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BRACKEN [ˈbrakən]

bracken (noun)

  • a tall fern with coarse lobed fronds, which occurs worldwide and can cover large areas.
  • any large coarse fern resembling bracken.

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1. Bracken definition is - a large coarse fern; especially : a nearly cosmopolitan brake (Pteridium aquilinum) found in most tropical and temperate regions.

2. Bracken, (Pteridium aquilinum), also called brake or Bracken fern, widely distributed fern (family Dennstaedtiaceae), found throughout the world in temperate and tropical regions

3. Bracken (Bayesian Reestimation of Abundance with KrakEN) is a highly accurate statistical method that computes the abundance of species in DNA sequences from a metagenomics sample.

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14. Bracken Name Meaning Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Breacáin ‘descendant of Breacán’, a personal name from a diminutive of breac ‘speckled’, ‘spotted’, which was borne by a 6th-century saint who lived at Ballyconnel, County Cavan, and was famous as a healer; St

15. Bracken is the UK's most common fern and grows in dense stands on heathland, moorland, hillsides and in woodland

16. Unlike many ferns, Bracken dies back in winter, leaving brown, withered fronds that pepper the landscape.

17. Bracken is a feature-rich, intuitive platform that enables rapid online module creation and is all about improving learner outcome

18. Bracken is a television drama serial broadcast from 1980 to 1982 on RTÉ 1 in Ireland, depicting rural life in and around County Wicklow

19. Bracken is a literary magazine born of the love of the woods and its shadows

20. Bracken is green and lush, coarse and delicate, drinks from the earth, and spreads underground, more root than frond

21. Bracken is understory, invades, takes over, shades and protects

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25. Bracken (Bayesian Reestimation of Abundance after Classification with KrakEN) uses the taxonomic assignments made by Kraken, a very fast read-level classifier, along with information about the genomes themselves to estimate abundance at the species level, the genus level, or above.

26. 24 Homes For Sale in Bracken, TX

27. Bracken Basic Concept Scale Third Edition: Receptive evaluates a child’s acquisition of basic concepts nonverbally

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29. Bracken provides a good habitat for nesting birds and cover for the movement of other birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles

30. Fritillary butterflies live in habitats dominated by Bracken and can be seen flying over the tops of the plant from April to mid-August.

31. Bracken has typical fern reproduction, with the large sporophytes that reproduce asexually to produce the spores that disperse into new habitats

32. The reproductive sori are characteristically all along the edges of the pinnae (leaflets) in Bracken Fern.

33. Bracken is a sexy person with a giant penis who can do anything

34. ‘The Bracken has turned the crag into deep rust swathes and the banks of trees brushed neatly back by the winds climb the hillside in rainbow shades of autumn.’ ‘If the results are proved, it is hoped Government funding will be available to effectively control the growth and spread of Bracken on open moorland and eradicate the virus

35. Alexandra Bracken is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Darkest Minds series and Passenger series

36. Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) is a native British fern commonly found in woodland and heathland

37. Emmy-nominated film and TV editor Richard Bracken has died

38. Bracken died Thursday of kidney failure in Chatsworth, California, according to his daughter Kathleen Bracken

39. House Bracken of Stone Hedge is an old house from Stone Hedge in the riverlands, one of the main families sworn to House Tully of Riverrun

40. Bracken has been shown to cause stomach cancer in cattle and horses and has been implicated in causing cancer in humans

41. The various studies that have implicated Bracken as …

42. Bracken fern, or Bracken, (Pteridium esculentum) is a native perennial fern found in open forest, or on cleared land where it can form extensive colonies and be a troublesome weed that is difficult to eradicate

43. Bracken is found in high rainfall temperate areas and is adapted to a wide range of well-drained

44. Behind the scenes at the fictitious Century Studios in Hollywood, headed by the (initially) unseen John Bracken.

45. Alexandra Bracken is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Darkest Minds series and Passenger series

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47. Bracken, Glasgow, United Kingdom

48. Bracken (usually uncountable, plural Brackens) (uncountable, countable) Any of several coarse ferns, of the genus Pteridium, that form dense thickets; often poisonous to livestock

49. Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979.

50. The script is provided to ensure all scripts can be run as described

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52. Alternatively, add Bracken, Bracken-build and scripts in the src/ folder to your PATH

53. In January 2016, Bracken's book Passenger was released

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What does Bracken mean?

The name Bracken is of English origin. The meaning of Bracken is "bracca's town". Bracken is generally used as a boy's name.

What does false bracken mean?

False bracken is a species of common fern, native to eastern forest areas of Australia. 'False brackens' are also known as 'rainbow ferns', 'soft brackens' and 'common ground ferns'.

What is Bracken plant?

Bracken is a characteristic moorland plant in the UK which over the last decades has increasingly out-competed characteristic ground-cover plants such as moor grasses, cowberry, bilberry and heathers and now covers a considerable part of upland moorland. Once valued and gathered for use in animal bedding, tanning,...

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