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BREAKER [ˈbrākər]

breaker (noun) · breakers (plural noun)

  • a heavy sea wave that breaks into white foam on the shore or a shoal.
Synonyms: wave . roller . comber . bombora . billow .

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22. Breaker definition: Breakers are big sea waves, especially at the point when they just reach the shore

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43. 2.3—If there is a light fixture closeby, turn it on, and with the help of someone else to tell when the light will go off, test each 120 volts circuit Breakers to find the one that will turn off the

44. Twitter has acquired social broadcasting app Breaker, the companies announced today via a combination of blog posts and tweets

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46. Shame Breaker for Kids is a four-week Bible study on the topic of shame and how we can overcome it through Christ, ideal for children between five and eleven years old.

47. Designed as a companion study with Shame Breaker, the Love God Greatly study journal contains a four-week reading plan about the impact of shame in our lives and the ways God has and will continue to redeem us from the power

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What does the name Breaker mean?

n. 1. One that breaks, as a machine for breaking up or crushing a substance, such as rock, coal, or plant fibers. 2. A circuit breaker. 3. A wave that crests or breaks into foam, as against a shoreline. 4. One who break dances. n. Nautical A small water cask, often used in lifeboats.

What does breaker mean?

breaker(Noun) A person who specializes in breaking things. breaker(Noun) A wave breaking into foam against the shore, or against a sand bank, or a rock or reef near the surface, considered a useful warning to ships of an underwater hazard. breaker(Noun) A breakdancer.

What are the differents between breaker?

Differences between Circuit Breaker and Fuse

Characteristics Fuse Circuit Breaker
Construction A fuse (especially fuse element or fuse ... A circuit breaker has an internal ...
Function Provides detection as well as interrupti ... Provides interruption only. Faults detec ...
Operation Fully Automatic Process. Automatic and Manual.
13 more rows ... Dec 30 2020

What is the definition of breakers?

breakers - waves breaking on the shore. surf, breaker. moving ridge, wave - one of a series of ridges that moves across the surface of a liquid (especially across a large body of water)

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