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  • hit (someone) hard on the head with an object.
Synonyms: hit . strike . buffet . bang . knock . thwack . slug . welt . cuff . punch . smash . concuss . stun . skull . bop . clonk . clout . sock . biff . wallop . bash . plug . lam . deck . floor . clock . cosh . slosh . dot . bean . conk . ding . boff . bust . whale . dong . quilt . smite . swinge .

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2. Braining The process of splitting a pre-killed mouse or rat's skull from the shoulders to just above the eyes to expose the brain

3. Braining is used to increase the smell of the mouse /rat in order to seduce difficult snakes to feed

4. My Ball Python refused food for over a month so I tried Braining

5. We're sorry but Brainingcamp doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled

6. The Braining is the brand name of the education profession with brain-based education using fMRI, Eye-tracking, EEG, VR, etc

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