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BRIEFS [brēfs]

briefs (plural noun)

  • close-fitting legless underpants that are cut so as to cover the body to the waist, in contrast to a bikini.
Synonyms: underpants . pants . knickers . panties . kecks .



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2. Our Briefs feature tag-free waistbands, flexible waistbands and no ride up leg bands and are made with soft premium cotton and performance-based fabrics for added comfortbands.

3. Briefs underwear are great for staying comfortable at a day at work, on lightly active days and when wearing tighter fit pants

4. Whether you prefer white Briefs, grey Briefs, black Briefs or colorful Briefs, we have a variety of cuts and fits that will match perfectly with your men's pants or men's jeans of choice.

5. Find the right comfort and fit of women's Briefs and low-rise Briefs

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 · Briefs remain the most popular panty style, offering full coverage front and back

12. Shop Bali, Hanes and JMS Briefs in a variety of fabrics, prints and fabrics, including always-popular cotton panties.

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18. A perfect pair for your staple intimates, our range of bikini underwear, thongs and women’s Briefs offers a playful yet sleek look

19. Briefs now come in an assortment of cuts, as well

20. You can find low-rise Briefs, square cut Briefs (called trunks) bikini Briefs and Briefs with a contour crotch or your traditional double layered working fly

21. And, because guys like to buy in bulk, HisRoom also offers Briefs in 2-packs and 3-packs for convenience too


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 · Briefs for Men Briefs are a traditional lightweight underwear style for men

23. There are two types of Briefs: traditional and hip-huggers

24. Traditional Briefs offer a fuller fit and sit higher on a man’s waist while low-rise styles offer less coverage and sit a bit lower on the waist

25. Briefs feature a contoured pouch, which offers more support than other styles like boxers and boxer Briefs.


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 · Shop men's Boxer Briefs for a variety of comfortable selections including items from our ComfortSoft and X-temp lines

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28. Shop for hathaway boxer Briefs online at Target

29. The top-tested men's underwear, including supportive boxers and Briefs, from brands like Calvin Klein, Mack Weldon and Saxx, available at retailers including Amazon and Walmart.

30. Boxer Briefs also work just as well when it comes to wearing skinny men's pants or jeans

31. CALVIN KLEIN designer boxer Briefs come in a variety of collections designed for varying lifestyles and preferences

32. Performance boxer Briefs focus on lightweight, breathable …

33. These boxers, boxer Briefs, and boxer shorts are light and cool to keep you comfortable all day

34. If you like men's Briefs, try our Supima cotton Briefs — made from the world's finest cotton, they stay soft and supple all day long

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36. The Briefs are an American punk rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 2000 and originally consisting of Daniel J


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38. Our jockey mens Briefs underwear include Y-Front and no fly men's Briefs

39. Incontinence Briefs, sometimes called adult diapers, are the right choice for men and women who need total incontinence protection for both urinary and bowel incontinence

40. Briefs have repositionable tabs for an adjustable fit and an ultra-absorbent core for containment.

41. Boxers & Briefs Pattern Boxers & Briefs Undershirts Socks Loungewear Base Layers Big & Tall View All Pants Pants Work Pants Jeans Cargo Pants Shorts Active Pants Casual Pants Overalls Big & Tall View All Outerwear Outerwear Jackets & Coats Rainwear Vests Shirt Jacs Pants & Overalls Big & Tall View All Accessories Accessories Hats & Headwear Belts


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 · Hanes Signature Microfiber Breathe Briefs 6-Pack

43. Health Policy Briefs examine complex questions currently being debated in health policy and health services research

44. The health policy Briefs provide a clear, comprehensive, and impartial

45. Maximum Absorbency Briefs $24.95 - $180.00

46. Super Absorbency Briefs $19.95 - $150.00

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48. Your destination for superior men's low rise Briefs

49. The assortment offers Briefs in varied cuts and styles

50. The Good Devil Sheer Briefs are delightfully appealing underwear

51. Available in an array of styles and fabrics, our shapewear Briefs offer tummy control and a smooth, slimming finish

52. Did we mention our swimwear offers the same type of comfort and coverage? Stay comfortable and in control all day with SPANX control top Briefs! A Firm Hug

53. We sell the only men's boxer Briefs you will ever truly want to wear

54. The muscle-hugging contours in our Briefs make them a refreshingly sexy wardrobe option, as well.

55. The Best Men's Underwear in All Styles: Briefs, Bikinis, Trunks, Thongs, and More

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60. Combining the snug fit of Briefs with the coverage of boxers, the boxer brief, for many men, represents the best of both worlds.They were invented in the early 1990s when designer John Varvatos

61. The Gap boxer Briefs are even more luxurious thanks to details such as soft covered seams, which prevent friction against clothing, and a unique fleece-like lining on the waistband


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 · Hanes Ultimate™ Women's Comfortsoft® Briefs 4-Pack

63. Hanes Signature Cotton Breathe Briefs 6-Pack

64. Hanes Signature Cotton Breathe Briefs

65. All Briefs in civil cases must be served on all the parties and on the clerk of the superior court (for delivery to the judge in the case) and must be filed in the appropriate appellate court (the Court of Appeal or the appellate division of the superior court).

66. HCUP Statistical Briefs provide healthcare statistics on hospital inpatient stays, emergency department visits, and ambulatory surgeries

67. More Details Chantelle Pyramide Lace-Inset Hipster Briefs Details Chantelle "Pyramide" hipster Briefs with lace-insets

68. Welcome to the CNATRA e-Briefs website Select a TRAINING WING

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What does write a brief mean?

Brief(adverb) soon; quickly. Brief(adj) a short concise writing or letter; a statement in few words. Brief(adj) an epitome. Brief(adj) an abridgment or concise statement of a client's case, made out for the instruction of counsel in a trial at law.

What is the difference between brief and short?

There's no difference in this context. "Brief" means short, but specifically when referring to duration, time, etc. "Short" means many things, but in the context of time, it is synonymous with "brief.". To my ear, "brief" is shorter or less significant than "short.".

What does the name brief mean?

Brief Name Meaning German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German brief 'letter', 'missive', German Brief, hence a metonymic occupational name for a letter carrier or scribe. French: nickname from bref 'short'.

What is a brief definition?

Definition of brief. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : short in duration, extent, or length a brief meeting. 2a : concise gave a brief description of events promises to be brief.

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