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briefing (noun) · briefings (plural noun)

  • a meeting for giving information or instructions.
  • the action of informing or instructing someone.
Synonyms: information . orientation . preparation . rundown . instructions . directions . guidelines . guidance . press conference . conference . meeting . backgrounder .


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1. has been a fan of Ford as an economic re-opening play in 2021

2. Briefing definition is - an act or instance of giving precise instructions or essential information.

3. Briefing synonyms, Briefing pronunciation, Briefing translation, English dictionary definition of Briefing

4. Briefing definition, a short, factual oral summary of the details of a current or projected military operation given to the participants or observers

5. 37 synonyms and near synonyms of Briefing from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

6. Find another word for Briefing.

7. uses cookies to store information on your computer that is essential for making the site work and customizing the user experience

8. Find 13 ways to say Briefing, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

9. If you disable the Briefing email at the tenant level, users in your organization will not receive the Briefing email, but individual users can override this tenant-level setting

10. To completely prevent a user from receiving the Briefing email, you must disable the Briefing email for that user with PowerShell

11. Briefing for Samsung puts what’s important at your fingertips

12. What does Briefing mean? The act or an instance of giving instructions or preparatory information to someone

13. Briefing with European and Eurasian Affairs Acting Assistant Secretary Philip T

14. Department Press Briefing – March 18, 2021

15. Briefing is optimized to show you the most relevant and actionable information that you need for the day ahead

16. You only get Briefing emails at the beginning of your workday if you have actionable tasks or meetings.

17. Briefing How-To Slide 10 Overview The hub-and-spoke is a well-tested structure for Briefings aimed at busy decisionmakers

18. Briefing - detailed instructions, as for a military operation making known , informing - a speech act that conveys information armed forces , armed services , military , military machine , war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now

19. Un Briefing es un documento en el que se expresan, de manera resumida, detalles sobre una empresa, proyecto o actividad a realizar.

20. Aunque es de uso extendido en el español, la palabra Briefing proviene del inglés “brief”, que significa breve, así que podría considerarse como …

21. For transcripts after 28 September 2020, look at the press Briefing packages above

22. See 3 authoritative translations of Briefing in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

23. Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine VRBPAC Briefing Document

24. ‎For more resources, including articles, The Briefing, Thinking in Public, and archived editions of his nationally-syndicated radio show, The Albert Mohler Program, be sure to visit

25. Briefing definition: A Briefing is a meeting at which information or instructions are given to people, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

26. In the case of the Briefing, usually, the audience includes journalists, politicians, and media people

27. If at the moment your audience is a college/university professor who will evaluate your ability to write a persuasive Briefing, imagine that in front of you, there are government officials.

28. Briefing translate: instrucciones, instrucciones, sesión informativa

29. Briefing email data uses Exchange Online email and calendar data and processes and stores any insights or actions inside your Exchange Online mailbox, so data security is built in and enforced by Exchange

30. Briefing emails do not include any new personally identifiable information about anybody else in your organization.

31. Briefingは、1998年にミル・スペックに準拠した真の“ミリタリズム-”を追求し、卓越した機能美を持つラゲッジレーベルとして開発されました。Briefingのモデル ラインナップは、洗練された様々なシーンを想定し、どのようなスタイルにもフィットできるように開発されています。

32. NOAA National Weather Service Briefing

33. NWS Binghamton weather Briefing are for the area show on the map below, this includes 17 counties in New York and 7 counties in Pennsylvania

34. FY 2022 Executive Budget Briefing Book 1 At this time last year, Governor Cuomo had made New York a model for fiscal discipline

35. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan held a Briefing

36. A Briefing paper helps bring a single issue to someone's attention and fills in key details he or she needs to know

37. Knowing how to write a Briefing paper is a useful skill for students, business …

38. NASA is hosting a media Briefing on Wednesday, Jan

39. Briefing Slides are graphics used during DOD Briefings and press conferences

40. The last 20 Briefing Slides are listed below

41. Older Briefing slides are available from the Briefing Slides Archive page.

42. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Veterans Affairs Secretary McDonough held a Briefing

43. What is the ethics Briefing? The Ethics Briefing is a concise summary of basic ethics standards

44. Why do I have to complete the Ethics Briefing? The State Executive Branch Ethics Law requires that each State Employee and State Officer complete an annual ethics Briefing.

45. Brady Press Briefing Room 12:36 P.M

46. 3/5/2021 Justice Briefing set for 11:00 a.m

47. This Briefing was originally scheduled for 10:30 a.m

48. NASA will hold a virtual media Briefing at 1:30 p.m

49. The following is a near-verbatim transcript of today’s noon Briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General

50. (Want to get this Briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.) Here are the week’s top

51. By Natasha Frost (Want to get this Briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.) Good morning

52. Carter and the GOP reps have requested a Briefing with newly-confirmed Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra to learn more …

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