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23. Justice Stephen Breyer is making a similar and arguably even more egregious mistake

24. The evident indifference on the part of Democrats regarding the failure of Justice Breyer

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27. Senate, some liberal activists are calling for liberal Justice Stephen Breyer to make retirement plans so Democratic President-elect Joe Biden quickly can appoint a successor to the Supreme Court's oldest member

28. Breyer, 82, has served on the nation's top judicial body since 1994, having been appointed by a Democratic president, Bill Clinton.

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32. An op-ed published on Monday by The New York Times is calling on Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire 'immediately' while a Democrat is in the White House.


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39. Breyer, 82, is the oldest member of the court and one of the three remaining appointees by Democratic presidents

40. Breyer is the ninth-oldest justice in the Supreme Court’s history, recently passing Justice Louis Brandeis

41. A Democratic president has not filled a Supreme Court vacancy in more than a decade, so liberals are anticipating the possible retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, who …

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46. Stephen Gerald Breyer was born on August 15, 1938, in San Francisco, California

47. Liberals are starting to push for Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, to resign so Joe Biden can replace him with a much-younger jurist once Democrats take control of the Senate

48. "Justice Breyer's service on the court has been remarkable

49. Mark Breyer is certified by the State Board of Arizona as a specialist in personal injury and wrongful death law – a distinction that only 1% of lawyers earn

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52. Breyer (born July 26, 1961) is an American venture capitalist, founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, an investment and venture philanthropy firm, and a partner at Accel Partners, a venture capital firm.Breyer has invested in over 40 companies that have gone public or completed a merger, with some of these investments, including Facebook, earning over 100 times cost and many others over

53. Breyer's departure wouldn't do anything to change the conservatives' 6-3 edge on the Supreme Court

54. 2 days ago · Breyer’s career stands as a monument to the idea of a Supreme Court justice as a wise, practical actor who strives to make the system of government work effectively and efficiently.

55. Breyer has been involved in many First Amendment cases

56. Breyer was the determinative vote in two Supreme Court cases involving the display of the Ten Commandments

57. 2 days ago · Supreme Court Associate Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the 2014 State of the Union address

58. Breyer’s departure wouldn’t do anything to change the conservatives’ 6-3 edge on the Supreme Court

59. Breyer Capital is a premier global venture capital and private equity investor focused on catalyzing high-impact entrepreneurs in the United States and China

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61. Breyer is internationally known as clinical expert in performing complex urethral and penile reconstruction for urethra stricture and cosmetic disfigurement, male incontinence, male fistula, surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction, and transgender surgery.

62. Breyer synonyms, Breyer pronunciation, Breyer translation, English dictionary definition of Breyer

63. Breyer's comment came after he was asked if he supports judicial term limits, especially as confirmation battles for judges became increasingly contentious throughout President Trump's tenure.

64. Poliklinika i laboratorij Breyer pruža vrhunsku stručnu uslugu širokog spektra medicinsko biokemijskih, mikrobioloških i citoloških analiza

65. Yet something clicked when Lord Blakenham's 24-year-old daughter, Joanna Freda Hare, met Stephen Breyer at a Georgetown dinner party in 1966, when he was a 28-year-old Justice Department aide and

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Is Breyer a good Supreme Court justice?

Breyer has consistently voted in favor of abortion rights, one of the most controversial areas of the Supreme Court's docket. He has also defended the Court's use of foreign law and international law as persuasive (but not binding) authority in its decisions.

What is Breyer's judicial philosophy?

Breyer expounded his judicial philosophy in 2005 in Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution. In it, Breyer urges judges to interpret legal provisions (of the Constitution or of statutes) in light of the purpose of the text and how well the consequences of specific rulings fit those purposes.

Who is Stephen Breyer's grandfather?

Irving Breyer was legal counsel for the San Francisco Board of Education. Stephen Breyer and his younger brother, Charles, a federal district judge, are both Eagle Scouts of San Francisco's Troop 14. Breyer's paternal great-grandfather emigrated from Romania to the United States, settling in Cleveland, where Breyer's grandfather was born.

What is Breyer's view on legal theory?

In his 2005 book Active Liberty, Breyer made his first attempt to systematically lay out his views on legal theory, arguing that the judiciary should seek to resolve issues in a manner that encourages popular participation in governmental decisions.

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