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BRACE [brās]

brace (noun) · braces (plural noun) · brace and bit (noun) · brace and bits (plural noun) · brace (plural noun)

brace (verb) · braces (third person present) · braced (past tense) · braced (past participle) · bracing (present participle)

  • make (a structure) stronger or firmer with wood, iron, or other forms of support.
  • press (one's body or part of one's body) firmly against something in order to stay balanced.
Synonyms: support . prop up . hold up . buttress . carry . bear . underpin . strengthen . reinforce . fortify . underprop . steady . secure . stabilize . fix . prop . poise . tense . tighten . stiffen . strain .

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1. Brace definition is - prepare, steel

2. How to use Brace in a sentence.

3. Brace synonyms, Brace pronunciation, Brace translation, English dictionary definition of Brace

4. Brace definition, something that holds parts together or in place, as a clasp or clamp

5. After your Braces come off, the orthodontist will thoroughly clean your teeth

6. They may want to take another set of X-rays and bite impressions to check how well the Braces


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8. Founded by Judy Colditz, OT/L, CHT, FAOTA, an internationally renowned hand therapist and educator, BraceLab ® is proud to offer a wide array of educational resources for hand, occupational, and physical therapists.

9. 56 synonyms of Brace from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 133 related words, definitions, and antonyms

10.  · Shop for Supports, Braces, and other Medicines and Treatments Products.

11. Find 72 ways to say Brace, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

12. Milwaukee Brace a Brace consisting of a leather girdle and neck ring

13. Braces Chiefly British Suspenders

14. Brace翻譯:支架, 托架,支架, 牙箍, 雙, (尤指獵獲的野鳥的)一雙,一對, 支架, 支撐,加固;使緊繃, 準備。了解更多。

15. A Brace on a square-rigged ship is a rope (line) used to rotate a yard around the mast, to allow the ship to sail at different angles to the wind

16. Braces are always used in pairs, one at each end of a yard (yardarm), termed port Brace and starboard Brace of a given yard or sail (e.g., the starboard main-Brace is the Brace fixed to the right end of the yard of the main sail).

17. Recently, products have been created that can help speed up your Braces treatment

18. AcceleDent uses a tray inserted into the mouth for 20 minutes a day over Braces or aligners.

19. Stabilize every shot from your AR-15 with one of our AR arm Braces

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21. Buy products such as Urbo Copper Shoulder Brace (FDA Approved) with Compression + Ergonomic Support for Tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder, Repetitive Strain Injury, Shoulder Sprain, and Rotator Cuff Syndrome (Size: XL) at Walmart and save.

22. Born in Michigan, Brace played football and basketball in high school and was recruited to play in college, but instead, decided to take a high-paying job in the business sector

23. At age 18, Brace enrolled in a local modeling/finishing school

24. The C-Brace® is the world’s only computer-controlled orthotronic mobility system that uses sensor technology to control both the stance and swing phase

25. Brace denies to have been aware of the kidnapping plan of his friends

26. 29 April 2010 Brace received a 16 months sentence with four months suspension for kidnapping, extortion and possession of a gun

27. Brace was released from prison on 7 January …

28. Brace definition: If you Brace yourself for something unpleasant or difficult , you prepare yourself for Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

29. Brace es un término alternativo para curly bracket

30. 'Brace' is an alternate term for 'curly bracket'

31. The mainBrace (also spelled "main Brace") is a Brace attached to the main yard on sailing ships

32. "Splicing the mainBrace" originally referred to the very difficult job of repairing this Brace, one which earned the repairman an extra ration of spirits; eventually, this …

33. Shop for ankle Brace online at Target

34. Shop for knee Brace online at Target

35. Brace Land, Actor: Last Day of School

36. Born in Michigan, Brace played football and basketball in high school and was recruited to play in college, but instead, decided to take a high-paying job in the business sector

37. At age 18, Brace enrolled in a local modeling/finishing school

38. Brace dabbled in modeling, but decided he preferred the corporate world.

39. 'Brace' è un termine alternativo per 'curly bracket'

40. 'Brace' is an alternate term for 'curly bracket'

41. Unloader Brace: Unloader Braces are made from molded plastic and foam padding

42. Brace Protects Vital Dementia Research Brace is proud to announce that we have awarded a £140,000 grant to ensure the future work of the South West Dementia Brain Bank

43. Founded by veteran indie developer Ryan Clark in 2014, Brace Yourself Games is a Vancouver-based independent game studio behind Crypt of the NecroDancer, Cadence of Hyrule, Industries of Titan, and Phantom Brigade.

44. Brace: see drill drill, tool used to create a hole, usually in some hard substance, by its rotary or hammering action

45. Synonyms for Brace in Free Thesaurus

46. 89 synonyms for Brace: steady, support, balance, secure, stabilize, support, strengthen, steady, prop

47. Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) was developed to help California homeowners lessen the potential for damage to their houses during an earthquake

48. The Earthquake Brace + Bolt programs provide grants for a specific building-code-compliant seismic retrofit for houses that qualify

49. Back Brace If your child’s curve measures between 20 and 40 degrees, their doctor might recommend that they wear a back Brace to help stop its progress as they grow

50. A scoliosis Brace is a stiff plastic jacket that fits around the torso, from underneath the arms down to the hips

51. A Brace is also called an orthotic or orthosis

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