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breeding (noun)

  • the mating and production of offspring by animals.
  • the activity of controlling the mating and production of offspring of animals.
Synonyms: reproduction . reproducing . procreation . multiplying . propagation . mating . rearing . raising . nurturing .


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1. Breeding synonyms, Breeding pronunciation, Breeding translation, English dictionary definition of Breeding

2. One's line of descent; ancestry: a person of noble Breeding

3. Breeding definition is - the action or process of bearing or generating

4. How to use Breeding in a sentence.

5. The optimal Breeding day for litter size is two days post-ovulation, as determined by your veterinarian based on progesterone measurements

6. Breeding is a player-owned farm mechanic that can happen between mature animals (Adult or Elder) at the Manor Farm or the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm

7. This most commonly will happen in Breeding pen/paddock, but can also happen in other pens, albeit taking much longer.

8. Breeding fish in a home aquarium isn't as easy as simply sticking a male and female of the same species together and hoping for the best—it requires careful preparation and monitoring

9. MY BOY LUKE 16.3 HANDS + COLORS OF FALL 17 HANDS - horse Breeding - horse mating - to do this without hand Breeding with these expensive horses MAKE SURE YOUR MARE IS FULLY IN HEAT AND THAT YOU HAVE A GENTLE STALLION!! - this is Breeding in a riding arena rather than hand Breeding or in a field --- it is natural and you can still keep an eye on them -

10. The bottom right Breeding Chance Level is the best possible outcome for the two parents you chose

11. In the image above, the highest possible Breeding Chance Level is 12

12. Breeding Chance Levels often include a wide variety of Horse Levels.

13. View 2 660 NSFW pictures and videos and enjoy Breeding with the endless random gallery on

14. Animal Breeding is the selective mating of animals to increase the possibility of obtaining desired traits in the offspring

15. Breeding definition, the producing of offspring

16. Breeding one of these with a compatible Pokémon will give you either the male or female variant

17. For example, Breeding a male Golduck with Nidoran♀ would yield either Nidoran♀ or Nidoran♂

18. Note that in Generation 2-4 Breeding the male variant with Ditto only produces a male egg.

19. Goat Breeding is a very important process for goat farming business

20. Breeding is sexual reproduction that produces offspring, usually animals or plants

21. Breeding in the wild, the natural process of reproduction in the animal kingdom; Animal husbandry, through selected specimens such as dogs, horses, and rabbits; Sexual reproduction of plants

22. Most best Breeding horse - Big male horse vs Nice mare.Most best Breeding horse - Big male horse vs Nice mare.Horse-Breeding 4 - Belgische trekpaarden Mare i

23. Breeding involves combining two monsters to result in another monster

24. Only certain monsters are breedable, although unbreedable monster are regularly offered or rewarded during Breeding events

25. Monsters breed at the Breeding Mountain

26. Speed up the Breeding process with gems! The Breeding

27. American Kennel Club is the go-to resource for dog Breeding

28. Read advice, info and tips from our experts about Breeding puppies.

29. The rates when Breeding a Shiny Pokemon are the same as when trying to catch a Pokemon (without the total battled Pokemon multiplier) but there is an additional method: Breeding

30. Find professional Horse Breeding videos and stock footage available for license in film, television, advertising and corporate uses

31. Breeding is a game mechanic that was introduced in Beta 1.9 pre-release 2

32. This feature allows players to produce an endless supply of certain types of animals, as long as they have the required materials to initiate Breeding

33. After Breeding, it takes about 150 days for full-size goats to kid

34. Animal Breeding - Animal Breeding - Breeding: Breeding objectives can be discussed in terms of changing the genetic makeup of a population of animals, where population is defined as a recognized breed

35. Choice of Breeding goals and design of an effective Breeding program is usually not an easy task

36. Complicating the implementation of a Breeding program is the number of generations needed to

37. The Breeding strength value is then translated into how fast the Pokémon will breed (or if it will breed at all) with the following table

38. Satisfaction Strength Text Duration of Breeding process Duration per Breeding stage <35 0 "Pokémon 1 has a crush on Pokémon 2, but doesn't feel comfortable in this environment!"

