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BOX [bäks]

box (noun) · boxes (plural noun) · the box (noun)

box (verb) · boxes (third person present) · boxed (past tense) · boxed (past participle) · boxing (present participle)

box (verb) · boxes (third person present) · boxed (past tense) · boxed (past participle) · boxing (present participle)

  • fight an opponent using one's fists; compete in the sport of boxing.
Synonyms: fight . spar . battle . grapple . brawl . scrap .

box (noun)

  • a slap with the hand on the side of a person's head given as a punishment or in anger.
Synonyms: cuff . hit . thump . slap . smack . crack . swat . punch . fist . jab . hook . knock . thwack . bang . wallop . belt . bop . biff . sock . clout . whack . plug . slug . whop . slosh . dot . boff . bust . whale . dong . quilt .

box (noun) · boxes (plural noun) · box tree (noun) · box trees (plural noun) · boxwood (noun) · Venezuelan box (noun) · Venezuelan boxes (plural noun) · West Indian box (noun) · West Indian boxes (plural noun)

  • a slow-growing European evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy dark green leaves. It is often grown as a hedge and for topiary.
  • the hard, heavy wood of the box tree, formerly widely used for engraving and for musical instruments.
  • any of a number of trees that have wood or foliage similar to the box tree.


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2. Box definition, a container, case, or receptacle, usually rectangular, of wood, metal, cardboard, etc., and often with a lid or removable cover

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21. Box definition is - a rigid typically rectangular container with or without a cover : such as

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49. The University of Adelaide provides all eligible staff and students with an unlimited Box cloud storage account

50. To create a Box account please click on the CONTINUE button above, then login using your University Username and Password

51. For Box application support please contact the University Service Desk on 08 8313 3000 or browse the Box FAQ's

52. Box Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

53. ABOUT Box Box (NYSE:Box) is the cloud content management company that empowers enterprises to revolutionize how they work by securely connecting their people, information and applications

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59. Box at U-M may be used with some types of sensitive university data, including Protected Health Information (PHI), according to the U-M Sensitive Data Guide.

60. You are responsible for using Box appropriately with sensitive university data and taking the necessary precautions

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What does box mean in slang?

box 1. verb To exchange punches with an opponent. I love to box and have been working on my right hook this week. 2. noun, slang A coffin. It was a bad car accident, but no one ended up in a box, thank goodness. 3. noun A very large portable radio or boom-box. It can also be called a "ghetto box.". 4. noun A record player.

Is box a noun?

1. countable noun A box is a square or rectangular container with hard or stiff sides. A box of something is an amount of it contained in a box. A box is a square or rectangle that is printed or drawn on a piece of paper, a road, or on some other surface. In football, the box is the penalty area of the field.

What is slang box?

(British slang) The male genitals when enclosed in clothing. (Asia) A lunch packaged in a disposable box to be taken away to eat. (computing, slang) A luggable; an early laptop computer, usually a unit with a handle and a fold-out keyboard.

What is a dictionary box?

KJV Dictionary Definition: box. box. BOX, n. Lat. buxus, the tree, and pyxis, a box; Gr. a box, and the tree. A coffer or chest, either of wood or metal. In general, the word box is used for a case of rough boards, or more slightly made than a chest,and used for the conveyance of goods.

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