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1. At 60X Custom Strings, we build high-performance custom Bowstrings and cables

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2. What is a Bowstring? The Bowstring is probably one of the most important parts of the Bow. The tendon is responsible for converting the potential energy into kinetic energy and transferring it to the arrow

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3. Bowstring is an organization that runs on integrity, talent and fearlessness


4. WELCOME TO Bowstring Shores — the setting for your next fish story. You can’t beat a northern escape route, where bright screens and the blaring of car horns make way for clear waters and the churning of fishing reels

Bowstring, Beat, Bright, Blaring

5. Bowstrings For Archers At All Skill Levels Whether you’re a beginner just practicing in your backyard, or you’re entering a tournament level competition, having pristine equipment and Bowstrings is essential to enjoying and excelling at this sport.

Bowstrings, Beginner, Backyard

6. Named after the “Bowstring-trusse” ceilings famous in the 1920’s, we converted an old Gulf Oil crude barrel storage garage into a space with tables, games, and a large service bar.

Bowstring, Barrel, Bar

7. Definition of Bowstring : a waxed or sized cord joining the ends of a shooting bow Examples of Bowstring in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Sinew could make a powerful Bowstring for dry weather …

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8. Each Bowstring goes through a rigorous quality control process overseen by members of our team who care about their work just …

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9. The Bowstring is a weapon part used to make Shortbows, Longbows, and Crossbows


10. It's crafted by placing 3 of a material into a Part Builder along with a Bowstring Pattern

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11. The Bowstring can affect the draw speed, Arrow (or Bolt) speed, and the overall durability of the bow or crossbow.

Bowstring, Bolt, Bow

12. Bowstring is used in the Fletching skill to create bows

Bowstring, Bows

13. In Dungeoneering, Bowstrings are purchased from the smuggler


14. For the 2nd year in a row, GAS Bowstrings has won Gold for the Bowstring Category in the Bowhunting World Readers’ Choice Awards

Bowstrings, Bowstring, Bowhunting

15. Enhancing overall performance with quality strings is possible with our Bowstring customizer


16. Determine the best string out of our numerous Bowstring collection, including compound custom, crossbow, recurve/longbow, Genesis, and stock string.

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17. An endless-loop Bowstring has loops formed by wrapping serving material, which is a braided string, around the Bowstring

Bowstring, By, Braided

18. Traditional archers enjoy shooting Flemish-twist Bowstrings because of their traditional aesthetics, while target archers prefer …

Bowstrings, Because

19. Bowstring is used in the Fletching skill to create bows

Bowstring, Bows

20. In Dungeoneering, Bowstrings are purchased from the smuggler


21. Bowstring Advisors, a division of Citizens Capital Markets, is the next generation middle-market investment bank

Bowstring, Bank

22. Increase the effectiveness of precision shooting with an assortment of Bowstring types, including VTX, 452X, and Mercury


23. Determine the optimal Bowstring material that is most compatible with your needs, whether if you seek speed, or a Bowstring that is weather condition resistant.


24. Bowstring Diameter / Recommended Number of Strands: All Bowstring material is relatively flat in a single strand, so it is not appropriate to publish a diameter of the individual strand


25. A Bowstring is attached to both limbs of a bow and is what launches arrows

Bowstring, Both, Bow

26. What do you want in a Bowstring and what is Bowstring made of? First, because a bow is a portable handheld instrument, you want almost every piece of it to be lightweight

Bowstring, Because, Bow, Be

27. What Bowstring is Made Of The Materials Traditional Materials


28. The Bowstring is the fundamental part of a crossbow and choosing the wrong string may affect the tuning, noise-level, and accuracy of your bow

Bowstring, Bow

29. We have shortlisted the most and most reliable choices for the Bowstring for the deer hunters


30. Relaxing his Bowstring, he returned the arrow to the quiver and, throwing the bow about his shoulder, stepped closer to the pinioned beast

Bowstring, Bow, Beast

31. View in context They tried firing at the twang of Nalasu's Bowstring , but every time Nalasu fired he instantly changed position.

