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Synonyms: 1. Drink 2. Indulge 3. Tipple 4. Imbibe 5. Swill 6. Wassail 7. Tope 8. Legal
1. The u/bozoed community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. 2. To use the bozo feature on a message board; p.t., bozoed. bozoed is also the adj. describing the condition of one subjected to the bozo feature. Don't obsess about Bozo the Clown in a Sci Fi forum, you bozo, or you'll get bozoed!
2. I try to do things like this in a Journeyman like way that way if any of them comes over they don't give me a hard time because I bozoed the job with some rookie mistake. The convention is phase ABC, goes to XYZ on the plug. If you use a neutral that lug is typically W and very distinctive with a silver screw and silver male prong of the plug.
3. PCB kits it will matter less because more things can not be altered/bozoed, but a builder can still influence a lot. May 26, 2011 #6. teleamp Poster Extraordinaire. Age: 60 Posts: 5,769. Joined: Oct 17, 2006 Location: Prairie Hill, Texas.
4. Actually, this answers my own question from before, why some characters appear as junk, and bozoed me last night :) The Open1USART function serves as a "constructor" for variables needed by the library, initializing those variables properly for the functions like puts1USART, putc1USART, to use.
5. They went to all the trouble to make >> something that looked very much like GPX and then bozoed the implementation >> so badly that it's not *really* GPX. >> >> If you machine-edit away "gpx:" from that file it's still not really GPX >> I don't think, but it's at least close enough to something we can read. >> Once we read it, we can write
6. *Some of these comments are “bozoed” by the system and never seen. Others are removed due to users flagging them. Occasionally I remove one, but usually one of the other things happens before I even see it. This means you are spared most of these rants. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you
7. Originally posted by bozoed View Post. if I have 3422465 SCF of Natural gas how Therms is that and how do I calculate? Heat content of natural gas varies a little with source. Best to use heat content of your gas, but it averages about 1000 BTU/ft³. A therm is 100000 BTU or about 100 ft³, so 34225 therm. Comment. Post
8. To use the bozo feature on a message board; p.t., bozoed. bozoed is also the adj. describing the condition of one subjected to the bozo feature. Don't obsess about Bozo the Clown in a Sci Fi forum, you bozo, or you'll get bozoed! George W. Bush is the epitome of the category of human known as bozo.
9. He blundered, blustered, buffooned, bozoed and boofheaded his way through his speech and the subsequent questions, not that I could watch much of it, such is the extent to which I am repulsed by Mr Hollowman. There truly is nothing within. Zero empathy, the emotional intelligence of a teenager, utterly self-deluded about who he really is
10. I have attempted to restore the text that has been bozoed. This article needs closer supervision.--Wetman 23:52, 17 September 2006 (UTC) Improve Article. This article needs much work. There are errors of fact and omission. I have knowledge of North American Truffles to contribute but I'm a newbe to the Wiki thing.
11. I may have just bozoed the config, but still no guarantees you’ll get the ballistic solver to work on an air rifle. ships with all shown. 225. shipped conus. personal check or money order. Thanks for looking . This topic was modified 5 months ago by sturba.
12. bozoed out of Buzz, Apple's iTV, content provider apps, Intel/McAfee puzzle, new Twitter queen, and more. Topics: twit, This Week in Tech, Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, Julio Ojeda-Zapata. This Week in Tech. 12 12. This Week in Tech 382: The Pump and Dump . Oct 24, 2014 10/14. by TWiT. movies.
13. I had encrypted the home folder and that bozoed the install. Now my problem is that Firefox crashes on EVERY opening. It did that on Lubuntu 17.04, and Linux LXLE too. I installed other browsers after installing Linux Lite as well, but they don't function well either. Epiphany will work but then it freezes, and Chrome won't open at all.

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