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  • wave or flourish (something, especially a weapon) as a threat or in anger or excitement.
Synonyms: flourish . wave . shake . wield . raise . swing . twirl . wag . swish . flap . display . flaunt . show off .

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1. Flourished the winning lottery ticket brandish implies threatening or menacing motion. Brandishing

2. brandish verb wave, raise, display, shake, swing, exhibit, flourish, wield, flaunt He appeared in the lounge Brandishing a knife

3. You immediately don’t trust the reasoning and rationale of the person doing the Brandishing. Each person you see is a witness in this event

4. Find 27 ways to say Brandishing, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

5. For the purpose of our discussion, Brandishing is the unnecessary and unlawful display of a defensive firearm

6. The most important thing for everyone to understand is that the specific legal definition of Brandishing may differ from state to state.

7. Definition Of Brandishing Or Drawing A Firearm Under Penal Code 417 Brandishing or drawing a firearm, or other deadly weapon, can be a serious offense under Penal Code Section 417 if the following 4 elements of the crime are proved: You took out, exhibited or drew a firearm, or other deadly weapon

8.Brandishing” means to draw or exhibit a deadly weapon or firearm, or to use one in a fight

9. Brandishing or Display of Firearm Statutes After Getting many questions on this issue we are looking at adding this info to each states page as it is listed below

10. Good "Brandishing" law There are times where a weapon is drawn in self defensebut does not end in firing the weapon

11. The misguided antigun lawyer will argue..that such actions amount to Brandishing

12. To shake or wave, as a weapon; flourish: Brandishing his sword, he rode into battle.

13. brandish verb wave, raise, display, shake, swing, exhibit, flourish, wield, flaunt He appeared in the lounge Brandishing a knife

14. Brandishing In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

15. Their fiery speeches, their ' secret ' gatherings so easily penetrated by informers, their Brandishing

16. Brandishing means showing the weapon, or exhibiting it to another person, “in a rude, angry or threatening manner” or using it in a “fight or quarrel.” One does not need to point the weapon at the other person

17. Brandishing a weapon or firearm – PC 417, aiming or pointing a laser scope or pointer – PC 417.25, and; assault with a firearm – PC 245a2; 5.1 Brandishing a weapon or firearm – PC 417

18. Pointing, holding, or Brandishing firearm, air or gas operated weapon or object similar in appearance; penalty.

19. Brandishing deadly weapons; threatening or causing breach of the peace; criminal penalties

20. Brandishing is one thing, but aiming is the ultimate Brandishing, Ammann said — and it could count as assault under Missouri law

21. Brandishing a firearm in public is a misdemeanor under Michigan law

22. Come, O thou of golden face, Brandishing your thyrsus along Olympus, and restrain the insolence of the blood-thirsty man

23. The Notus led the way, and they started to hop about, Brandishing their spears

24. Hawkeye was in front, Brandishing his terrible rifle and animating his followers by his example.

25. Brandishing a Firearm in Public

26. Michigan Compiled Laws §750.234e prohibits individuals from willfully and knowingly Brandishing a firearm in public

27. According to MCL §750.222(c), the term "Brandishing" as used in this statute refers to pointing, waving, or displaying a firearm with …

28. To wave something in the air in a threatening or excited way: He looked silly Brandishing one of those Star Wars lightsabers

29. Brandishing a weapon or firearm causing serious bodily injury (PC 417.6(a)): If you intentionally injure someone during the commission of the crime of Brandishing a weapon, you may be additionally charged with a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in the county jail, or with a felony, punishable by up to 3 years in county jail.

30. Brandishing is the act of displaying a gun in a manner meant to intimidate, threaten or otherwise make a person feel bad

31. A Lynchburg man is in custody after Brandishing a firearm at employees inside the KFC on Wards Road on Sunday night

32. The problem knife Brandishing laws are intended to curb is the possession or display of a knife having some alarming or threatening effect

33. If one wants to avoid a Brandishing charge, a person should not open or draw a knife as seen in the movies; a simple rule of thumb

34. Drama is a common element of action movies and Brandishing.

35. Page 1 of 3 - Brandishing - posted in Illinois Right to Carry: I would like some advice on branshing, especailly if your a subject matter expert of some kind.On the TV (sportsmans channel) you might see someone doing a tactical demonstration where he might brandish and forcefully tell someone to keep their distance

36. Brandishing came up in class again this week and as far as I can tell has no statute in Colorado like some other states

37. Brandishing a Weapon in Ohio In Ohio, what is the law regarding a CCW holder drawing his weapon but not firing to discourage a progressively threatening situation in public? I have heard opinions but not seen the legal document that says this is "Brandishing a firearm" and subject to legal repercussions while actually shooting someone in a

38. ‘Two armed robbers Brandishing sawn-off shotguns then burst through the debris to threaten staff inside.’ ‘Police have raided the home of an elderly couple following reports of a man Brandishing a sawn-off shotgun.’ ‘Two masked men, one Brandishing a sawn …

39. Brandishing a knife thrash suggests vigorous, abrupt, violent movement

40. Brandishing in a sentence - Use "Brandishing" in a sentence 1

41. There was a president Brandishing his veto pen for political effect

42. Pro-junta thugs Brandishing machetes jeered in the streets below

43. Brandishing (plural Brandishings) The action of the verb to brandish

44. 1989, Richard Bauman, Joel Sherzer, Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking (page 195) He stands there and launches into a tauparapara or traditional chant, accompanied by vigorous actions and defiant Brandishings of his stick.

45. Brandishing is when someone displays a firearm in a manner specifically intended to induce the fear of being shot in another person

46. Definition of Brandishing in the dictionary

47. What does Brandishing mean? Information and translations of Brandishing in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

48. • Under PC 417(a)(2), Brandishing with a firearm (pistol or revolver), is a misdemeanor carrying a minimum sentence of 3 months in the county jail up to 1 year with a fine not exceeding $1,000

49. • Under PC 417(b), Brandishing a loaded firearm in a public place, is a misdemeanor carrying up to 1 year in the county jail but not less than 3 months.

50. Brandishing a deadly weapon is a misdemeanor offense that is punishable by a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of six months in jail

51. The crime of “Brandishing a weapon or firearm” is covered under California Penal Code Section 417

52. Brandishing a firearm in Virginia (Va

53. The penalties associated with a conviction of Brandishing a weapon in California can be severe, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case

54. Under California Penal Code § 417 PC, Brandishing a deadly weapon other than a firearm is considered a misdemeanor offense punishable by no less than 30 days and no more than one year in county jail.

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What does the name brandishing mean?

brandishing definition: 1. present participle of brandish 2. to wave something in the air in a threatening or excited way:.

What does brandishing mean?

Definition of brandish (Entry 2 of 2) : an act or instance of waving something menacingly or exhibiting something ostentatiously or aggressively : an act or instance of brandishing : to wave or swing (something, such as a weapon) in a threatening or excited manner : to wave or shake in a threatening manner

What does the name Brandish mean?

The definition of a brandish is a menacing wave of something, particularly a weapon. An example of a brandish is the waving of a gun in the air. Brandish means to shake or wave something in a menacing way, particularly a weapon. An example of to brandish is to twirl a sword around in the air. YourDictionary definition and usage example. "Brandish.".

What does Brandish mean?

Brandish means to shake or wave (as a weapon) menacingly -or- to exhibit in an ostentatious or aggressive manner.

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