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BRIGAND [ˈbriɡənd]

brigand (noun) · brigands (plural noun)

  • a member of a gang that ambushes and robs people in forests and mountains.
Synonyms: robber . raider . mugger . freebooter . outlaw . desperado . hijacker . plunderer . pillager . looter . marauder . gangster . gunman . criminal . crook . thief . rustler . highwayman . footpad . reaver . cateran . mosstrooper .

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1. Middle English brigaunt, from Middle French Brigand, from Old Italian brigante, from brigare to fight, from briga strife, of Celtic origin; akin to Old Irish bríg strength Learn More about Brigand Time Traveler for Brigand The first known use of Brigand

2. Brigand synonyms, Brigand pronunciation, Brigand translation, English dictionary definition of Brigand

3. Brigand Arms produces the lightest weight carbon fiber handguards for AR-15 and AR-10 platforms

4. Brigand Meta-programming library

5. Brigand is a light-weight, fully functional, instant-compile time C++ 11 meta-programming library

6. Everything you were doing with Boost.MPL can be done with Brigand

7. Brigand Pounder is the only monster in the game that is of the ironwork enemy type. Brigand Pounder is the only monster in the game that has an auto-action to initiate the attack of another monster

8. When the Brigand Pounder is destroyed all other Brigands are immediately slain

9. The Brigand Pounder used to have a very high PROT of 40-50%.

10. Brigand was established to add a new voice to authors by publishing the work of various additional new and exciting writers

11. Brigand Vvulf is a human event boss that's only available during the mission "Wolves at the Door" that is unlocked by the Town Event "Brigand Incursion." In order to unlock this event, a few conditions must be met; "Wolves at the Door" will not occur …

12. Brigands are thieves, and bandits who prey on coin pouches, and unsuspecting butts

13. Brĭg'ənd The definition of Brigand is a robber or bandit

14. An example of Brigand is a robber who steals from campers out for a hike.

15. The Brigand (さんぞく or 山賊 Sanzoku, also known as Bandit), is a combat physical class of common enemies in the Fire Emblem series and TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga

16. Wielding Axes as their sole weapon of choice, Brigands are often encountered in the early stages of most games.

17. Brigand 'Brigand' is a 7 letter word starting with B and ending with D Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Brigand We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Brigand will help you to finish your crossword today.

18. A Brigand is a bad guy, especially one who belongs to a band of armed robbers

19. Railway travel used to be dangerous in the days when Brigands frequently robbed passing trains.

20. A Kurdish Brigand chief with a large banking account in England sounds a wildly impossible conception

21. WIGRAM More than that, he has the sly and stealthy manners of the sneak-thief and the Brigand

22. This Brigand'a taste fried plums, honey, but with less intensity than in the aroma, slightly noticeable alcohol

23. Examples of Brigand in a sentence

24. When the Brigand climbed through the broken window, he cut his wrist on the glass

25. 🔊 Jake was a Brigand who stole from his own family

26. 🔊 Since my boss called me a Brigand because my cash register came up short once, I have felt uneasy about going to work

27. Civivi Brigand pocket knife is one of the upgraded designs in 2019

28. ‘‘He was a Brigand, impostor and forger,’ he says.’ ‘‘They looked like Brigands to me,’ Kamaria huffed, ‘Common criminals looking to steal our gold.’’ ‘In addition to the problem of local Brigands, enemy raids were a hazard until the peace of 1699.’

29. 49 synonyms and near synonyms of Brigand from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

30. Brigand: Oaxaca is a highly difficult post-apocalyptic RPG/FPS set in Mexico

31. 1400, also brigaunt, "lightly armed irregular foot-soldier," from Old French Brigand (14c.), from Italian brigante "trooper, skirmisher, foot soldier," from brigare "to brawl, fight" (see brigade).Sense of "robber, freebooter, one who lives by pillaging" is earlier in English (late 14c.), reflecting the lack of distinction between professional mercenary armies and armed

32. A Brigand is someone who attacks people and robs them, especially in mountains or forests.

33. Brigand m (oblique plural briganz or brigantz, nominative singular briganz or brigantz, nominative plural Brigand) foot soldier; Descendants → English: Brigand; References

