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BOULE [bo͞ol]

boule (noun) · boules (noun) · boules (plural noun)

  • a metal ball used in the French game of boules.
  • a French game using boules (metal balls), a form of lawn bowling played on rough ground.

boule (noun) · boules (plural noun)

  • a legislative body of ancient or modern Greece.

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1. Definition of Boule (Entry 2 of 2) : a synthetically formed mass (as of sapphire) with the atomic structure of a single crystal First Known Use of Boule Noun (1)

2. A Boule can also lend itself to decorative scoring techniques as the spacious surface is the perfect canvas to get creative and more intricate

3. ( The Boule is a black GREEK secret society based on another secret society founded at Yale University called…Skull & Bones.

4. The Grand Boule’, Family, Social, Spiritual And Communal From Harlem To Hollywood Since 1904 – Posted on 12/30/2019 by Carolyn — Leave a reply The attached Ebony magazine article posted below was originally written to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Grand Boule in 2004:

5. Boule is the proud owner and manufacturer of its four strong brands Swelab, Medonic, Quintus and Exigo. Boule has an over 60 years tradition of developing and manufacturing hematology analyzers for its well-known brands through great expertise within R & D, manufacturing and QA/RA.

6. Boule, Greek Boulē, deliberative council in ancient Greece

7. A Boule existed in virtually every constitutional city-state and is recorded from the end of the 6th century bc at Corinth, Argos, Athens, Chios, and Cyrene.

8. Boule is a global diagnostics company specialized on near-patient, decentralized blood diagnostics

9. Boule has a strong heritage when it comes to hematology diagnostics.

10. Boule Diagnostics AB is a global diagnostics company that develops, manufactures and markets instruments and consumable products for blood diagnostics

11. The Boule shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2011.

12. Boule may refer to: Boule (ancient Greece), a citizens' council appointed to run daily affairs of a city Hellenic Parliament, transliterated as Vouli or Boule from Greek Boule (bread), a round loaf of white (often sourdough) bread

13. A Boule, or round, is a simple and straightforward way to shape bread dough

14. Gently pull the sides of the dough toward the bottom, rotating the dough, until you get a roundish Boule shape with a smooth surface

15. Often Boules (bo͞ol) Any of several related bowling games, such as bocce or pétanque, traditionally played on an outdoor court.

16. The Boule was an advisory citizen body of the Athenian democracy

17. There were either 400 or 500 members of the Boule, who were selected by lot in equal number by each of the ten tribes.

18. The Boule Brotherhood – Black Masonic

19. Boules-type games are traditional and popular in many European countries and are also popular in some former French colonies in Africa and Asia

20. Boules games are often played in open spaces (town squares and parks) in villages and towns.

21. The blushing Boule (purple yam country bread) lady and pups instant dry yeast, bread flour, fine sea salt, water, purple yam Basic Healthy Beautiful Bread - Artisan Whole Wheat Boule BreadMan Talking

22. Boule translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'Bouler',Boule de gomme',Boule de neige',jeu de Boules', examples, definition, conjugation

23. The metal balls (Boules) are almost always engraved with grooves

24. Boules, French ball game, similar to bowls and boccie

25. Boules is played between two players or teams

26. Players take turns throwing or rolling a ball (Boule) as close as possible to the target

27. Boule develops, manufactures and markets instruments and consumable products for blood diagnostics

28. The Boule' Foundation in conjunction with the United Negro College Fund will provide annual $4,000 merit-based scholarships to entering college freshmen students (fall 2021) of African descent attending four-year, accredited, non-profit degree-granting colleges and universities of their choice.

29. Boule (third-person singular simple present Boules, present participle bouling, simple past and past participle Bouled) ( transitive , cooking , rare , nonstandard ) To shape (a piece of dough) into a …

30. Boule translate: ball, head, ball, ball, bowl

31. The Grand B oule, also known as the Boule, i s the nation’s first Greek-letter fraternity founded by African American men

32. The Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity is best known as the Boule, a Greek term meaning “council of noblemen.” Founded in 1904, Sigma Pi Phi is the oldest Greek-letter organization comprised primarily of African-American men.

33. “Petanque” and “Boules” are two different names for the same game

34. In French, the word “Boule” means “ball” and in France people often refer to the game simply as Boules (pronounced BOOL)

35. Boule & Cherie is a favorite coffee shop / lunch spot on the Upper East Side to get some work done, meet with friends, or, in my case, tutor! With a decent amount of seating and steady wifi, it's a great option when looking to get a bit of work done or sit for a bit to work and then meet up with friends.

36. What does Boule mean? The lower house of the modern Greek legislature

37. ‘The charity Scope is piloting a game for people with cerebral palsy called bocce, which is similar to the French game of Boules.’ ‘Petanque, also known as French Boule, is a variation of bowls.’

38. Melvin Boule, DMD, is a highly rated dental care provider at Boule Dental in Plano, Illinois

39. Boule offers a wide range of dental care services, including dental cleanings, teeth whitening, fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, and much more.

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What does the name Boule mean?

The name Boule' is a Greek term, meaning " advisers to the king ". The next question should be, " who's the king ?" The king that they receive direction from and protect like their logo the Sphinx is the Cecil Rhodes/Lord Rothschild secret society which includes the Rockefeller Foundation.

What does Boule mean in Urban Dictionary?

Boule definition, a cylindrical lump of material for synthetic gems, made by the Verneuil process. See more.

What does Boule mean in French?

The French word boule means ball or round, so “boule” may be used to describe a variety of breads that all have the boule shape in common. A typical French boule is a hearty, country bread with a chewy crust, an open crumb, and a moderately soft interior and is baked in many different sizes.

What is the plural of Boule?

The noun boule can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be boule. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be boules e.g. in reference to various types of boules or a collection of boules.

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