are externally coupled, bringing the camera back up to a more traditional TLR design

Brillant, Be, Bringing, Back

4. Despite these upgrades, the entire Brillant series was discontinued in 1951 and Voigtländer would never again make a TLR or


5. Brillant graduated from the University of Miami where he completed both his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine degrees

Brillant, Both, Bachelor

6. Harold était le plus Brillant de tous.: Harold was the most brilliant of all of us.: Dur pourrait être Brillant avec la bonne commande.: Oddballs, who might just be brilliant, with the right commander.: L'industrie canadienne a un très Brillant avenir.: I think the Canadian industry has a very bright future.: Zhang était, un enfant Brillant et studieux.: Zhang was, by all reports, a bright

Brillant, Brilliant, Bonne, Be, Bright, By

7. Brillant Online Store WhatsApp +34 629 959 944 Tel


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9. English Translation of “Brillant” The official Collins French-English Dictionary online


10. English words for Brillant include brilliant, bright, shiny, gloss, polished, glossy, shining, shine, brilliance and sheen

Brillant, Brilliant, Bright, Brilliance

11. Brillant synonyms, Brillant pronunciation, Brillant translation, English dictionary definition of Brillant


12. Brillant - definition of Brillant by The Free Dictionary.

Brillant, By

13. Nouveau album ‘Dany Brillant chante Aznavour: La Bohème’ disponible ici :éalisé par : Thierry VergnesProduit par : Whang

Brillant, Boh

14. Dr. Patrick Brillant, MD is a Colorectal Surgery Specialist in Greenville, NC and has over 33 years of experience in the medical field


15. The Brillant 220 is a compact, user-friendly precision wet abrasive cutting machine


16. Nouveau album ‘Dany Brillant chante Aznavour: La Bohème’ disponible ici :éalisé par : Thierry VergnesProduit par : Whang

Brillant, Boh

17. Spelling Book > Misspelled words index > brilliant-brillent-Brillant

Book, Brilliant, Brillent, Brillant

18. Brillant is a Qatari company specializing in Turkish products


19. Brillant -Butikken der er med på tidens trend! Brillant er en moderne smykkeforretning som ligger midt i ikast strøgcentret

Brillant, Butikken

20. Brillant Management und Beteiligungs GmbH, Verden, Germany, District Court of Walsrode HRB 209170: Network, Financial information

Brillant, Beteiligungs

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BRILLANT [ˈbrilyənt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word brilliant mean?

(ˈbrɪljənt) adj. 1. shining with light; sparkling. 2. (Colours) (of a colour) having a high saturation and reflecting a considerable amount of light; vivid. 3. outstanding; exceptional: a brilliant success. 4. splendid; magnificent: a brilliant show.

What does the name brilliant mean?

[ 2syll.bril-lian(t), br-illia-nt] The baby girl name Brilliant is pronounced as BRIHLYAHNT †. Brilliant's origin is English-American. The meaning of Brilliant is a dazzling and sparkling woman. See also the related categories, englishand american.

What does it mean to be brilliant?

Definition of 'brilliant'. brilliant. A brilliant person, idea, or performance is extremely clever or skillful. She had a brilliant mind. It is a very high quality production, brilliantly written and acted. He was a deeply serious musician who had shown his brilliance very early. A brilliant career or success is very successful.

What is the definition of brilliant?

Definition of brilliant (Entry 2 of 2) : a gem (such as a diamond) cut in a particular form with numerous facets so as to have special brightness or brilliance : very bright : flashing with light : very impressive or successful : extremely intelligent : much more intelligent than most people

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