39. Plant Breeding — the science of maximizing plants’ positive genetic traits to produce desirable effects — continues to open new frontiers in agricultural production

40. Advancements in plant genetics and genomics, when used in Breeding, help support higher production and cultivation of crops resistant to pests, pathogens, and drought.

41. What is Dog Breeding Business? As we have mentioned above, dog Breeding is actually a purposeful bringing together of a stud (this is the male dog that performs the Breeding on the bitch) and a bitch (this term is used for a female dog) during the fertile portion of the bitch’s heat cycle in order for the animals to mate and produce a litter.

42. Capetsma Fish Breeding Box, Acrylic Fish Isolation Box with Suction Cups, Aquarium Acclimation Hatchery Incubator for Baby Fishes Shrimp Clownfish and Guppy

43. The North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) is the primary source for critical quantitative data to evaluate the status of continental bird species, keeping common birds common and helping fuel a $75 billion wildlife watching industry.

44. The Worlds most Comprehensive Insect Breeding Guides (Crickets, Cockroaches, Mealworms) Our books and training are the most comprehensive on the market and are the only book available that covers both private and commercial production in detail

45. For instance our Cricket Breeding Manual is 160 pages and 240 color photos and sets a benchmark for

46. Welfare Considerations in Rehoming Breeding Dogs

47. Improving canine welfare in commercial Breeding operations: evaluating rehoming candidate and practices

48. Plant Breeding is an important tool in promoting global food security, and many staple crops have been bred to better withstand extreme weather conditions associated with global warming, such as drought or heat waves

49. One of the aims of virtually every Breeding project is to increase yield.

50. Find 23 ways to say Breeding, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

51. Dog Breeding is the practice of mating selected dogs with the intention of maintaining or producing specific qualities and characteristics

52. When dogs reproduce without such human intervention, their offspring's characteristics are determined by natural selection, while "dog Breeding" refers specifically to the artificial selection of dogs, in which dogs are intentionally bred by their owners.

53. The Breeding Den is the only place where Dragons can breed in order to obtain other Dragons and, thus, one of the most important buildings in the game

54. Upon being selected, the Breeding Den offers three Breeding options, namely , and buttons, and one option for displaying information about the basics of Breeding and Enchanted Breeding.

55. Breeding behavior is triggered primarily by the increasing day length in spring and subsequent hormonal response

56. Unusually warm or cold spells may accelerate or slow Breeding activity slightly

57. Horse Breeding is reproduction in horses, and particularly the human-directed process of selective Breeding of animals, particularly purebred horses of a given breed.Planned matings can be used to produce specifically desired characteristics in domesticated horses

58. Furthermore, modern Breeding management and technologies can increase the rate of conception, a healthy pregnancy, …

59. Breeding is the main way to obtain Dragons.Breeding is done by pairing two adult Dragons (Level 4 or higher) in the Breeding Den, the only place where Dragons can breed.The amount of time it will take to breed a Dragon is determined by the Elements and type of the two Dragons being bred together and the Dragon which will be produced from that Breeding.

60. This is the main article for Breeding

61. For the category, see Category:Breeding

62. This page is a quick reference for Breeding new monsters! Please note the following: Visit the Breeding Structure page for some discussion of which combination is "best." When choosing which monsters to breed, it does not matter which monster is on the left or right column

63. One critical factor in a successful Breeding program is the overall health of the mare

64. A mare's body condition directly affects her Breeding ability

65. When Breeding to your own lionesses, you will only lose -5% energy upon a successful breed, rather than the -10% energy you would have lost if she belonged to an outside pride

66. If your lioness is any older than 14, she will be unable to breed, even with the use of Breeding items.

67. Mouse Breeding Performance Optimizing Breeding Performance Factors to consider To optimize the Breeding performance of laboratory mice, observe the following practices: 1

68. MDR1 Breeding Guidelines This chart provides guidelines for consideration when owners are contemplating Breeding dogs that may be affected by the MDR1 mutation

69. While it is ideal to use only "Normal/Normal" Breeding pairs, one must always consider other genetic factors in …

70. Even when Breeding 2 long maned horses, there's a high chance the foal will simply have the standard one or the one a little longer

71. Our team is working on a game called "Breeding Farm"

72. It is a game for adults and the concept of the game is heavily based after the original game called "Breeding Season"

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