34. The Brigand family name was found in the USA, and the UK between 1840 and 1920

35. The most Brigand families were found in the USA in 1920

36. In 1840 there was 1 Brigand family living in Ohio

37. This was 100% of all the recorded Brigand's in the USA

38. Ohio had the highest population of Brigand

39. In the 1800s, after an assassination attempt by Prince Ramon against the king of Mandorra, a Brigand resembling the king surreptitiously impersonates the incapacitated monarch in order to …

40. The Brigand (Japanese: 山賊 Mountainthief) is a class of axe-wielding fighters who travel on foot.They first appear in Fire Emblem Gaiden as an enemy-only class with exclusive access to the axe.

41. The Brigand is traditionally an enemy-only class, with the exceptions being Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, in which playable character Marty is a Brigand; Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, in which

42. Definition of Brigand noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

43. Planar Pirate (Armor Set) (80) - The Shadow Odyssey fabled Brigand set-PvP Server Only- Banditry (Armor Set) (80) - The Shadow Odyssey Brigand PvP armor set; Combat Arts By Category [edit edit source] The first spell in each category is listed

44. Brigand From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Brigand brig‧and / ˈbrɪɡənd / noun [ countable ] literary STEAL a thief , especially one of a group that attacks people in mountains or forests Examples from the Corpus Brigand • At the worst possible moment a Brigand named Babbitt raided the shore of Philadelphia from a

45. A Brigand was crouching at a front corner of the main building! The hero of the Palolithic age is the Brigand and cut-throat of to-day

46. She swung us diagonally away from both the camp and the Brigand ship

47. And there springs Radicofani, the eagle's eyrie of a Brigand brood

48. That Brigand, said he aside, is capable of filching all my game.

49. The Brigand is one of four bosses in Alltrades Abbey (present), along with Swagman, the Rogue, and Putric Stinkenheimer

50. 1 Main game appearances 1.1 Dragon Quest VII 2 Strategy 3 Related monsters 4 Other languages The Brigand uses physical attacks which can hit somewhat hard

51. Brigand: Oaxaca by Brian Lancaster

52. The world of Brigand: Oaxaca by Brian Lancaster, is a unique one.It’s a post-apocalyptic world filled with ghouls, demons, ninjas and diseased animals

53. Definition of Brigand in the dictionary

54. What does Brigand mean? Information and translations of Brigand in the most comprehensive …

55. Looking for online definition of Brigand or what Brigand stands for? Brigand is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of …

56. The Brigand is a BattleMech that is surrounded by a sea of controversy as it is the first 'Mech to be produced by a pirate band

57. Manufactured by a company named Vengeance Incorporated, which is run by the pirates of the Haven Star Cluster and "Lady Death" Trevaline, the Brigand represents an unprecedented threat because in spite of the fact that it is built by pirates, it …

58. Brigand was established to add a new voice to authors by publishing the work of various additional new and exciting writers

59. The unnamed Brigand Boss is a minor antagonist in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

60. The Brigand Boss was once a follow citizen from Zofia, but with some persuasion from Grieth, he became a member of the Grieth Pirates

61. 1 Appearance 2 Biography 3 Quotes 4 External Links 5 Navigation Brigand Boss is a middle-aged man with slightly dark skin and a scar on his left eye

62. The Brigand was similar in construction to the Buckingham and finally assembled on the same jigs, but differed in detail apart from the fuselage shape

63. The Brigand had larger ailerons than the Buckingham, also Fairey-Youngman pneumatic

64. The Fairchild F611 Brigand is one of the most highly regarded heavy-fighter aircraft available today

65. Equipped with a powerful 16-cylinder engine, the Brigand has a high top speed, surprising agility for its weight, and impressive offensive capability.1 It has a reputation as reliable and effective, but also for poor fuel economy, quirky handling and a mediocre acceleration.2 The Brigand's

66. The Brigand is one of the default mercenary classes presented in Mordhau.He is a lightly armoured rough looking soldier wielding a Zweihander and a Dagger as a secondary weapon.

67. Captain Garrett Marshall was entrusted with the capture of the mysterious Brigand called “Black Jack.” But the sensuous, azure-eyed beauty hidden beneath the bandit’s manly garb tested Garrett’s loyalty to his King

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