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BRIDLEWAY [ˈbrīdl ˌpaTH]


  • a path or track used for horseback riding.
Synonyms: footpath . pathway . footway . pavement . track . trail . trackway . bridleway . ride . riding . towpath . walk . walkway . promenade . esplanade . avenue . lane . alley . alleyway . passage . passageway . byway . sidetrack . berm . causeway . sidewalk . bikeway . trace . pavé .

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1. Bridleway synonyms, Bridleway pronunciation, Bridleway translation, English dictionary definition of Bridleway

2. English: Bridleway n piste f cavalière

3. Bridleway - definition of Bridleway by The Free Dictionary.

4. A bridle path, also Bridleway, equestrian trail, horse riding path, ride, bridle road, or horse trail, is a path, trail or a thoroughfare that is used by people riding on horses

5. ‘The Bridleway became Bridleway 8 in the definitive map and statement.’ ‘The rural affairs minister, is rushing legislation through parliament to limit off-roaders' access to Bridleways.’ ‘Many Bridleways were closed for many months following the outbreak of the disease.’

6. Bridleway’s team love horses just as much as you do

7. Bridleway means a highway over which the public have rights of way on foot and on horseback, or when leading horses, with or without a right to drive any sort of animal along that highway

8. There is no other right of way on a Bridleway, except in certain circumstances for …

9. Anthony Lechuga with Steven Miller: Featured greenway: Beacon Street Bridleway

10. Bridleway on Central is a small, exclusive cul-de-sac community of just four large lots

11. Bridleway On Central is an exclusive cul-de-sac community with homes featuring authentic architectural detail.

12. I have a vague memory of someone suggesting an online map (Google maps style) that showed Bridleways for route planning, but I can’t for the life of me

13. UK Footpath, Bridleway and Byway maps

14. Bridleway a route which may be travelled by foot, on horseback or on a bicycle

15. The county council say the only way to get the footpath onto the Definitive Map as a Bridleway is to make a claim based on evidence of use by riders or cyclists

16. A Bridleway is the same as a bridle path.

17. 2 Bridleway Trl , Nashville, TN 37215-5500 is currently not for sale

18. Many Bridleways in England and Wales are rights of way, legally designated as "Public Bridleways": this gives a right to travel on foot or with a horse

19. (Where this is the case Bridleways are usually signed "no cycles".)

20. Bridleway (also: bridle path, bridle track, bridle road)

21. The Pennine Bridleway is one of the newest of the National Trails, its latest section having been opened by actor and horseman Martin Clunes in 2012

22. Bridleway முஸ்லீம் தமிழ் பெயர்கள் (Muslim Names Tamil)

23. You can agree to create a new public right of way or apply to your local authority to make an order extinguishing, diverting, upgrading or downgrading a footpath, Bridleway or restricted byway in

24. 4 Bridleway Trl is a house in Nashville, TN 37215

25. 4 Bridleway Trl was built in 2003.

26. Bridleway Creamery Co, 22 Sax Road, Wallkill, NY, 12589, United States (845)-554-2081 [email protected]

27. Property Overview - 17438 Bridleway Trl, Boca Raton, FL 33496 is a single family home built in 1990

28. The council proposes to carry out works on the Bridleway either under section 99 or 278 of the Highways Act 1980 and then adopt the same under the procedure in section 228

29. However I wonder what powers (if any) the council has to "upgrade" the classification of highway from Bridleway to a highway that can be used by the public for vehicular

30. Bridleway - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

31. Synonyms for Bridleway in Free Thesaurus

32. What are synonyms for Bridleway?

33. The average price for real estate on Bridleway Cir is $458,804

34. The average property tax on Bridleway Cir is $8,308/yr and the average house or building was built in 2007

35. The average household income in the Bridleway Cir area is $91,401

36. Select an address below to search who owns that property on Bridleway Cir and uncover many additional details.

37. Public Bridleways are open to walkers, horse-riders and cyclists Restricted byways are open to walkers, horse-riders, and drivers/riders of non-mechanically propelled vehicles (such as horse-drawn carriages and pedal cycles)

38. Synonyms for Bridleway include track, trail, path, ride, bridle path, horse trail, footpath, towpath, pathway and walkway

39. Bridleway is a 867 m less popular green singletrack trail located near Stevenage

40. More Stats for Bridleway bike trail trail

41. What just happened? One of our local groups took on the challenge of claiming a route as a Bridleway based on 20 years of uninterrupted use by cyclists

42. Bridleway Inc is a California Domestic Corporation filed On July 2, 2018

43. An experimental ban on motorbike scramblers using a Northumberland Bridleway is to be made permanent after proving a success in tackling damage to the rural route

44. Carmarthenshire Council admits there are fewer Bridleways compared to neighbouring counties but says a programme of improvements is under way.

45. 1 day ago · Bridleway 1 links Scrooby and Mattersey Thorpe

46. Following months of planning, Via East Midlands – a company wholly owned by Nottinghamshire County Council – are currently on-site working to install a new bridge which will allow walkers, cyclist and horse riders to use the Bridleway for the first time in over 12 months.

47. Bridleway (plural Bridleways) A path for riding a horse (which is controlled by a bridle)

48. We're dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the UK’s equestrian access network and our team of 280 local volunteer Access and Bridleway Officers and local equestrian groups mean you've always got help and representation close by.

49. Bridleway is a beautiful semi-detached house with a traditional country cottage style

50. 4591 E Bridleway Rd #84, Eagle Mountain, UT is a condo home

51. The Pennine Bridleway project team was appointed by the Countryside Agency and work began shortly

52. In 2000 there was a proposal for an extension to the Pennine Bridleway from Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, to Byrness, Northumberland

53. The Bridleway is pre 1959 and as such I understand the surface is owned by and the responsibility of the local authority

54. There are different landowners on each side of the Bridleway and in the absence of contrary evidence we assume they own the subsoil co-extensive with their property.

55. View 39 photos for 17431 Bridleway Trl, Boca Raton, FL 33496 a 4 bed, 5 bath, 4,242 Sq

56. Since 2009 Bridleway Equestrian have been dedicated to designing products that meet the needs of

57. And Janine Griffin Attacked on horses by stallion on a public Bridleway

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What is the definition of a bridleway?

Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: 1 bridleway (Noun)nA path for riding a horse (which is controlled by a bridle). 2 bridleway (Noun)n(Enghland) A right of way defined in law, over which the public have the right to travel on foot or on... More ...

What is another word for Bridleway?

A "ride" is another term used for a bridleway: "a path or track, esp. one through a wood, usually made for riding on horseback" ( Oxford English Dictionary ).

What is a bridleway in London?

Cyclists using a bridleway are obliged to give way to other users on foot or horseback pursuant to the Countryside Act 1968. In London's Hyde Park the sand-covered avenue of Rotten Row is maintained as a bridleway and forms part of Hyde Park's South Ride.

Is it difficult to exercise on a bridleway?

Thus the right to cycle exists even though it may be difficult to exercise on occasion, especially in winter. Cyclists using a bridleway are obliged to give way to other users on foot or horseback pursuant to the Countryside Act 1968.

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