Bowstring, But

32. Best Bowstring for Beginners? Flemish Twist Single Loop for a longbow

Best, Bowstring, Beginners

33. ‘The Bowstring should have enough twists to keep the string round.’ ‘The main reason for this is that, at the instant when the arrow leaves the Bowstring, parts of the bow itself are moving.’ ‘I would recommend that all archers, of whatever discipline, should learn to make and serve Bowstrings, and set …

Bowstring, Bow, Bowstrings

34. There are many variables which can significantly effect performance of the Bowstring material


35. Bowstring is located in Itasca County, Minnesota


36. The Bowstring you choose for your equipment is significant as it influences the fine-tuning of your bow, the amount of noise a released arrow produces, the amount of vibration generated from a released arrow, and the size of the groupings that are the end result of several shots striking a selected target

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37. Contemporary Bowstrings are made of


38. Quality custom Bowstrings in great colors at affordable prices


39. 1 review of Bowstring Store "Well, Well, what can be said about the ole' Bowstring Store? Not enough, that's what

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40. The Bowstring truss, also known as the arched rib truss, uses similar components to other truss systems such as the use of a top chord, bottom chord, struts, and ties

Bowstring, Bottom

41. Bowstring definition: the string of an archer's bow , usually consisting of three strands of hemp Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Bowstring, Bow

42. Bowstring is an unincorporated community in Bowstring Township, Itasca County, Minnesota, United States


43. The unincorporated community of Bowstring also extends into Bowstring Lake Unorganized Territory of …


44. Zebra® Hybrid® utilizes an advanced blend of BCY® material designed and manufactured to create a top of the line, hassle free Bowstring and cable that can be customized to fit any one cam, two-cam, crossbow, or traditional bow you may have

Blend, Bcy, Bowstring, Be, Bow

45. Zebra® Hybrid® Bowstrings and Cables are pre-conditioned to guarantee no serving separation and tested …


46. Titan Compound & Recurve Bowstring Wax Ideal for today's synthetic Bowstrings, Titan's Compound & Recurve Bowstring Wax helps lengthen your strings life by reducing fraying and protecting your string from dust, dirt, and moisture

Bowstring, Bowstrings, By

47. Enchanted Bowstring can be made using 3 Enchanted Fabric instead of String

Bowstring, Be

48. Alternatively, Flamestring from Natura may be used instead for a Fiery Bowstring which improves damage and fire time

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49. Bowstring Shores Resort, Deer River: See 11 traveler reviews, 6 candid photos, and great deals for Bowstring Shores Resort, ranked #4 of 14 specialty lodging in Deer River and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor.


50. Bowstring Lake, MN Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics


51. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Bowstring Lake, MN


52. Everyone donating at this level and higher will be acknowledged for their generosity on our community Wall of Fame on the Bowstring website.

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53. 6" sansevieria trifasciata - viper's Bowstring hemp - mother- in- laws tounge - snake plant - air purifying plants Theplantchica


54. Looooook clooooosely This image by Etienne Jacob is a gorgeous visual metaphor for the dynamic mesh of connectivity that Bowstring will enable

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55. Bowstring Chapel, Bowstring, Minnesota


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BOWSTRING [ˈbōˌstriNG]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plural of bowstring?

bowstring (plural bowstrings) The string of an archer's bow. (historical) The string of an archer's bow, as used by the Turks for strangling offenders.

What does the name bowstring mean?

a string, typically of horsehair, for the bow of an instrument of the violin and viol families. (especially in the Ottoman Empire) a similar string for killing people by strangulation. verb (used with object), bow·stringed or bow·strung, bow·string·ing. to strangle with a bowstring or any string or band. "EVERYDAY" VS.

What does bowstringing mean?

verb (used with object), bow·stringed or bow·strung, bow·string·ing. to strangle with a bowstring or any string or band.

What does bowstring test mean?

bowstring test A clinical test used to identify sciatic nerve (radicular) pathology.

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