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1. Bridle definition is - the headgear with which a horse is governed and which carries a bit and reins

Bridle, Bit

2. How to use Bridle in a sentence


3. Bridle The headgear with which a horse is guided


4. Horses become quite adroit at spitting out Bridle bits so a well-designed Bridle is a necessity.

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5. Anything that restrains or curbs: His common sense is a Bridle to his quick temper


6. How does the verb Bridle contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of Bridle are check, curb, and restrain


7. While all these words mean "to hold back from or control in doing something," Bridle implies keeping under control by subduing or holding in. Bridle an impulse to throw the book down

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12. A Bridle (or cage, isolating column, bypass pipe, external chamber, etc.) is a vertical pipe connected to the side of a storage tank or process vessel typically with …

Bridle, Bypass

13. A nasal Bridle is a securement method used to discourage patients, young or old, from pulling on their nasoenteric feeding tube


14. Bridle is an associate professor and viral immunologist in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph


15. A Bridle is a special piping arrangement done by the piping designer to hold the Level Instruments for a Vessel or Tank

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16. See example of an Instrument Bridle below.

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17. Find 39 ways to say Bridle, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


18. : A nasal Bridle is a securement method used to discourage patients, young or old, from pulling on their nasoenteric feeding tube


19. A curb or check: put a Bridle on spending.


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22. Each line was designed by the riders at SmartPak and crafted from the finest Bridle leather available.

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23. When you're riding a horse and scream "Whoa!" to make it stop, you're pulling on the reins, which are attached to a thing called the Bridle, the buckled straps around a horse's head that help you control its …

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25. This Bridle is crafted from durable, supple, vegetable-tanned leather and features a beautiful black color and topaz-colored crystal detailing on the curved browband

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28. NAS: himself to be religious, and yet does not Bridle his tongue KJV: to be religious, and Bridleth not his INT: to be not bridling [the] tongue of himself

Be, Bridle, Bridleth, Bridling

29. James 3:2 V-ANA GRK: ἀνήρ δυνατὸς χαλιναγωγῆσαι καὶ ὅλον NAS: man, able to Bridle the whole body KJV: also to Bridle the whole INT: man able to Bridle

Bridle, Body

30. What does Bridle mean? To Bridle is to put headgear on a horse to control it, or to bring something under control

Bridle, Bring

31. English Bridle (sides) Labor-intensive and incredibly appealing, English Bridle is a traditional leather with a variety of uses, from classic equestrian gear to high-end leather goods


32. Drum dyed and hot stuffed, English Bridle is smooth, flexible yet durable.


33. Double Bridle: A horse Bridle with four reins and two bits

Bridle, Bits

34. Sidepull Bridle: A biteless horse Bridle that guides your horse through pressure on its cheekpieces and nasal bone.

Bridle, Biteless, Bone

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36. Inflections of ' Bridle ' (v): (⇒ conjugate)


37. Bridal is related to a bride, but Bridle refers to a part of a horse's harness and what you do with it.Although the words sound the same, they run in different circles unless you're getting a horse ready for her wedding

Bridal, Bride, But, Bridle

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40. Bridle definition: A Bridle is a set of straps that is put around a horse's head and mouth so that the Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


41. Equestrian Bridle bags from Schneiders amp up your competitive style with classic details and serious protection for your gear

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42. With personalization options and high-quality features, our Bridle bags help you stay organized and look professional while traveling the circuit.

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45. KJV Dictionary Definition: Bridle Bridle


46. Feb 6, 2021 - Explore Mistress Hu's board "scold's Bridles", followed by 187 people on Pinterest

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47. See more ideas about scolds Bridle, Bridles, torture devices.

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48. Bridle n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


49. (harness) briglia nf sostantivo femminile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere femminile: scrittrice, aquila, lampada, moneta, felicità : A horse with only a Bridle on ran into the road

Briglia, Bridle

50. ‘The man reaching for the Bridle saw Kemp and dropped the Bridle of his horse like it was a hot poker.’ ‘Lila nodded and offered them two horses' Bridles.’ ‘Flags flew on each wagon and there were ribbons on the horses' Bridles.’

Bridle, Bridles

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52. The Bridle is a leather harness mounted on the horse's head to give the rider better control of his steed, which is needed not only for general riding, but also for mounted combat or …

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55. A bitless Bridle is a general term describing a wide range of headgear for horses or other animals that controls the animal without using a bit.Direction control may also be via a noseband or cavesson, if one is used.The term hackamore is the most historically accurate word for most common forms of bitless headgear

Bitless, Bridle, Bit, Be

56. A good quality English Bridle can make all the difference in the communication between you and your horse

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57. Jeffers offers dressage Bridles, stitched Bridles, split rein Bridles, training Bridles and more, made with quality materials like leather and nylon.


58. Bridle (n.) "headpiece of a horse's harness," used to govern and restrain the animal, Old English bridel "a Bridle, a restraint," related to bregdan "move quickly," from Proto-Germanic *bregdilaz (see braid (v.))

Bridle, Bridel, Bregdan, Bregdilaz, Braid

59. A scold's Bridle, sometimes called a witch's Bridle, a brank's Bridle, or simply branks, was an instrument of punishment, as a form of torture and public humiliation

Bridle, Brank, Branks

60. Bri'-d'-l (methegh wa-recen): The two words occur in conjunction (Psalms 32:9 the King James Version, "Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding; whose mouth must be held in with bit and Bridle, lest they come near unto thee"; the Revised Version (British and American)) "else they will not come near unto thee," margin, "that they come not near."

Bri, Be, Bit, Bridle, British

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BRIDLE [ˈbrīdl]

bridle (noun) · bridles (plural noun)

bridle (verb) · bridles (third person present) · bridled (past tense) · bridled (past participle) · bridling (present participle)

  • put a bridle on (a horse).
  • bring (something) under control; curb.
Synonyms: harness . yoke . saddle . couple . curb . restrain . hold back . bite back . control . check . govern . master . repress . suppress . subdue . stifle .