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1. Randonneuring rides (called populaires or Brevets) vary in length between 100 km (62 miles) and 1200 km (750 miles)

Brevets, Between

2. Check our calendar for upcoming populaires and Brevets and come join us on a ride!


3. Brevets were not held for six years during and following the Great War


4. There were a few, literally just several, Brevets in Occupied France but, for the most part, randonneuring ceased for a decade during and after the Second War

Brevets, But

5. The majority of Brevets are relatively small and locally organised, making for a busy calendar of events for enthusiasts

Brevets, Busy

6. Brevets synonyms, Brevets pronunciation, Brevets translation, English dictionary definition of Brevets


7. Les Brevets cités sont des Brevets prioritaires (donc antérieur dans le temps au brevet qui mentionne cette priorité)

Brevets, Brevet

8. L'ensemble formé par ce jeu de priorités est nommé une famille de Brevets


9. Le ou les premiers Brevets déposés dans une famille n'ont donc pas de priorité.


10. L'information Brevets de l’OEB concernant la situation juridique des Brevets vous permet de voir si et où un brevet a été délivré, s’il est en vigueur, s’il peut encore être contesté, etc.

Brevets, Brevet

11. Espacenet: accès gratuit à plus de 120 millions documents de Brevets


12. NER is back in 2021! Specific details are TBD but we intend to offer Brevets and Pops in 2021, one way or another

Back, But, Brevets

13. Brevets, technologie et développement


14. Une des principales fonctions du système des Brevets est de stimuler l’innovation technologique tout en encourageant la recherche-développement


15. Le système des Brevets vise également à diffuser l’information technique et à promouvoir le transfert de technologie.


16. Definition of Brevets in the dictionary


17. What does Brevets mean? Information and translations of Brevets in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions


18. Brevet (plural Brevets) A military document entitling a commissioned officer to hold a higher rank temporarily, but without an increase in pay

Brevet, Brevets, But

19. Brevets-259178-265491-LIEGE-BELGIUM

Brevets, Belgium

20. Traductions de Brevets La traduction de Brevets et de textes s'y rapprochant, par ex


21. Les textes de demande de brevet dans les offices de Brevets et surveillance de Brevets internationaux

Brevet, Brevets

22. Brevets organized by clubs of the Audax India Randonneurs

Brevets, By

23. For many years, the Santa Rosa Cycling Club has offered a series of events known as Brevets


24. · What is a Populaire? - A Populaire is a brevet-format ride shorter than 200km (100km-199km), run under the same rules and using the same kind of control cards as Brevets

Brevet, Brevets

25. · Learn about Brevets - Populaires let you learn how Brevets work and get inside tips from brevet veterans

Brevets, Brevet

26. · Prepare for the spring Brevets - Spring populaires help you build conditioning and pacing for the Brevets that

Brevets, Build

27. A compter du 28 avril 2021, la base Brevets sera accessible uniquement sur vous invitons à tester dès maintenant nos recherches avancées.

Base, Brevets

28. Brevets sanctioned by RUSA are of the "allure libre" type since we are affiliated with the ACP

Brevets, By

29. Quand on pense "Brevets", on pense souvent "protection de l'innovation" ou des inventeurs


30. RAF Wings & Brevets Please find below our selection of WW2 Reproduction RAF wings

Brevets, Below

31. Traductions de Brevets La traduction de Brevets et de textes s'y rapprochant, par ex


32. Les textes de demande de brevet dans les offices de Brevets et surveillance de Brevets internationaux

Brevet, Brevets

33. The key objectives of ICB Ingénieurs Conseils en Brevets S.A


34. Created in March 2011, France Brevets is the first investment fund fully dedicated to patent promotion and monetization in Europe


35. Funded with €100 million, France Brevets deploys a broad array

Brevets, Broad

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BREVETS [brəˈvet]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name brevet mean?

According to a user from Minnesota, U.S., the name Brevet is of Scandinavian origin and means "'the letter'". Search for more names by meaning. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Brevet to us below

What is the definition of brevet?

Definition of brevet. (Entry 1 of 2) : a commission giving a military officer higher nominal rank than that for which pay is received.

What does brevet rank mean?

In many of the world's military establishments, a brevet ( /brəˈvɛt/ (listen) or /ˈbrɛvɪt/ (listen)) was a warrant giving a commissioned officer a higher rank title as a reward for gallantry or meritorious conduct but without conferring the authority, precedence, or pay of real rank.

What does brevet mean in French?

[French usage] Brevet(noun) a commission giving an officer higher rank than that for which he receives pay; an honorary promotion of an officer. Brevet(verb) to confer rank upon by brevet. Brevet(adj) taking or conferring rank by brevet; as, a brevet colonel; a brevet commission.

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