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1. Definition of Brasserie : an informal usually French restaurant serving simple hearty food Examples of Brasserie in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The Brasserie was really the blue collar food …

Brasserie, Blue

2. Shredded pork, Brasserie greens & provolone cheese on a hard roll … 13


3. : an informal usually French restaurant serving simple hearty food While studying abroad, The Brasserie Co-Founder Michele Roesch fell in love with the simplicity and charm of the French Brasserie.   The Brasseries were places of familiarity where customers relaxed in comfort to socialize and enjoy distinctive French cuisine and drink.

Brasserie, Brasseries

4. Brasserie du Soleil, located in Lumina Station on Eastwood Road, is the place to go for authentic French cuisine in Wilmington


5. Open for lunch and dinner, The Brasserie features an extensive French fare including pate, escargot, plateaus de fromages, bouillabaisse, steak au poivre, as well as a full raw bar and entrees including beef and lamb.

Brasserie, Bouillabaisse, Bar, Beef

6. Brasserie is a casual dining BYOB restaurant

Brasserie, Byob

7. Bring your favorite bottle with you and our attentive staff will uncork and serve it to you table side. Brasserie offers BYOB services with no corkage fee! RESERVE A TABLE TODAY

Bring, Bottle, Brasserie, Byob

8. The Northshore Brasserie is a family owned, full-service restaurant and bar serving homemade French Belgian cuisine in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere

Brasserie, Bar, Belgian

9. We are a rustic Brasserie style restaurant showing food the same reverence as our beer and giving old world European comfort dishes and American classics new life.

Brasserie, Beer

10. "Midtown's downtown restaurant," Brasserie has been an iconic fixture in the Seagram building on E.53rd Street since 1959

Brasserie, Been, Building

11. Offering updated French Brasserie fare and a collection of exceedingly decadent desserts in a futuristic, ultra-sleek cosmopolitan setting.


12. George espresso liqueur $ 14 *Brasserie 19 is a non-smoking environment including pipe and cigar smoking on the patio.


13. Brasserie 19 is dedicated to providing an experience of undeniable culinary excellence with superb service, fueled by one of the city’s best wine lists

Brasserie, By, Best

14. Brasserie 19’s Wine Room, intimately placed in the back of the restaurant with private access to the bar, can accommodate up to 40 seated with prix fixe menu service and wine pairings.

Brasserie, Back, Bar

15. Brasserie Capitale is your premier destination for French cuisine in Sacramento


16. We opened The Brasserie in 1997 and have built a reputation for our sustainable, ethical and environmental values

Brasserie, Built

17. Brasserie V We are a casual, European-inspired neighborhood Brasserie located on Madison’s historic Monroe Street


18. Jacques’ Brasserie and Bar Rouge are located in the back lower level of L’Auberge Chez François

Brasserie, Bar, Back

19. Shop Williams Sonoma's Brasserie Dinnerware collection


20. Northshore Brasserie has the best profiteroles baked fresh pastries on the planet

Brasserie, Best, Baked

21. Brasserie by Niche has exquisite food, delightful cocktails, and truly exceptional service

Brasserie, By

22. Anything you order here will be excellent, but my favorite items are the beignets, gougères, Brasserie burger, and steak frites.

Be, But, Beignets, Brasserie, Burger

23. La Brasserie Bistro & Bar is a traditional French Brasserie restaurant serving farm-fresh seasonal fare catering to the discerning palate of the modern connoisseur

Brasserie, Bistro, Bar

24. The House Brasserie evokes a bygone era, a time when service and hospitality mattered most in the dining experience

Brasserie, Bygone

25. Introducing the Authentic Parisian Brasserie, making everything from scratch daily and using classic French


26. Here at Brasserie Central, we bake everything in-house! Natural, organic, no artificial flavoring and no additives

Brasserie, Bake

27. BEER, COCKTAILS & WINE BY THE GLASS WINE LIST DESSERTS LUNCH Please note: Brasserie du Soleil places a small charge on all Take Out orders to help us continue to use environmentally friendly and microwave safe packaging where possible

Beer, By, Brasserie

28. The Brasserie at Monkless Belgian Ales is a highly curated restaurant and taproom that fuses the delicious tastes of European Cuisine and intentionally pairs them with Monkless’ award-winning Belgian-style ales

Brasserie, Belgian

29. Situated on the Deschutes River, The Brasserie offers some of the most impressive views the city of Bend has to offer, the new

Brasserie, Bend

30. COVID update: Brasserie by Niche has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options

Brasserie, By

31. 617 reviews of Brasserie by Niche "We were invited to try Brasserie when it opened for friends and family only, before it officially opened for business on November 17, 2009

Brasserie, By, Before, Business

32. Brasserie 2.0 We at Brasserie 2.0 provide an array of fresh and healthy dining options throughout the day, as well as a last minute cuisine using seasonal produce fresh from the market


33. Brasserie 292 combines the old-world charm of Poughkeepsie's historic Main Street district with a timeless, classic Brasserie fare


34. Brasserie on 3 offers an innovative menu with an emphasis on the finest seasonal produce - with organic, locally and sustainably sourced ingredients taking center stage


35. Brasserie synonyms, Brasserie pronunciation, Brasserie translation, English dictionary definition of Brasserie


36. Sip Downtown Brasserie, Huntington, West Virginia


37. 1947 Brasserie is a brand new French Brasserie which first opened its doors in mid December 2020

Brasserie, Brand

38. Blurring the lines between bistro and Brasserie, 1947 Brasserie features a relaxed environment with an incredible selection of wines and beers to accompany you with a …

Blurring, Between, Bistro, Brasserie, Beers

39. Brasserie by Niche — 4580 Laclede Ave Saint Louis, MO — (314) 454-0600 4580 Laclede Ave Saint Louis , MO 63108 ( Central West End)

Brasserie, By

40. BARDOT Brasserie will be on your right-hand side

Bardot, Brasserie, Be

41. Brasserie Gavroche’s Menus Chef Owner Frederic Colin shares his family recipes of authentic French food, oft-forgotten Parisian dishes carefully passed down from his Chef Grandfather Henri


42. With its unmistakable ambience of Parisian chic, coupled with exceptional Brasserie cuisine and service, Brasserie Gavroche is the perfect backdrop for a

Brasserie, Backdrop

43. Check out the menu for Brasserie.The menu includes wine menu, lunch menu, brunch menu, and dinner menu

Brasserie, Brunch

44. Brasserie is just the place with its authentic French atmosphere


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BRASSERIE [ˌbrasəˈrē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for Brasserie?

Noun. A convenience store, originally one that sold coffee and similar basic items. cafe. buffet. bistro. brasserie. cafeteria. cybercafe.

What does Brasserie mean in French?

The term brasserie is French for "brewery", from Middle French brasser "to brew", from Old French bracier, from Vulgar Latin braciare, of Celtic origin.

What does brassiere mean in Urban Dictionary?

A brassiere, commonly referred to as a bra, is a woman's undergarment that supports her breasts. Bras are typically form-fitting and perform a variety of functions and have also evolved into a fashion item. The primary purpose of a bra is to support the woman's breasts.

What does Brassier mean?

brassiere(Noun) An item of underwear worn to support the breasts; now commonly shortened to bra.

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